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You and/or your family may qualify for participation in the Medi-Cal program. Even if you are working, own a house, own a car, are married, or are not a U.S. Citizen, you may be eligible for Medi-Cal health care benefits.

You can qualify for free Medi-Cal health coverage if your income is within certain limits.

You may also qualify for Medi-Cal health coverage with a share of cost if your income is above the program limits. This means you would have to pay a certain amount before Medi-Cal would cover.

A comprehensive program of health services is available to those who are eligible, including: Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits.

In Kern County, two Health Plans are available for those who qualify. These two Health Plans, Health Net and Kern Family Healthcare, make available primary care physicians, specialist, hospitals, and other medical professionals for you and your family’s health care needs. It is important that you attend a Health Care Options presentation to receive more information regarding your Medi-Cal benefits.

California Health Care Options Presentations are educational and informational sessions offered to Medi-Cal eligible persons at the local County welfare offices throughout Kern County. They provide the tools with which to make an informed decision about how you want to receive your Medi-Cal benefits.

Click here to learn more about your options.

Learn How To Apply For Medicaid In California

UPDATE: In 2020, most of the requirements for Medicaid remain the same.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in California? If you or someone you love cannot afford medical insurance, the answer could be extremely important to you. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that provides free or low-cost health insurance to low-income adults, families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities, children in foster care and pregnant women.

In fact, there are actually multiple CA Medicaid application forms you can file, as there are various options to choose from. Medicaid and CHIP go by the names Medi-Cal and Healthy Families in California. Even if you already have health insurance, you may still qualify for Medicaid.

To learn some of the different ways you can submit a CA Medicaid application, review the details provided in the sections below:

Medicaid California Phone Number

Medicaid California Phone Number. State of california medicaid phone number 2019. Hartford, ct 06104 alabama medicaid po box 5624 montgomery, al delaware medicaid p.o.

Blue cross of california is contracted with l.a. Number for live person in medicaid get a human in medicaid call centers. For your comfort, in this link, you can find the name of the director and the phone number of the nasmd.medical status in california how to check it.

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California Medicaid Income Limit Charts

The California Medicaid eligibility income limit charts are divided by groups.

For example, the first chart is focused on income limits for children who qualify for Medicaid.

Similarly, the second chart below focuses on the Medicaid income limits for adults in California who qualify for Medicaid.

California Medicaid Income Limit for Children

Below is the income limit for children by age category. Find the age category your child falls into and you will see the income limit by household size.

California Medicaid Income Limit Children
Children Medicaid Ages 0-1

How to Read the California Medicaid Income Limits Charts Above

You cannot have an income higher than the Federal Poverty Level percentage described for your group to be eligible for Medicaid.

Similarly, when you identify the income group that applies to you, the income limit you see refers to the maximum level of income you can earn to qualify for benefits.

For example, if you are pregnant, to qualify for Medicaid, you cannot have an income higher than 206% of the Federal Poverty Level which for a family of two is $36,234 as shown in the chart above.

Who Can Get Medicaid In California

Medicare begins to issue new cards

You should apply for Medicaid if your income is low and you match one of the descriptions below:

  • You think you are pregnant
  • The parent or caretaker of a child and/or teenager under the age of 19.
  • You are a child or teenager age 18 or under.
  • An adult age 65 or older.
  • You are legally blind.
  • Living with a disability or disabled.
  • You are in need of nursing home care.

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Where Can I Find My Medi

County organizations handle Medi-Cal renewals. In most cases, your local agency will use your existing information to renew your Medi-Cal membership. If they can verify these details, they can take care of the process for you. However, they may need to send you a renewal form if your information doesnt match your records. You can return this form to your county office to continue receiving coverage.

California Medicaid Phone Number

Heres how to contact Medi-Cal:

If you are outside of California, please call 636-1980) for the Telephone Service Center.

The Service Center can help with:

1. Learning how to apply for Medi-Cal2. Learning about Medi-Cal services3. Finding a health care provider4. Filing a complaint

For questions specific to Mental Health Services call 1-800-896-4042. TTY Line: 1-800-896-2512.

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

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What Verification Is Required

Family When applying for Medi-Cal health care benefits, present or mail the following items that apply to your situation.

  • Driver’s License, Photo I.D., Alien Card
  • Social Security and Medicare cards
  • Pregnancy verification not required to receive pregnancy-related services
  • Current Property Tax Statement and proof of balance owed
  • Car/Truck/Boat Registrations
  • All Current Checking and Savings Account statements
  • Stocks or Bonds
  • INCOME verifications .
  • Free Room and Board statement.

Box 906 New Castle Delaware 19 Arkansas Medicaid Po Medicaid Of Arizona

New Medicaid Member Orientation | Aetna Better Health of California

Number for live person in medicaid get a human in medicaid call centers. Welfare programs give assistance to those who have little or no income. If you do not know how to apply for. Enter your zip code and email below to see if your location qualifies.

You move within california and gain access to at least one new covered california health insurance plan. Home page > medicaid > medicaid program important phone numbers. Call medicaid california phone numbers for help: Start by logging into california’s medicaid website.

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Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services

Enter your zip code and email below to see if your location qualifies. Anthem blue cross is the trade name of blue cross of california. A federal government website managed and paid for by the u.s. Eligible for benefits or health coverage:

Anthem is a registered trademark of anthem insurance companies, inc. Enter your zip code and email below to see if your location qualifies. Centers for medicare and medicaid services customer service phones. California has generous standards for covering various medicaid populations.

California Medicaid Expansion Update

Californias Medicaid program covers nearly 12.5 million people as of March 2020.

Of that total, nearly 3.7 million were eligible due to the ACA expansion of Medicaid, which took effect in 2014.

Undocumented immigrant children gained access to California Medicaid starting in May 2016.

Furthermore, as of January 2020, that eligibility applies to young adults through the age of 25.

As long as they qualify based on household income, children and young adults can enroll in Medicaid in California regardless of their immigration status.

Additionally, Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB4 into law in October 2015, and it eliminated the immigration status requirement for Medicaid eligibility for California residents 18 and under.

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Introduction To The California Medicaid Office Locations

The California Medicaid office is an important government facility. If you want to receive Medicaid benefits in California, you will likely need to report to one of these offices. This is especially true if you choose to apply for benefits in person at an acceptance facility. Regardless, it is important that you understand how the California Medicaid office locations function. Some of these state facilities have specific procedures you need to follow to apply there.

It is important that you understand the protocol associated with your California Medicaid office before you go to the facility. Individual facilities may have their own rules for operation. However, you should also remember that your Medicaid office in California is part of a larger network of offices. This is because Medicaid in California is part of the federal insurance program. Across the nation, Medicaid is partly funded by national and California budgets. Although these individual offices operate independently, they still must adhere to broader regulations.

How To Find A Los Angeles Medicaid Office In California

Husky Medicaid Contact Number

The Los Angeles, California Medicaid office is accessible to all residents who live in the area. However, keep in mind that different offices may encourage you to schedule an appointment to apply onsite with representatives.

The list of Los Angeles Medicaid offices are included below. Click on the California office you want to apply at to learn that facilitys contact information. Furthermore, remember that you can also use this feature to learn the following information about the different Medicaid offices in Los Angeles:

  • The offices contact information
  • Where in California the facility is located
  • If the Los Angeles Medicaid office has a website

Start typing or scroll down to pick from the list of Los Angeles Medicaid Office Locations

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How Do I Access Member Services

Medi-Cal members can receive member services through the Internet or by phone. Most insurance plans have online member assistance, and many companies also allow you to call them to receive direct help. Covered California also has online member services that you can access through an account. You can make a Covered California account even if you already submitted an application through another method.

California Medicaid Income Limit

The California Medicaid Income Limit is calculated as a percentage of the Federal Poverty Line.

To qualify, you must meet the California Medicaid Income limits listed below.

Here is the Federal Poverty Level for 2021.

2021 Federal Poverty Levels for the 48 Contiguous States & D.C.
Household Size

Additionally, to be eligible for Medicaid, you cannot make more than the income guidelines outlined below:

  • Children up to age 1 with family income up to 261 percent of FPL
  • Any child age 1-5 with a family income up to 261 percent of FPL
  • Children ages 6- 18 with family income up to 261 percent of FPL
  • CHIP for children with family income up to 312%-317% percent of FPL
  • Pregnant women with family income up to 208 percent of FPL
  • Parents of minor children with family income up to 109 percent of FPL
  • Individuals who are elderly, blind, and disabled with family income up to 100% of the FPL
  • Adults without dependents under Medicaid expansion with income up to 133% of the FPL

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How Do I Change Or Cancel My Medi

Depending on the county where you live, you may have multiple Medi-Cal plan options. If you want to try another plan available in your county, you can change it at any time. To switch your Medi-Cal plan, you can call Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Care Options at 1-800-430-4263. You may also complete a Medi-Cal Choice Form that you can find on the . Choose your county from the drop-down menu, then look for the form link under Choice enrollment forms. Learn more about the plans available in your county through the Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plan Directory.

If you need to cancel your Medi-Cal coverage, call your local county office. Once you are released from Medi-Cal, call 1-877-752-4737 option 3 to be enrolled in a Covered California plan. Be aware that there are different income limits for Medicaid/Medi-Cal versus Covered California

California Has Generous Standards For Covering Various Medicaid Populations

Solutions Overview: California Medicaid Entitlements

California has generous standards for covering various medicaid populations. Once you are there, you will see generally, you will need the names, birthdates and social security numbers for any members of medicaid application forms in california can also be submitted in person. This phone number is centers for medicare & medicaid’s best phone number because 4,638 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. If you do not know how to apply for.

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Where Can I Find My Card Number And Member Number

After you enroll in Medi-Cal, you will get an enrollment package in the mail from your insurance company. This package will include a membership card and information about your health insurance account. Your welcome letter from the insurance company may also mention your membership ID number. If you want to make an online account for member services with your insurance plan, you need these numbers to create an account.

How Do I Apply For Medi

You may also call Health Care Options at 1-800-430-4263 or visit TTY users should call 1-800-430-7077.

Important Reading for IEHP Medi-Cal Members

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How To Submit A Medicaid Application Form In California By Mail

You can download and print a California Medicaid application online or pick one up at any County Social Services Office. If any of your family members live with you, you will need their names, birthdates and Social Security Numbers .

Do you have a job? If so, you will need information from your pay statement or W-2 form. Do you have health insurance already? Even if the answer is yes, you may still qualify for Medicaid.

In the event that you do not understand a particular question, or if you are not sure how to answer it, you may leave it blank. Overall, the state can still process incomplete applications. When you are finished with your CA Medicaid application, send it to the address provided on the form.

It may take a few weeks to process your Medicaid application form, but you will receive a response in due time. If you have not received a response within a month, you may need to follow up. To do so, you can visit your local County Social Services Office or call the California Medicaid service. To learn more about the application process for Medicaid, .

Option 3 Download Application

New Medicare Card Distribution in California

The Department of Health Care Services and Covered California have partnered to create a Single Streamlined Application for affordable health care coverage.

You can use the Single Streamlined Application to apply for a range of affordable health care coverage options, including free or low-cost Medi-Cal.

First, , complete it, You can mail your completed and signed application to:

Covered California

Additionally, you can mail it to your local County Social Services Office.

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Find A California Medicaid Office Near You

You can easily use this website to find a California Medicaid office in your area. These facilities are located throughout California, so you should have no issues finding one near you. If you do not know which Medicaid office is in your community, you can use this website to search for California facilities. In fact, you can search based on:

  • ZIP code.

Where Can I Access My Medi

You can access your member services online through your plans website and the Covered California website. Each service manages different aspects of your coverage. Also, your local county office will take care of specific parts of your Medi-Cal membership. Your health insurance company handles:

  • Premium payments: When you need to make a premium payment, your health insurance company will accept it online or by phone.
  • ID cards: Your insurance company will issue your membership ID card. They can also send you a replacement card if you lose it.
  • Benefits and eligibility: Every insurance plan has unique benefits and eligibility requirements. A representative from your insurance company can explain these details to you.
  • Claims: The insurance company can inform you how you paid your service claims when you need to verify this information.
  • Covered medical providers: Your plans company can help you find a covered medical provider or change your primary care physician.

Meanwhile, Covered California takes care of:

When you need to renew your Medi-Cal plan, your county social services office will assist. They will get in contact with you if they need any information or send you a renewal form. For further assistance, you can contact your countys Medi-Cal office or the Medi-Cal Member Helpline .

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California Medicaid Income Limits Summary

We hope this post on California Medicaid Income Limits was helpful to you.

If you have any questions about Medicaid in the state of California, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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Be sure to check out our other articles about Medicaid.

Where To Apply For Medicaid In California In Person

Giving millions more access to care, Medicaid expansion strains Californias health system

Medicaid application forms in California can also be submitted in person. If you do not know how to apply for Medicaid, you may visit a local County Social Services Office in person. Representatives at this office can put you in touch with a Certified Enrollment Counselor who will help you fill out your Medicaid application properly.

On the other hand, knowing where to apply for Medicaid in CA is only a part of the process. When you visit your local office, be ready with the information required. You will need the names, birth dates and Social Security Numbers of any family members who live with you.

If you have a job, bring a recent pay statement or W-2 form to verify your income. Also, relevant applicants will have to provide proof of current insurance and proof of disability, if applicable.

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