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Common Orthodontic Question: Can Medicaid Cover Braces?

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Braces And Orthodontic Care

Since Medicaid covers procedures that are medically necessary, orthodontic treatment is could be covered for children. If your child has an underbite, overbite, crossbite or severe crowding it might be time to consider braces for kids with Medicaid.

Orthodontic Evaluation

When a dentist that accepts Medicaid conducts an orthodontic evaluation on your child, they will determine a recommended treatment plan. As part of this, they assess whether Medicaid is likely to cover the orthodontic treatment or not. Medicaid knows that braces can be an important treatment to ensure lifelong oral health for kids. As a dentist that accepts Medicaid, we will manage the full Medicaid approval process which includes submitting the appropriate documents and patient records. Then, Medicaid examiners will look at what we submitted and determine if your childs recommended orthodontic treatment will be covered. Medicaid will notify you and our office if the treatment is approved or declined.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommend children receive their first orthodontic screening by the time they turn 7. At this age, major jaw and tooth alignment problems will be visible. As with any health intervention, the earlier a problem is identified, the easier it is to create a treatment plan and schedule. Some issues that are treated by braces include:

  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite and underbite

Benefits of Braces

Today, braces are more comfortable than ever before.

Why Jefferson Dental Choosing The Best Dentist Near Me

Our dentists provide the best general, orthodontic, cosmetic and emergency dental care in modern, comfortable dental offices close to you. We use the newest technology to diagnose and treat a range of oral health issues, plus our friendly, caring dental team work with you to achieve your healthiest smile. We are the dentist of choice in neighborhoods across more than 15 cities at more than 60 locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

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How Can I Get Braces With Medicaid

First, it is important to understand that Medicaid will only cover orthodontic braces for children under 21. There are some new dental benefits of Medicaid braces for adults but this does not extend to braces or orthodontics. So if you are an adult with Medicaid and want braces, while our Medicaid orthodontist can definitely support you, it is important to understand that Medicaid insurance may not help you with the costs associated with braces. However, this is why we have a large variety of payment options

Moreover, if your orthodontic needs are declared medically necessary, we will help you find out if your Medicaid insurance will cover the costs for braces. Even though your childs braces may not be completely free, but Medicaid orthodontic coverage can help pay for most of the costs. Additionally, It is important to note that Medicaid will not cover adult braces for free.

The Braces Place Is Dedicated To Families With Masshealth Standard Insurance

Dentist Who Accept Medicaid For Braces

Dr. Rizkallah is the President of the Medicaid Orthodontists of Massachusetts Association, and he is often able to accomplish difficult approvals by working very hard to ensure every needy child is covered for their Medicaid orthodontic entitlements.

If you have MassHealth Standard and are under the age of 21, you are welcome to contact any of our 6 offices and we will file for MassHealth Coverage for you.


If you are approved for coverage by MassHealth, you will not have any out-of-pocket costs for your orthodontic braces.


  • If you have been denied coverage at a different office, dont give up! Let us submit for your coverage.
  • We will provide you with a very affordable solution if your need for braces was not bad enough to be covered by MassHealth.

    If you already have MassHealth Braces on from a different office and you have moved close to one of our offices, Please fill out the form above and we will submit for transfer coverage to an office nearest your home.

    You may also transfer between our offices if you move while in braces.

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    We Made It Easy For You

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    In-House, Interest-Free Financing

    Want to spread out your payment? We have convenient payment plans with low-payments and no interest! Get thrifty!

    Free Braces When Pregnant

    It is perfectly safe to get braces while pregnant. There are certain things to consider if you plan on getting braces treatment while you are expecting a baby: gum inflammation, headaches, and increased plaque growth are common side effects of both braces treatment and pregnancy. Talk to your orthodontist about when to begin braces treatment if you are also pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

    If you qualify for Medicaid or another state-sponsored insurance plan, you may be able to get your braces covered as an adult. In the UK, the NHS specifically covers braces treatment for pregnant women, but in the U.S. your pregnancy does not impact whether or not your subsidized insurance will help pay for braces. If you have Medicaid or a state-sponsored insurance plan, schedule a consultation to find out if your condition may qualify for braces coverage.

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    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. is the homepage for the Louisiana Dental Association , The LDA is the largest professional health organization for dentists in Louisiana and a Dental Medicaid Update: Read the “Latest News” section on the left for more

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. Louisiana orthodontists Find public supported Federally funded Medicaid orthodontic specialists child toddler teen adult dentistry orthodontic pediatric family

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. Where are some places that accept medicaid for braces in Louisiana? I am looking for a low price orthodontist that accepts medicaid to have

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. No matches for Medicaid Dentists in Louisiana try other Dentists below we have to offer patientsâ”We are a full-service office that can take care of the majority of your dental needs. For instance, orthodontics, prosthodontics or TMJ.

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. Adventure Dental Vision & Orthodontics of Albuquerque Gentle Family Dentistry In Office Whitening Most Insurance & Salud Medicaid Accepted More

    Dentist Accept Medicaid Braces Louisiana. Louisiana Medicaid Benefits. Medicaid is a state-operated, federally- and state- funded health insurance program for low-income elderly or disabled individuals,

    Incoming search terms:

    Different Styles Of Knee Braces

    Webinar: Promoting Use of Childhood Dental Benefits Covered Under Medicaid & CHIP (2/18/21)

    Knee braces come in many styles in addition to having various functions. Finding the right style for your condition and pain level is important, because you dont want to spend money on a brace that isnt comfortable or helping your condition.

    The styles of knee braces include:

    Hinged Knee Brace:

    There are two types of hinged knee braces: rigid and semi-rigid . These braces allow for mild-to-maximum support of the knee. Rigid knee braces are the more stiff, immobilizing braces that help with moderate-to-complete support, whereas semi-rigid braces are a bit more flexible and allow the knee to extend a bit further. Hinged braces are made of metal or plastic and have lots of padding to help add comfort and the stability you need.

    Wraparound Braces:

    These braces wrap around your knee and strap together tightly to help relieve pressure and stabilize the knee. Theyre meant to support mild-to-moderate pain.

    Knee Sleeves, Straps, And Bandages:

    These braces are for the most mild knee issues. Sleeves simply slide from your foot up to your knee. Straps resemble a band that wraps around the center of your knee or just below it to help provide relief. Bandages look similar to tape, and they help keep knees warm, fluid, and stable. All of these provide enough knee stability to help with mild knee issues, but they arent mean for daily use.

    Not all of these styles are covered by Medicare.


    What Is An Orthodontist

    An orthodontist is a dentist who has completed 2 or more years of specialty trainingupon dental school. After graduation from an accredited university based program, that dental specialist is required to pass a specialty licensing examination in orthodontics. Orthodontists limit their practice to the treatment of malocclusions and malrelationships of the facial bones.

    We Accept Medicaid For Adults

    Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces provides patients with excellent dental care and we are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your optimal oral health. We believe that everyone should have access to quality dental care, so we are happy to accept Medicaid for adults as well as children.

    Oral health at every age is crucial for overall health and well-being. Locating a dentist who provides care for procedures qualifying for Medicaid or CHIP payment programs can be challenging. Parents sometimes neglect their own dental health in order to provide for their children. Other adults feel they cannot get quality dental care with Medicaid. At Smile Structure, you do not need to make sacrifices. We accept Medicare and CHIP and we provide excellent service for all our patients adults included.

    Medicare pays for a wide range of basic dental procedures. These treatments can help you achieve and maintain oral health. With our patient-centered care, you are assured of receiving the high-quality dental care you need to keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking good.

    Dont Waste Any More Time Wondering Where To Get Braces For Your Child

    There is no charge for an orthodontic consultation at Orthodontic Experts. This is necessary for digital x-rays and any other dental record for the initial stages. Once an orthodontic case is submitted for pre-approval, it generally takes 3-4 weeks for the case to be evaluated by the All Kids administrator. Our staff at Orthodontic Experts will contact you as soon as we receive the approval decision from All Kids.

    If your child is selected for braces treatment, we will schedule you to come back to our orthodontic office to get started on your childs orthodontic treatment.

    Our orthodontists accept All Kids insurance and provide Public Aid orthodontic treatment to the residents of the following areas. For more detailed information about orthodontic coverage by All Kids, visit our Illinois Public Aid Braces website.

    You can also visit one of our orthodontic offices for a complimentary consultation. We have offices in Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Burbank, Chicago Bucktown, Chicago Pilsen, DeKalb, Harwood Heights, Rockford, and Mundelein.

    Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to serve the following locations:

    Cook County

    How To Find Local Dentists Accepting Medicaid For Adults

    How long does it take to get braces put on?

    Finding a nearby dentist that accepts Medicaid for adults can be an enormous challenge or as easy as pie depending on where you live, the types of oral care needed, and other factors.

    First, the health insurance element covers dental work across the country when medically necessary: connected to accidental injury or disease.

    Second, the medical assistance is sometimes dental insurance, but the benefits vary widely in each state for oral care.

    Third, you need to find providers in your area that take your specific plan rather than what others might have. Finally, state offices outsource administration to outside companies, adding a layer of confusing names and acronyms.

    Our Dentists Accept Medicaid & Chip

    Keem Smile Dentistry is Family and Cosmetic Dentist Office Located In Houston TX 77084. Our dentist provides quality, professional, general, cosmetic and orthodontic dental care to children and adults of all ages.We are a Texas Health Care Provider and we Proudly Accept Medicaid patients in our office. We have been providing Exceptional Dental care for patients of all ages with Medicaid in Houston TX. We are Open Weekend so you dont have to take a day off from work to see a dentist We are Equipped With the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and Our Dentists. are Experienced. Please call us at 832-906-6127 to Schedule Your Next Dentist Visit With Us, Your Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Near You. Thanks

    Texas Mediciad Plans We Accept

    • Traditional Medciaid

    So if you have or may know anyone that is in need of dental care and can benefit from one of these procedures then have them contact us to schedule an appointment or you can also Book Online. Our office offers same day appointments and same day emergency services and can help you maintain the health of your gums and teeth. So scheduling your dental check-up and cleanings every six months is the key to preventing the need for any additional procedures or surgeries. As long as you keep up with your daily oral care as well as take a trip to our Medicaid dentists every six months, the chances of you having cavities or other tooth related problems are dramatically decreased.

    How To Go About Medicaid Braces Treatment In Wisconsin

    You may need to schedule a no cost initial assessment appointment with our staff and make sure that you inform us about your Medicaid Coverage. It will be critical to know that you are still covered on the day of this initial assessment.

    • At this first assessment, we will take the photos and X-rays needed by Medicaid for them to make an evaluation along with filling out a report for them detailing our findings.
    • These reports will be sent to the Medicaid for evaluation of the case and typically they will provide their determination within four to six weeks.
    • They will notify both our office and your family by mail. If they deny, and we noted in our report that the case was extremely severe, we may choose to appeal. If the appeal is denied, your family has the further right to appeal.
    • If approved, you would call our offices and make an appointment. As long as you have Medicaid coverage on the day of the appointment, Medicaid will then cover the cost of treatment in full.

    So when should you bring your kids? The American Association of Orthodontics says see your orthodontist for your first visit by age 7 because there is a lot we can do at that early age.

    Searching For The Right Louisiana Medicaid Dentist

    If you have Medicaid and are looking for a dentist that will meet your needs, you are not alone. Many people who are on Medicaid have trouble finding a dentist that will work with them, but our team cares about the community and believes that everyone should have access to dental treatment when the need arises. When you enlist our services, we will provide you with all of the documents that you will need to satisfy your insurance obligation. If anything goes wrong or your claim takes too long to go through, we will follow up and handle the situation on your behalf. We are now going to explore some of the treatment options in which you might be interested. If you are searching for the right dentist to accept Medicaid, look no further than Southern Dental Care.

    Does Medicaid Cover Braces

    How Braces Work- Elements of the orthodontic treatment and its role ©

    Medicaid does provide comprehensive dental services in most states, but only about 5-10% of these patients are eligible to use their benefits for braces. Dental benefits include treatment for pain and infections, teeth restoration treatments, and regular check-ups and cleanings.

    Unfortunately, in Missouri and most other states, braces are not covered by Medicaid unless they are found to be medically necessary. For children who need braces but do not have a strict medical reason why there is no coverage.

    There are only a few orthodontic services that are covered by Medicaid, which include cases of a cleft palate or severe anomalies of the face. If someone is believed to have a condition that needs orthodontic treatment, their dentist would usually refer the patient to a qualified orthodontist for examination to see if the treatment would possibly be approved by Medicaid.

    Some pre-orthodontic care is usually covered, including extractions and restorations, and these services would be provided by a dentist.

    However, just because a patient may have moderate or severe orthodontic issues, and/or has been advised by a dental professional that they need braces, this does not mean that the patient will qualify for coverage.

    Chip And Medicaid Accepted For Children

    Protecting your childs smile is crucial. Teeth and gum health are a vital part of overall wellness and appearance. If your child is covered for dental benefits under Medicaid, you can use your benefits at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces. We have two locations in the San Antonio area, and we welcome young patients with Medicaid.

    Medicaid and CHIP programs in Texas can help cover many of the costs of dental care for your child. This can include preventive dental care services like teeth cleanings, x-rays and checkups, to ensure your childs teeth are growing correctly and are healthy. Medicaid may also cover tooth repairs for cavities or injuries, as well as treatment for dental pain and tooth restorations. Medicaid can minimize your childs dental costs dramatically, helping maintain their beautiful smile.

    How Do Government Dentalplans Work

    Most Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP plans cover dental services such as dental exam, x-rays, teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, root canals, crowns and more. We recommend contacting your insurer for details on your particular plan. Our Financial Advisors can help navigate your individual insurance benefits coverage. We also offer a variety of flexible financing and payment plans to help you cover any out of pocket treatment costs.


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