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Where To Apply For A Car Seat Distribution Program

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Each state offers car seat distribution in different ways. Most use their social services departments , however some states partner with local non-profit agencies or charities to offer car seats.

Texas, for example works with various nonprofits like the Salvation Army to provide seats to low income families.

Your case worker is an invaluable resource. If you are already receiving SNAP , Medicaid or are enrolled in some form of public aid then the program itself often has funding available to provide car seats to families in need.

Most require you to meet basic eligibility guidelines, including income. Others require, in addition to the low-income guideline, that you attend a short video series or lecture on child car seat safety.

Services Provided Through First Steps

First Steps is a program that helps low-income pregnant individuals get the health and social services they may need and covers a variety of services for pregnant individuals and their infants. First Steps is available as soon as an individual knows they are pregnant and is covered by Washington Apple Health . First Steps services include medical, enhanced, drug and alcohol and other services:

South Carolina Free Car Seats

  • The Child Passenger Safety Program began in 1995. It’s funded by a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration grant administered by the S.C. Department of Public Safety . The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce injuries, disabilities and death to children due to motor vehicle crashes by:
  • Counseling parents and community groups on child passenger safety.
  • Demonstrating and instructing the proper installation of the various child safety seats .
  • Explaining the dynamics of a motor vehicle crash and potential dangers for children not properly restrained.
  • Providing technical assistance as needed.
  • Providing training to DHEC’s public health offices, partner organizations, community groups, etc., to ensure knowledge and skills to properly restrain children in motor vehicles.
  • Serving as a resource for addressing child passenger safety issues in the community.
  • Stressing and educating the importance of safe transportation for children riding in motor vehicles.

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Colorado Free Car Seat Program

Next off, we have fantastic seat programs in Colorado as well. If you’re from Colorado, you probably know about the Montezuma County Public Health Department and their “Car Safety Seat” and “Bake helmet Program for Children.” Therefore, you can inform yourself about free car seats, the needed documents, and how to participate. However, there are other districts with various infant programs, some of them being Larimer, El Paso, Mesa, Gunnison, Washington, Inner city Health Center, etc. that you can also search for and obtain the information you need to enter the program.

How To Find Free Car Seats

How To Get A Free Car Seat Through Medicaid For Your ...

Youll find that most of the places we list wont be able to give you one directly. They will, however, have the resources necessary to lead you in the right direction.

These routes should only be taken if you truly feel like youre struggling and arent able to find a car seat within your budget. These programs are put in place to help those who truly need it.

If there are people who abuse the system, these programs may dissipate, which is a problem for those who may need them most.

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New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program

  • Official website:

The New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program is a program that provides free child sets to those who need them.

If youre living below the poverty line in New Mexico, then you may be able to qualify for a free car seat.

How To Get Enrolled In Medicaid Services And Book A Car Seat

How does a car seat reduce the chances of injuries and accidents?

Motor vehicle crashes leading to injuries and deaths are a major concern in the states. And this is the reason seat belts for adults and car seats for infants are a must in the USA.

For infants and children, having a car seat is actually a legal requirement. And if your young one is caught being seated without a car seat, you will be issued a ticket for as high as 200$.

Modern vehicles need to be equipped with seat belts and child safety seats to prevent injuries. The major cause for injuries among small children is not a crash or a collision in fact injuries are commonly caused due to sudden stops. Children are not accustomed to these stops and cannot stabilize their bodies, which leads to severe back injuries and neck jerks. And sudden stops happen now and then.

Seat belts and car seats contact the strongest parts of the body. They spread the crash forces and other forces over a wide area and more importantly they help slow down the body protecting the vital parts, specially the head and spinal cord.

And the most important and practical question which you need to answer yourself is whether a little care by installing a car seat is more profitable or spending bundles of dollars on your child over an accident?

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New Jersey Free Car Seats

  • Catholic Charities Diocese of Camden – Atlantic Family and Community Services CenterThe Atlantic Family & Community Services Center provides newborn baby supplies to mothers in need, including: – Baby clothes

    Supplies are limited based on available donations.

Vermont Free Car Seat Program


For those people who live in Vermont, the Essex PD and Vermont Safety Seat Voucher program initiate to protect children from car accidents and injuries. Therefore, they organize professional training for parents on how to keep the kids safe. Also, they offer car seats for parents in need, and all you need to know about the program and to participate, you can find out if you call -878-3209.

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How Parents Can Get Free Car Seats For Their Children

Below is a list of programs that offer parents free car seats for their children. Many of these programs have income limits and require you to take a car seat safety course prior to receiving a free car seat.

For those who qualify, Medicaid offers a free car seat after taking a short car seat safety ?course. Also check with your insurance company to see if they offer a similar benefit.

If youre enrolled in WIC , they also have a program that provides vouchers that can be used to purchase a car seat. Keep in mind you may be required to take a short class on car seat safety first.

Buckle Up for Life is a child passenger safety education program that has donated over 60,000 car seats to low-income families. If you qualify, you can take one of the organizations child passenger safety classes to get a free car seat.

Lastly, check your State Programs. This list offers the different free or reduced car seat programs in your state.

Do Car Seats Have An Expiration Period Read This

Although unknown to most people, car seats expire after 6-8 years of use. Keep in mind that plastics have a short life span, and consistent wear and tear will eventually compromise the quality of the car seat after prolonged use. However, you should be cautious when you want to buy a red infant car seat.

While getting a free baby car seat is convenient if you dont have money to buy a new one, it is important to ensure you get a seat that meets all safety standards. You should find a quality car seat that can last the test of time. A free convertible car seat is an excellent option.

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Free Car Seat For Low Income Families

Many dont know it is possible to get a free infant car seat. Actually there are many programs that offer free baby stuff for low income families such as a infant car seat, free formula, free diapers, baby samples, food and more. However they are not just handing out the information to anyone who needs it. Thats where I come into play. I enjoy finding this information to help those in need. With that being said, I hope this information finds you in your time of need.

Car seats can be very expensive especially when you dont have a lot of money coming in. Every little bit helps and with so many families struggling today to provide basic needs these resources are essential. One thing to remember is you should never buy a used car seat because you want to be sure that it meets all car seat safety requirements.

There are several places that offer free car seats to parents who are in desperate need. The number one place to call to find some of these resources is 2-1-1. This is a telephone number to call that connects you with important community services and programs.

FREE Car Seat:

This is one of the most important things you will need before your baby is born as hospitals wont let you leave if you dont have one. Here are some ways you can possibly get a free car seat if you are low income and cannot afford one. These programs may or may not ask for proof of pregnancy, proof of income, ID and more.

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Becoming Eligible For A Free Car Seat Through Medicaid

Why You Need a Baby Car Seat from Medicaid?

Car seats are absolutely essential for your childs safety when theyre in the car. Because theyre so small, the usual safety measures of using a safety belt are not enough. While Medicaid is usually thought of as being for health insurance, the government sees the necessity of car seats and almost all states cover car seats as part of their Medicaid programs.

Are you already on Medicaid? Here are the criteria you must meet before you get your ticket for a free car seat.

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Lets Start With Where Not To Get A Free Car Seat

Car seats are designed to keep your child safe while in the car. Thats why its so important for you to get a car seat from a trusted organization and to know the history of the car seat, if it is indeed one thats used or donated.

It might be tempting to buy a used car seat on a platform like eBay, but you dont know the history of the seat youre buying.

The seat may have degraded and be unsafe to use, or the seat may have been involved in a crash.

So we DO NOT recommend that you buy a car seat on a platform like Craigslist or eBay, or at places like garage sales, thrift sores and consignment stores.

Learn About National Networks For Car Seat Distribution

Baby2Baby is a nongovernmental program that not only helps low income families obtain car seats, but also helps to provide necessities such as clothing and diapers. This organization is operated nationwide and partners with different on-the-ground non-profits in your area.

If you are currently receiving a state funded health plan, you may be eligible to get a free car seat for your child.

Check with your health care provider or contact the Medicaid offices for more information. If you qualify you may be able to get a car seat free of charge.

Medicaid operates its car seat distribution programs in accordance to national guidelines.

Other governmental departments to check with in your state include the following:

  • Department of Health

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North Carolina Free Car Seats

  • Child Passenger Safety program of Henderson County is aimed at reducing accidental injuries. They not only provide car seats to residents of Henderson County who do not already have an appropriate car seat for the child in the family, but also provide education on how to use those car seats.
  • Alleghany Partnership for Children at 61 Wee Care Ave. in Sparta. They do charge a fee for the service just so we can keep a running supply of seats going, but it is very minimal. $5 for a low back booster, $15 for a high back booster and $25 for all the other seats.

Pennsylvania Free Car Seat Program

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Our next organization is Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, with its children’s safety program. You can participate and get all you need if you get a prescription from an authoritative person – social worker, nurse, doctor, etc. Furthermore, you’ll need an I.D., photo, and an EBT Access card. Therefore, the prescription will prove that you cannot afford a car seat and obtain it for free. On the other hand, you may donate something you don’t need related to children, and help them make some other family happy!Hence, call -426-5000 and inform yourself about everything.

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Thing You Need To Know About Getting A Free Car Seat Through Medicaid

Do you know how to get a free car seat through Medicaid? If not, then find out here!

The number of car accidents, lead to injuries and deaths are increasing day by day. This has become a major concern for people in the nation as well as for the federal government. Therefore, it is now a crucial aspect in the US to have seat belts for adults. While for children, it is a legal requirement to have a car seat. Also, it is important to know that if your teen is caught sitting without a car seat, then you might be issued a ticket for up to $200.

Modern vehicles are equipped with seat belts to ensure the safety of children and avoid injures. It is shocking to know that the primary reason of injury among young children is not a crash or collision in fact, injuries are usually caused by sudden stops. Since children are not familiar with such kind of sudden stops, they are unable to stabilize their bodies. This might cause serious back injuries and neck jerks.

Seat belts and car seats come into contact with the strongest parts of the body. They extend shock and other forces over a wide area and, most importantly, help slow down the body by protecting vital parts, especially the head and spinal cord.

According to various reports, car seats reduce the risk of injury by an average of 75%, and there is already a decrease of 30% in mortality rates.

Safe Kids Worldwide Organization

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global non-profit organization working to prevent childhood injury through research, community outreach, legislative advocacy and media awareness campaigns. This organization is present in all fifty states in the US. You can find one in your area or you can simply reach them over phone and ask for a free car seat for your infant. They will not only provide you with a free car seat but will also teach you how to install the seat in your car. So, just dial their number on your phone and let them know you need a car seat for your little one

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Other Things To Keep In Mind

Just because youre getting a free car seat doesnt mean you shouldnt get good quality. There are a few key factors you should definitely keep in mind when you get your seat:

  • Where you got it from: Did you get it from a reputable organization or from a friend? Most organizations that give away car seats will give you a brand new one, but the quality may be less if it isnt new.
  • Overall quality: If the seat looks in pretty rough shape, obviously you will want to skip over it. A car seat may look nice on the surface, but its worth checking inside to make sure there isnt any damage. Make sure to do a full inspection before putting it to use.

Florida Free Car Seat Program

The best car seat coat options to keep your kids safe this ...

When in Florida, you should look for the Florida Farm Bureau. Now, this organization takes care of Florida farmers. The main aim is to help them improve the rural way of life and increase the income of ranchers and farmers.However, that’s not the only advantage they provide to their staff and ordinary people. Their program called “Child Safety Seat” offers the possibility to purchase the car seats for only one-third of the total sum. The position you can buy is COSCO, one of the best car seat brands on the market.Another agency for solving these issues is Florida Health Pinellas County. As you might notice, this agency has a car seat program that offers the best quality lectures, classes, and training sessions with qualified safety technicians. It also provides the possibility for you to enter the free car seat program and obtain the seat that you need. So, if you have financial difficulties, you can contact this agency – they will guide you and show you the steps required to apply for it.Finally, there is another institution worth mentioning, and that is John Hopkins Medicine All Children’s Hospital. This institution is a prestigious and outstanding one in their area therefore, it’s ideal for solving your seat issues.They will provide free car seats for low-income families, and parents, or reduce the price for twenty dollars for families that are already participating in the government-assisted administrations and programs.

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