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State of Medicaid in Louisiana

Connect with other expectant moms. Get support and information during your pregnancy and after you deliver. This program is part of your health plan and there is no extra cost to you.Heres how it works:

  • Join video conversations every other week with women who have similar due dates and a group leader.
  • Chat and share experiences with moms from your group on the Wellhop app or website.
  • Visit the Wellhop library. Youll find articles, videos and more.

Dental Vision And Hearing Care

We help you keep your smile, sight and hearing at their best. Benefits include:

  • Dental. Covered cleanings, checkups and dental work are provided by MCNA Dental for members under the age of 21. We also offer coverage for adults.
  • Vision. Exams and eyeglasses or an allowance for lenses are covered for members under the age of 21. We also offer coverage for adults.
  • Hearing. Tests, exams and hearing aids for members to age 21.

Get the medical care and equipment you need to live safely at home. Benefits may include:

  • Equipment and Supplies. In-home medical and safety equipment are covered for medically necessary equipment.
  • Home Health Care. Medical and personal care at home, if necessary.

Medical Marijuana Doctors In Baton Rouge La

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana, making it a popular tourist destination for those looking to explore this southern state. Its also a city many individuals call home, too. Whether youre a resident of Baton Rouge or plan on visiting this famous Louisiana-based city soon, youre likely to spend some time investigating the healthcare options available in this area.

When it comes to alternative medical treatment specifically, you may want to know whether or not you can access medical marijuana in Baton Rouge. Below, well outline the information youll need to know as a prospective medical cannabis patient in this city.

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La Medicaid Application Center

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the criteria to participate in the Louisiana Medicaid program have change significantly, allowing families with higher income but in need, to partake in LAM program. To better serve you and your family Childrens International Medical Group is now an accredited Louisiana Medicaid Application Site. Simply any of our clinics or email us at and one of our certified Patient Care Coordinators will gladly and quickly assist you in the process.

Unitedhealthcare Dual Complete Plans

Medicaid, COVID

Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and a contract with the State Medicaid Program. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans contract renewal with Medicare. This plan is available to anyone who has both Medical Assistance from the State and Medicare. This information is not a complete description of benefits. Call TTY 711 for more information. Limitations, co-payments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, premiums and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year.

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American Disabilities Act Notice

In accordance with the requirements of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 , UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company provides full and equal access to covered services and does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities.

What Is A Family Doctor

Family doctors are primary care providers who offer comprehensive medical care for people of all ages, often providing care for members of an entire family. As a family doctor, these physicians generally develop close relationships with patients over an extended period of time, allowing for personalized care. The American Board of Family Medicine offers board certification for family physicians who voluntarily meet additional standards beyond basic licensing .

Family physicians are tasked with caring for not only the physical health of patients and families, but also the mental and emotional health and how it relates to the family dynamic as a unit. Family medicine also emphasizes preventive care, which helps keep patients, and works to prevent diseases before they occur through regular exercise, a healthy diet and healthy life choices.

With regard to preventive measures, family doctors perform regular examinations or checkups, immunizations, and other pertinent screening tests, based upon the specific patients health. Family physicians are trained to identify and treat a very wide range of illnesses and injuries, but may also refer patients to a specialist when they deem it necessary. That said, family doctors may also treat and manage chronic conditions without the assistance of a specialist.

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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan wants to help you make sure you are prepared for hurricane season and the resulting hazards such as storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding

  • PDF 165.07KB – Last Updated: 11/12/2020

  • PDF 773.34KB – Last Updated: 10/13/2021


  • PDF 1.37MB – Last Updated: 07/06/2021


  • PDF 5.80MB – Last Updated: 03/18/2021


  • PDF 1.97MB – Last Updated: 01/05/2021

If You Or Your Loved Ones Have Been Impacted By Hurricane Ida

Baton Rouge General hospitals in need of doctors and nurses amid Covid-19 pandemic

UnitedHealthcare is helping members who may be affected by severe weather and flooding from Hurricane Ida. If you need help with things like getting to and from the doctors office or filling a prescription early, please call member services at , TTY 711.

Helpful Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed here. Behavioral Health Resources can be viewed here.

A free emotional-support help line is also available to everyone at , TTY 711 and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is free of charge and open to anyone. Trained Optum mental health specialists can help you manage stress and anxiety.

Due to high call volumes to The Department of Children and Family Services, you may experience longer than expected wait times when calling the hot line. To make sure all calls are answered, call times have been extended and two additional days have been added this week. This applies to all – people with last names A-Z, not just a segment of the alphabet.

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Abbreviations For Ochsner Hospitals And Medical Centers:

  • Ochsner Clinic All professional services billed by Ochsner for locations in Louisiana, including all physicians and advanced practice providers
  • Ochsner Mississippi– All professional services billed by Ochsner for locations in Mississippi, including all physicians and advanced practice providers
  • OHI – Ochsner Home Infusion
  • OBMC Ochsner Baptist A Campus of Ochsner Medical Center
  • OMCK Ochsner Medical Center Kenner
  • SCPH St. Charles Parish Hospital
  • OHOSM – Ochsner Hospital for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • OMC Ochsner Medical Center
  • OMCH Ochsner Medical Center Hancock
  • OMCNS Ochsner Medical Center Northshore
  • OHME Ochsner Home Medical Equipment
  • OSAGH Ochsner St. Anne General Hospital
  • OSM – Ochsner St. Mary
  • OMCBR Ochsner Medical Center Baton Rouge
  • OMCTG – Ochsner Medical Complex The Grove
  • OMCWB Ochsner Medical Center Westbank
  • LJCMC Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center
  • SBPH St. Bernard Parish Hospital

Unitedhealthcare Connected Benefit Disclaimer

This is not a complete list. The benefit information is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan or read the Member Handbook. Limitations, copays and restrictions may apply. For more information, call UnitedHealthcare Connected® Member Services or read the UnitedHealthcare Connected® Member Handbook. Benefits, List of Covered Drugs, pharmacy and provider networks and/or copayments may change from time to time throughout the year and on January 1 of each year.

You can get this document for free in other formats, such as large print, braille, or audio. Call , TTY 711, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., local time, Monday – Friday . The call is free.

You can call Member Services and ask us to make a note in our system that you would like materials in Spanish, large print, braille, or audio now and in the future.

Language Line is available for all in-network providers.

Puede obtener este documento de forma gratuita en otros formatos, como letra de imprenta grande, braille o audio. Llame al , TTY 711, de 08:00 a. m. a 08:00 p. m., hora local, de lunes a viernes correo de voz disponible las 24 horas del día,/los 7 días de la semana). La llamada es gratuita.

Puede llamar a Servicios para Miembros y pedirnos que registremos en nuestro sistema que le gustaría recibir documentos en español, en letra de imprenta grande, braille o audio, ahora y en el futuro.

Los servicios Language Line están disponibles para todos los proveedores dentro de la red.

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Healthy Louisiana Plan Eligibility

You must qualify for Medicaid to be a member of this health plan.

Medicaid is a program for people with low to moderate incomes who meet certain eligibility requirements.

To see if you qualify for Medicaid, call the Medicaid hotline toll free at 1.888.342.6207 or visit the Louisiana Medicaid website.

Unitedhealthcare Connected For Mycare Ohio

Gov. Edwards urges Congress to keep Medicaid expansion ...

UnitedHealthcare Connected® for MyCare Ohio is a health plan that contracts with both Medicare and Ohio Medicaid to provide benefits of both programs to enrollees. If you have any problem reading or understanding this or any other UnitedHealthcare Connected® for MyCare Ohio information, please contact our Member Services at from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday for help at no cost to you.

Si tiene problemas para leer o comprender esta o cualquier otra documentación de UnitedHealthcare Connected® de MyCare Ohio , comuníquese con nuestro Departamento de Servicio al Cliente para obtener información adicional sin costo para usted al de lunes a viernes de 7 a.m. a 8 p.m. .

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Panniculectomy Doctors In Baton Rouge La

Stimulate collagen and elastin production with Ultherapy for a tighter, lifted look with no surgery or downtime.

Ultherapy& reg

Important Consumer Safety Information

The non-invasive Ultherapy® procedure is U.S. FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, on the eyebrow and under the chin as well as to improve lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. The most common side effects reported in clinical trials were redness, swelling, pain and transient nerve effects. Reported adverse events from post-marketing surveillance are available in the Instructions for Use . Please see the IFU for product and safety information, including a full list of these events at


Who Qualifies For Medical Marijuana In Baton Rouge

Since recreational marijuana is still prohibited in Louisiana, you must become a medical marijuana patient to avoid experiencing any sort of legal repercussions when using cannabis.

Before you begin the patient enrollment process, you want to know whether youre even an eligible candidate. In the state of Louisiana, those with the following health conditions are granted protection under the states medical marijuana bill:

More recently, legislators have added health issues such as Parkinsons disease, glaucoma, chronic pain, PTSD and severe muscle spasms to the list of qualifying medical conditions.

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We Accept Most Major Health Plans

  • Access Care
  • Blue Cross HMO, PPO, & Key Physician Networks
  • Champus/Tricare
  • United Healthcare HMO, POS & PPO
  • Universal Healthcare USA PPO

7301 Hennessy Blvd., Suite 200

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

5000 ODonovan Blvd., Suite 306

Walker, LA 70785

© 2021 Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge. All rights reserved. PrivacyPolicy Site Managed by BlinkJar Media

Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge, Inc. complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex. .

New Feature Allows Recipients To Search For Enrolled Providers

Baton Rouge doctors explain threat of new COVID-19 variant, Omicron

Finding a doctor or dentist who accepts Medicaid and practices in their area used to be a chore for Medicaid recipients, as well as their primary care physicians. Now, that information can be found via a quick computer search.

The Medicaid programs Web site,, now features a Provider Locator Map that allows users to search for Medicaid providers by parish or region. Users can pick what sort of service they need and be given a list of all providers for that service in their area who are enrolled in Medicaid.

We often hear complaints from our Medicaid recipients or their primary care physicians that they have trouble finding a provider for a specialized service who accepts Medicaid, said LDH Secretary Dr. Fred Cerise. With this new search tool, it will be easier and faster for recipients to locate a provider in their area, and it will be easier for their primary care doctors to refer them to another provider.

To access this feature, users should go to the site and click on the magnifying glass that says “Find a doctor or dentist in Medicaid.” They will then be directed to the map, which will allow them to select a service from a drop-down menu and click on either their region or their parish to search. The map gives users the name, address and phone number of all providers that fit their search criteria. If no active provider is listed in a users parish for service, they are advised to check the surrounding parishes or the entire region.

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For Patients With Medicaid We Accept The Following Types Of Medicaid:

  • Bayou Health Louisiana Healthcare Connections
  • Bayou Health United Health Community Plan
  • Bayou Health AmeriHealth Caritas * Only with Amerihealth Authorization for Tier 3 program*

In order to be scheduled with Medicaid insurance, please have your referring provider fax over a referral, 2 sets of office notes, and recent imaging for conditions being treated within the past 2-3 years. These items are a requirement in order to be scheduled. Our fax number is 504-324-2078.

Insurances Accepted At Ochsner

We understand that getting your insurance questions answered is important. We can share which insurance plans we work with, but not what is covered, co-pay information, or other details since those vary from plan to plan and change regularly. Only your insurance company can provide those details.

We accept most major insurances, but please contact your insurance company directly to confirm which procedures and providers are covered. The chart below contains a list of accepted insurances at each Ochsner facility.

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Use The Links Below To Start Your Search can help you find a Orthopedic Surgeon who accepts Medicaid insurance in Louisiana. An orthopaedic surgeon is trained in the preservation, investigation and restoration of the form and function of the extremities, spine and associated structures by medical, surgical and physical means. An orthopaedic surgeon is involved with the care of patients whose musculoskeletal problems include congenital deformities, trauma, infections, tumors, metabolic disturbances of the musculoskeletal system, deformities, injuries and degenerative diseases of the spine, hands, feet, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow in children and adults. An orthopaedic surgeon is also concerned with primary and secondary muscular problems and the effects of central or peripheral nervous system lesions of the musculoskeletal system.

Unitedhealthcare Senior Care Options Plan

Medicaid coverage in Louisiana for Gastric Sleeve

UnitedHealthcare SCO is a Coordinated Care plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid program. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans contract renewal with Medicare. This plan is a voluntary program that is available to anyone 65 and older who qualifies for MassHealth Standard and Original Medicare. If you have MassHealth Standard, but you do not qualify for Original Medicare, you may still be eligible to enroll in our MassHealth Senior Care Option plan and receive all of your MassHealth benefits through our SCO program.

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