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Information About Alabama Medicaid

Alabama Medicaid Waiver Program Application Guide – Children With ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome

Alabama Medicaid is a program that pays for routine dental care for the children of Alabama under the age of 21 years, as long as the child is eligible for full Medicaid. Most children are no longer eligible after their 19th birthday unless they qualify for another category. Adults age 21 and older are not eligible for dental coverage through Medicaid.

More than a million Alabama residents each year qualify for full or partial Medicaid coverage. To qualify for Alabama Medicaid, applicants must meet and provide proof of income, meet age requirements, fill out forms correctly and turn in a completed application to the correct office or worker.

For more help, applicants should contact .

Alabama Medicaid dental services must be provided by or under the supervision of licensed dentists enrolled as Medicaid dental providers. Routine procedures involving the teeth covered* by Medicaid include:

  • Non-surgical periodontal treatment, e.g. periodontal scaling and/or root planing
  • Outpatient or inpatient hospitalization coverage and dental services performed in skilled nursing facilities for medically necessary dental procedures on children
  • Limited outpatient and inpatient hospitalization coverage for adults with dental problems exacerbating medical conditions
  • Orthodontic services considered medically necessary for children with cleft lip/palate and/or other severe facial and cranial abnormalities, and who are served through Childrens Rehabilitation Services

Get Ready To Renew Now

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the renewal process:

  • Update your contact information – Make sure your state has your current mailing address, phone number, email, or other contact information. This way, theyll be able to contact you about your Medicaid or CHIP coverage.
  • Check your mail – Your state will mail you a letter about your coverage. This letter will let you know if you need to complete a renewal form to see if you still qualify for Medicaid or CHIP.
  • Complete your renewal form – Fill out the form and return it to your state right away to help avoid a gap in your coverage.
  • Get A Paper Application

    1. OR . Note: Please review the appendices below prior to printing an application. You may need to complete one or more of the appendices. You may print an application without appendices and print only the one below that you need to complete, or you may print the application that has all appendices included. Please be sure to complete any appendices that pertain to your family.

    • Review Appendix A only if someone in your household is eligible for health coverage from a job, then print and complete to send in with your application.
    • Review Appendix B only if you or a family member are American Indian or Alaska Native, then print and complete to send in with your application.
    • Review Appendix C only if you received assistance with completing your application, then print and complete to send in with your application.

    2. Pick up an application at any County Health Department or many other health and community agencies, including doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and schools.

    3. Call one of the program toll-free numbers listed below to request an application be mailed to you. You can also email a request to ALL Kids for an application to be mailed to you. ALL Kids: 1-888-373-KIDS

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    Benefits Of All Kids Health Care Program

    ALL Kids uses Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to provide services through their preferred provider network. If your child is approved, coverage will begin on the first day of the month after the application is received.

    Benefits of ALL Kids include:

    • 12 months continuous coverage

    Alabama Medicaid Mailing Address

    Alabama Medicaid Dme Medical Supply Provider Bond

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    State: Alabama

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    Alabama Medicaid Eligibility Checklist

    There are seven Alabama Medicaid eligibility categories: Children, Parents and Caretaker Relatives, Pregnant Women, Elderly and Disabled, Nursing Home residents, Breast and Cervical Cancer, and Family Planning.

    To qualify for any of the categories, you must be an Alabama resident and either a U.S. citizen or in satisfactory immigration status. You must also meet the income requirements according to the Federal Poverty Level as well as the resource requirements. Resources refer to cash, life insurance value, checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, real estate, stock and bonds, etc. Do you qualify for any of the listed categories?*

    *All numbers reflect 2019 Alabama Medicaid eligibility requirements and are subject to change each year.

    Technology Assisted Waiver For Adults

    The TA waiver provides services to individuals age 21 or older with complex skilled medical conditions who are ventilator dependent or have a tracheostomy and who would otherwise require care in a long-term care setting to remain in the community. The plan of care and case management services are based on individual client needs. ADSS provides targeted case management for the TA program. Services include private duty nursing, personal care/attendant service, medical supplies, assistive technology, and targeted case management.

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    What Are The Alabama Medicaid Application Requirements

    Before you apply for Medicaid, there are certain preparations to take. The AL Medicaid application is lengthy and takes time and attention. Prior to sitting down to fill out your forms for Medicaid application, gather the requested documents. That way, you can ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the AL Medicaid packet. To learn more about the application process for Medicaid, .

    Generally, you must have the following information and documentation on hand when you are ready to file your application for Medicaid:

    • Your legal name
    • Your current address
    • Proof of your U.S. citizenship or your legal presence in the country
    • Proof of your Alabama residency
    • Income information in the forms of pay stubs, tax forms and bank statements citing your assets
    • Current health insurance plan information
    • Information on others residing in your household

    When you sign up for Medicaid, there will be specific fields addressing other members in your household, which is why it is important to include the family members in your home. Your household size comes into play when determining your qualifications for Alabama Medicaid.

    In addition, if you want to apply for Medicaid coverage for others living in your household, you must include all of the above details regarding any prospective beneficiaries. Once you have gathered all of the listed items above, you will be ready to fill out your AL Medicaid application.

    How Do I Enroll In Alabamas Health Insurance Marketplace

    Apply for SNAP, Medicaid, and More from Home

    Enroll in the Alabama Health Insurance Marketplace using the federal governments platform. This platform walks you through the entire enrollment process with easy-to-follow instructions. If you cant sign up online, contact the marketplace call center at 800-318-2596 for assistance.

    To create an online account, enter your name and email address, then confirm your email address. Log in to your new account to complete your enrollment application. You must enter all required information, including:

    • Social Security numbers, birth dates, home and/or mailing addresses, and employer and income information for each applicant seeking coverage
    • Documents for any naturalized citizens or legal immigrants in your household
    • Policy numbers for any health plans currently covering any household member
    • Details on how youre filing your taxes and an estimate of total household income for the year youre applying for coverage
    • Information about any professional helping you complete your application

    Once youve finished your application, the system tells you whether you qualify for financial assistance with your premium and the amount of your premium tax credit if applicable. Compare your health insurance plan options and choose the best option for your situation to complete your enrollment.

    The following insurance companies offer health insurance plans to Alabama residents on the marketplace:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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    How Does Medicaid Funding Work

    The federal government pays at least half of each states Medicaid costs. The percentage is set annually through a complicated formula based on per capita income. The lower the states per capita income, the higher the FMAP, up to a maximum 83%. Alabamas FMAP for FY 2021 will be 72.58%. This means we get roughly $7 in federal money for every $3 Alabama pays for Medicaid. Alabama Medicaids total annual budget is about $7 billion.

    State money for Medicaid comes from a number of sources, including the General Fund , special trust funds, and transfer payments from public hospitals. Because the revenues earmarked for the GF come from minor taxes, fees and interest payments that grow slowly, Medicaid and other GF services remain permanently shortchanged.

    How does Alabamas Medicaid investment compare?

    One simple way to compare Medicaid programs across states is to rank their spending per enrollee in major Medicaid eligibility groups. Spending is only one factor in the delivery of care, but it does indicate the investment that the state is willing to make in the health of residents with low incomes. Heres how Alabama measures up on that count:

    What Is Alabama Medicaid Number

    Alabama Medicaid number where you can call and speak to Alabama state health care agent regarding Alabama Medicaid Application is .

    Alabama Medicaid hours of operation regarding Alabama Medicaid Application are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30pm, but the best calling hours for Alabama Medicaid to call regarding Alabama Medicaid Application are 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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    How To Apply For Medicaid Online In Alabama

    To apply for Medicaid online is the easiest and most popular option available in Alabama. Where do you sign up for Medicaid online? The online Medicaid application is available through Insure Alabamas AlabamaCares web portal. The first step when you apply for Medicaid online is to register an account. You must choose a username and a password, and then you will be able to access the electronic paperwork necessary to file your AL Medicaid application.

    Before you get started with your application for Medicaid, collect the above information. Namely, your Social Security Number, your citizenship documents, your income statements and any current health insurance information you may have.

    In addition, you must be older than 14 years of age in order to create an account on the state portal. Overall, the process should take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

    Following the completion of your Alabama Medicaid application, you will know if you qualify for any of the Medicaid-associated health programs available in the state.

    Learn How To Apply For Medicaid In Alabama

    Medicaid Qualification in Alabama

    UPDATE: For the year 2020, no significant changes have been made to Medicaid insurance.

    Before you apply for Medicaid, you must ensure you are actually eligible to receive government-sponsored health coverage in Alabama. You should address your application for Medicaid only after you have confirmed you are qualified to receive Medicaid benefits.

    Overall, Alabama Medicaid assists children, families, pregnant women and both the disabled and the elderly by supplying free or no-cost health care coverage. Unsure of how to apply for Medicaid in Alabama? Continue on to the below topics, which outline the procedures of how and where to apply for Medicaid in AL, including:

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    What Is The Difference Between Alabama Medicaid And Medicare

    Medicaid and Medicare are two different healthcare programs with different functions and beneficiaries.Medicaid is managed by states and is based on the individual income while Medicare is managed by the federal government and is mainly based on age. Medicare has special circumstances, like certain disabilities, that may allow younger people to get to health program.

    Watch this video to learn more about Medicaid, Medicare, and the difference between them:

    Where To Apply For Medicaid In Person

    If you wish to undergo the in-person Medicaid application process in Alabama, you can visit your nearest regional office. Be sure to review the location and hours of your local office prior. If you would like to call the location first, it is wise to ask when the best time of day is for Medicaid application help.

    As with every other method, when you sign up for Medicaid in person, be sure to have your required documents on hand. That way, you can ensure efficient transmission of your paperwork while at your local office.

    If you prefer to take your Alabama Medicaid application documents home, simply do so. Once you have completed your forms for Medicaid application, just mail them to the address listed on the last page of the document. If, at any time, you want to check on your Medicaid application status, call the toll-free number for the state department to receive an update.

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    What Is Alabama Medicaid

    Medicaid is a joint federal-state support program for people who need health insurance but have limited ability to pay for it. Medicaid in Alabama provides support for nearly 1 million state residents, mainly on the basis of financial and medical need. Alabama Medicaid makes use of a statewide network of healthcare providers, including several HMO and PPO systems, to give beneficiaries the widest possible access to care.

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    Insurance For Families In Alabama

    Medicaid Defined: How Does the Program Work?

    Searching for affordable health insurance plans for families in Alabama is a little more complicated than for individuals. Your insurance provider choices and most plan options are the same. However, you need to think about how each person might use the plan. A spouse may need maternity care or fertility services, while a child might need to be covered for a tonsillectomy or other common childhood procedure.

    Review the plan details carefully to make sure the services you need are covered. If someone in your family receives specialty care, you should also check to make sure the specialist participates in the plans network.

    You also need your households income to figure your budget for the best health insurance coverage you can afford. Even if a household member isnt enrolling in your plan, you still need their income information to see if your family qualifies for help with insurance premiums. offers other suggestions on how to enroll in the Marketplace.

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    How To Submit Alabama Medicaid Application Forms By Mail

    How do you apply for Medicaid in Alabama by mail? If you cannot get through the online Medicaid application for any reason, you have the option to print out the paperwork.

    Then, you can proceed with filling out the application for Medicaid by hand in the comfort of your home. Just as you would for your web application, you will need to have the information handy regarding your citizenship status, your Social Security Number, your income history and your current health insurance .

    Note that the mail-in Medicaid application in AL may take longer than the online version, so give yourself ample time. Luckily, you do not need to worry about any online mishaps when you fill out the paper Alabama Medicaid application. Moreover, you can revisit any troubling fields at a later time.

    When you have finished the forms for Medicaid application in Alabama by hand, review the instructions listed on the final page. There, you will find proper notations on where to mail your application for Medicaid.

    Since Medicaid is split into different programs, be sure to mail your health care application to the proper address listed, so there are no discrepancies or delays regarding the sorting and vetting of your documents. to learn more about how to apply for Medicaid.

    About All Kids Health Care Coverage:

    • As soon as your child is enrolled in ALL Kids, you will then choose a doctor and dentist.
    • When your child needs medical and dental care, you must use a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Preferred Provider Organization provider.
      • The PPO network is a group of doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and outpatient facilities enrolled as BCBSAL providers to offer services to ALL Kids enrollees at special, prearranged rates. There is no deductible when you use a PPO provider. Some services may require a small copay.
        • A copay is a small fee you may have to pay up front when your child sees the providers. Depending on which coverage bracket your child qualifies for, some services may require a copay. Your copays are determined by the ALL Kids fee group your child is in. There are no copays for preventive services like regular check-ups, immunizations, dental cleanings and vision exams.
    • You can choose any doctor who is enrolled as a BCBSAL PPO provider. To find a preferred provider in Alabama, you can look in your ALL Kids Preferred Provider Directory, call the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama dedicated customer service number, , or visit Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama.

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    Unitedhealthcare Senior Care Options Plan

    UnitedHealthcare SCO is a Coordinated Care plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid program. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans contract renewal with Medicare. This plan is a voluntary program that is available to anyone 65 and older who qualifies for MassHealth Standard and Original Medicare. If you have MassHealth Standard, but you do not qualify for Original Medicare, you may still be eligible to enroll in our MassHealth Senior Care Option plan and receive all of your MassHealth benefits through our SCO program.


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