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Can You Get A Free Breast Pump Through Medicaid

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Sometimes determining if your Medicaid will cover your breast pump can seem confusing. Simple question, right? But the answer isnt necessarily as easy. Let Edwards Health Care Services help you determine your benefits and eligibility.

One easy way to find out is by completing our online application. EHCS will research your Medicaid plan and work with them to confirm your benefits and determine which breast pumps youre eligible for.

Youd think that would be easy, but its not as black-and-white as youd think. The Health Insurance Association of America says that Medicaid is a governments-sponsored insurance program for individuals of any age whose resources and income are insufficient to cover health care. Under the Affordable Care Act, you can qualify for Medicaid if you make less than 133 percent of the federal poverty line. Currently nearly 70 million people are enrolled in a Medicaid plan or Childrens Health Insurance Program.

We carry name-brand pumps!

Medicaid programs are funded by state and federal dollars, but states manage their own programs, which is partly why its hard to say, yes, Medicaid covers breast pumps. Another issue is that some states used managed care organizations to administrate their Medicaid programs, and each of those has its own rules.

The good news is that many Medicaid and managed Medicaid programs cover breast pumps, and your local WIC office will be a great help in breastfeeding successfully.

What Type Of Breast Pump Is Covered

Using a breast pump in between regular breastfeeding can help you maintain your milk supply. Most UnitedHealthcare benefit plans include coverage for the purchase of a personal-use, double-electric breast pump at no cost to you. These are the most common pumps and they closely simulate the action of a breastfeeding infant. You can find which brands are included by contacting the national breast pump suppliers listed below.

Other types of breast pumps include manual breast pumps, hospital-grade pumps and hands-free pumps. Most UnitedHealthcare benefit plans do not cover these types of pumps.

Medicaids Breast Pump State

Medicaid is considered to be a federal-state partnership. While the federal government upholds certain standards, its up to the states discretion on how they would like to follow these standards. Due to this, the eligibility and parameters that surround Medicaid covered breast pumps can vary. Unfortunately, North Carolina Medicaid does not currently cover breast pumps. This is one of the only states with such extreme limitations and therefore, we recommend looking into The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children for alternative support. There are a few local breast pump programs that can help. For information on other state coverage, contact your State Medicaid Agency.

It should also be mentioned that if you have a commercial insurance plan and a Medicaid plan, you will need to provide both. According to the federal and state insurance guidelines revolving around pregnancy-related care, your primary insurance needs to be billed before Medicaid.

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How To Order Your Medicaid Covered Breast Pump

If youre unsure about whether or not you qualify for a Medicaid covered breast pump, get started with the process at Byram Healthcare. Our easy, three-step ordering allows you to streamline the process and better understand your requirements and coverage eligibility. Once you understand your coverage options, its time to start looking for the right breast pump. Certain states or local coverage have limited options, which is why determining eligibility is a good first step. This helps you narrow things down and makes the research process easier.

While choosing a breast pump can seem overwhelming, the important thing is finding something that works for you. Some women prefer electric pumps, while others dont mind using a manual one. Take your time comparing different models and when youre ready, begin the ordering process at Byram Healthcare. We aim to make the process of ordering a Medicaid covered breast pump as easy and efficient as possible, even if it sounds overwhelming at first. If you have any insurance-related questions or concerns, feel free to use our live chat to speak with one of our breast pump experts.

For other tips on breastfeeding, breast pump selection, and how to navigate the complexities of pregnancy, Byram Healthcare is here to help.

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How Do I Decide Which Free Breast Pump Is Right For Me


Choosing a breast pump can feel intimidating, especially if youve never used one before. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what type of breast pump is right for you. Consider how often youll need to use the breast pump. Some mothers plan to stay at home with their baby for an extended period and choose to only pump occasionally. Or you may know that youll be returning to work or school and will spend a good chunk of your time pumping milk for your baby while you’re away.Either way, finding an efficient pump that has powerful suction is probably at the top of your list and for good reason! Some other top must-haves for many mothers on the hunt for the perfect breast pump are:

  • Portable and lightweight: Making it easy to pump from any location
  • Versatile settings: Allowing you to customize your pumping sessions
  • LCD screen: Easier pumping experience in low-light conditions
  • Multiple power options: Models with both AC adapter and battery options allow you to pump from virtually anywhere
  • Single or Double option: Pump from one or both breasts at the same time
  • Quiet and discreet: Loud office pumping sessions are a thing of the past

Choosing the best breast pump comes down to your lifestyle. Consider where youll be pumping, how often youll be pumping, and whether you’re looking for a pump you can take on the go.

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County Health Department Wic Services

Bond County Health Department WIC

1520 S. 4th StreetGreenville, IL 62246

Phone: 618-664-1442

Services offered: Appointments with certified laction consultants and peer counselors are available in the WIC office for eligible clients. Breast pumps available through Medicaid program for eligible clients.

Carlyle, IL 62231

Phone: 618-594-8942

Services offered: Appointments with certified lactation consultants and peer counselors are available in the WIC office for eligible clients. Breast pumps available through Medicaid for eligible clients.

Carlinville, IL 62626

Phone: 217-854-3223

Services offered: Appointments with certified lactation consultants and peer counselors are available in the WIC office for eligible clients. Breast pumps available through Medicaid for eligible clients.

Madison County Coordinated Youth and Human Services-WIC

Granite City LocationGranite City, IL 62040

Phone: 618876-2383

Services offered: Appointments with certified lactation consultants and peer counselors are available in the WIC office for eligible clients. Breast pumps available through Medicaid for eligible clients.

Wood River LocationWood River, IL 62095

Phone: 618-254-3591

Services offered: Appointments with certified lactation consultants and peer counselors are available in the WIC office for eligible clients. Breast pumps available through Medicaid for eligible clients.

19 Public Sq. Suite 150Belleville, IL 62220

Hot Line 24 hours a day 618-806-4686

East Side Health District-WIC

Absolutely If You Are Covered By Aetna Better Health You Can Safely Order Your Breast Pump From Us

Not only are we an in-network, contracted Aetna Better Health breast pump provider, we make it easy to order. Our simple three-step process ensures a no-hassle experience and prompt delivery of your new breast pump and any supplies and accessories you add to your order.

  • Fill out a short insurance sign-up form so we can confirm your insurance breast pump benefit.
  • Submit a prescription from your physician via fax or email.
  • Pick the best breast pump for your needs.
  • Dont have a prescription yet? Thats no problem. Our friendly customer support staff will contact your physician, nurse practitioner, or midwife and make a prescription request on your behalf.

    Get 100% coverage on your breast pump with Aetna Better Health

    Your Aetna Better Health Plan only covers one breast pump per birth event, so our customer care representatives are on hand to answer all of your questions and assist you in selecting and ordering the best breast pump for you and your baby.

    • 100% coverage by your Aetna Better Health Plan
    • No hidden costs, copays, or deductibles
    • Plus, a compassionate breast pump expert to guide you through the process

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    Why Are Breast Pumps Covered Under Bcbs

    While many people go years without needing to fully understand the scope of their insurance, having a baby quickly turns you into expert. If youre delivering in the hospital, its important to know what your insurance covers and what it does not. Take the time to talk to your provider and the hospital to avoid unexpected costs. Then youll need to sort out regular doctors appointments, any vitamins, vaccinations, or medications your baby will need, and ongoing developmental checkups. To make sure that you start off on the right foot, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers insurance covered breast pumps and breastfeeding support.

    Breast pumps are considered durable medical equipment , which is a type of equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need due to certain conditions or illnesses. Because of this, and longstanding research on the benefits of breastmilk to a growing baby, the Affordable Care Act now requires insurance providers to cover the cost of a breast pump for new and expecting mothers.

    The best way to make sure that you fully understand what you can and cannot access through your BCBS coverage is to call them directly or work with a medical supply company like Byram Healthcare. Using our system, its easy to order your breast pump through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    Insurance Covered Breast Pumps And Supplies

    Innovative breast pump

    After speaking with BCBS, researching your breast pump options, and finding the right medical supply company, its time to place your order. Regardless of if you decide on purchasing a Medela breast pump, a Spectra pump, an Evenflo pump, or another leading brand, always check to make sure that you have the proper accessories. BCBS often covers accessories and replacement pump parts such as pump tubes, flanges, valves, and even milk storage containers. In recent years, theyve also started covering maternity compression garments , which help to provide support and stabilization both during pregnancy and throughout postpartum healing.

    Again, always confirm the coverage of any additional supplies with your provider. While its a little extra effort, its worth it to ask. A few minutes on the phone could lead to hundreds of dollars in savings.

    Breastfeeding is an important part of a healthy development. Breastmilk provides essential nutrients and vitamins that aid in a growing body and a strong immune system. While nursing is a great way to improve the bond between you and your baby, you wont be with your baby 100% of the time from birth until you introduce solid foods. To make sure that youre providing the opportunity for proper nourishment while youre away, order a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance covered breast pump today.

    Give Your Baby the Best of You


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    Do I Need A Prescription To Get A Free Breast Pump

    Yes, in most cases you are required to submit a prescription in order to receive your free breast pump through Medicaid. However, this process may look a little different than what youre expecting.Most times, youll never have to deal with handling the prescription or paperwork to get your free Medicaid breast pump. The Lansinoh Insurance Locator tool makes getting your breast pump through Medicaid one of the simpler items to check off of your baby prep to-do list.After using the tool to choose a supplier and breast pump, the website will prompt you to submit more detailed information including:

    • Insurance plan details
    • Expected due date
    • OBGYNs office details

    The supplier will verify the information with your doctor before shipping your breast pump directly to your home.Many insurance plans will require you to be at a certain stage of your pregnancy before finalizing and shipping your chosen breast pump. This is usually done between 30 weeks of pregnancy and the time of delivery. If you deliver your baby before you receive your pump, simply call your supplier to streamline the process. The hospital where you deliver should have access to a breast pump you can use during your stay, if needed.

    Medicaid Breast Pump Coverage Terms

    Obtaining a breast pump through Medicaid can be an extensive process. Please note that it can take up to 10 business days before we receive authorization to move forward with providing the pump. No need to worry, our Specialists are here to help facilitate the process!

    Some state Medicaid health plans will not cover a free breast pump per the Affordable Care Act at all. Rather, they cover them under medically necessary circumstances such as long stays in the NICU, inverted nipples, etc.

    Certain states have stipulated that if the mother and baby will be separated for extended periods of time , a pump will be covered. When your policy only covers the pump under these circumstances, a prescription will be required as well as documentation surrounding your work or school hours.

    Aeroflow Breastpumps will work with you and your health care provider to gather the correct information for your insurance! If you have both a commercial insurance plan and a Medicaid plan, it is important to provide us your commercial insurance. Insurance guidelines require that a patient’s commercial/primary insurance be billed prior to their Medicaid plan.

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    Medicaid Covered Breast Pumps

    Most state Medicaid plans will cover a breast pump, but Medicaid covers most services in a different way than private insurance companies. But what are the Medicaid guidelines for breast pumps? How will you know the specific stipulations of your policy? Will having a Managed Care Organization make a difference? We have the answers to all of your questions!

    When Can I Get My Breast Pump

    Superior HealthPlan scales back medical supply contract with Illinois ...

    Medicaid has a timeline that they usually uphold for all state coverage. Many policies require that expecting mothers wait to receive their breast pumps until their baby is born. Some states allow mothers to receive their breast pump early, but most Medicaid coverage options take two weeks to four weeks after delivery in order to submit the paperwork and obtain it. If youre worried about getting your breast pump in a timely manner, talk to your hospital about options for temporary pumps.

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    Here Are Options For Finding A Breast Pump At A Low Cost

    Looking to get a breast pump? There are a variety of ways to find a pump at low cost, like through your private insurance or Medicaid, your local hospital, and some WIC clinics. Some moms get to keep their pumps forever, and some moms rent their pumps while they are breastfeeding. Talk to your WIC clinic about which option is best for you.

    Coverage Of Breast Pumps

    Your health insurance plan must cover the cost of a breast pump. It may be either a rental unit or a new one youll keep.Your plan may have guidelines on whether the covered pump is manual or electric, the length of the rental, and when youll receive it .

    But its up to you and your doctor to decide what’s right for you.

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    National Breast Pump Providers

    Adapt Patient Care Solutions Pick up or Mail Order

    • 1-844-PCS-MOMS
    • Members can opt to pick up their breast pump at their local Target store.

    Aeroflow Healthcare

    • 1-877-773-1972

    Edgepark Medical Supplies Mail Order

    • 1-855-504-2099
    • Complete the required fields. This will take less than 10 minutes.
    • Mother and Baby Customer Service
    • 1-833-718-2229

    How To Secure Your Insurance

    Hygeia Fit Breast Pump

    At The Lactation Network, we work hard to make this process totally seamless for you. We are a Durable Medical Equipment provider, which means we provide public access to medical equipment and devices for in-home use. As real moms ourselves, we know you have a lot on your plate, so we make initiating the process of getting a pump super straightforward. You simply choose which breast pump you want, and we take it from there.

    Not sure which breast pump is right for you? Take a quick quiz on our site to help you narrow in on the breast pump that best fits your lifestyle and needs. You can also send us an email or give us a call to talk through the different pumps and get some real-mom insights.

    Our new checkout process makes securing your pump as easy as any add to cart online shopping experience. Simply select your state and your health insurance from the drop-down menu. We will show you the pumps that are included in your plan at no cost, as well as any pumps available for an upgrade fee. Click on a specific pump to read more details and then add the pump you want to your cart. If you choose a pump with an upgrade fee, no payment is collected until we confirm all the details with your insurance company.

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    Why Getting Your Pump Through Insurance Is The Best Option

    Especially in this age of high insurance premiums and high deductibles, new moms should take advantage of all the benefits of their insurance plans. If you plan to breastfeed and your plan covers a free breast pump, why wouldnt you get one? For many moms, these medical devices are crucial to breastfeeding success. Breast pumps can be pretty expensive, especially double-electric, wireless or wearable ones. By going through insurance, new moms can save money on out-of-pocket expenses, which is helpful at a time when theyre likely facing healthcare costs from their delivery and doctor visits.

    The Lactation Network is unique in the world of DMEs. We combine our expertise as a DME and our experience as momswhich means we understand the nuances of insurance and the realities of motherhood. Unlike other DMEs, we focus exclusively on breast pumps and related supplies, and we offer the widest selection of pumps on the market. By providing descriptions of each pump and real-life, on-demand advice, we work to help you find the best pump for your lifestyle, needs and breastfeeding goals. We also offer additional resources, like our expert network of board-certified lactation consultants.


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