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Alternatives To Free Government Phones

Medicaid Recipients Get FREE Cell Phone Service! | # QLinkWireless

If you don’t qualify for any free phones from the government, you’ve still got some cheap cell phone options and cheap cell phone plans to choose from.

And you can check out the FreedomPop Free plan, which offers 10 minutes of talk, 10 text messages, and 25 MB of data every 30 days. All you need to pay is $10 for the SIM kitthat’s it.

How To Qualify For Medicaid

In order to qualify for Medicaid, applicants must first fit into a certain category. These categories include children, parents of eligible children, pregnant women, and the disabled or elderly. If an applicant fits one of these categories, then the household must meet the requirements for income and resources. These limits vary according to the category of Medicaid and are the basis for determining whether Medicaid will pay for all or some of the health coverage needed. Verification of citizenship and identity is required and immigrants who are permanent residents but not yet citizens must meet certain criteria before they can qualify, including having been in the country for six years and having a minimum number of work quarters earned from Social Security.

Why Do I Get An Error With Order Cannot Be Modified When I Try To Sign Up

You are getting this error message because you previously completed an application for Lifeline service through Q Link Wireless. Due to requirements of the Federal Lifeline program, we do not allow you to modify personal data that was already submitted into the system. If you would like to edit your information such as your email address, mailing address or phone number, please send us an email by . Make sure to provide your information just like it is on your Q Link account, and explain the issue clearly. It may take up to 72 hours for our Customer Support team to begin processing your request.

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How To Get A Free Phone From The Us Government

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The US government offers a program called Lifeline Assistance that can reduce the cost of phone and internet services, if you qualify.

Sadly, Lifeline Assistance no longer provides free cell phones alongside their discounted services. But you may find that some of the wireless providers offering free plans through the Lifeline program still offer a free cell phone or free SIM kit. Scroll down to see a list of those providers below.

Most cell phone providers participating in the Lifeline program also participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which can get you a cell phone or tablet at a discounted price of about $10.

To qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you either have to have an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, or be currently enrolled in any of the following government programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Tribal-specific programs: Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administered Temporary
  • Assistance for Needy Families , Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations , Head Start
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit

If any of the above relates to you, then you deserve a free cell phone and a cheap cell phone plan to go with it.

Speak With Senior Assistance Agencies

Q Link Wireless: Free Cellphone + 250 Free Minutes Per Month « Free 4 ...

Area Agencies on Aging provides assistance for seniors across the nation. Reach out to your local Area Agency on Aging for help receiving a free medical alert system. The agency can connect you with other agencies or inform you about grants and scholarships for seniors.

What services does the AAA offer?

The AAA offers services such as meal delivery, transportation services and homemaker assistance with the goal of helping elderly adults remain independent.

Who qualifies for AAA services?

Requirements vary by location. Contact your local AAA for more information about eligibility and programs.

Does the AAA recommend a specific medical alert system?

The AAA does not recommend a specific device or company for medical alert services.

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Standup Wireless Free Tablet With Medicaid

Just like the Q link wireless the Standup Wireless also provides The Emergency Broadband Benefit . Under the EBB program, the applicants are given a one time discount upto 100 on certain devices. Because of the FCC rules , the organization needs to charge an amount of 10.01 dollars for the device. Standup Wireless offers a tablet that is 8-inch in size and it works on wireless and other mobile networks. They also offer monthly services to the customers that meet the eligibility requirements. They provide services that consist of 10gb of data, unlimited voice calling and texting.

How Do I Contact Medicaid

Many people wonder, Is there a Medicaid office near me? However, once you locate a facility in your city or county, you may need to know how to contact that office. The representatives at your program will serve as your points of contact as you apply for and enroll in this insurance network. Therefore, no matter how long you have received Medicare benefits, you must know how to contact program officials.

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Free 10gb Monthly Mobile Hotspot Data

10GB Hotspot Data up to 4G LTE speed.During congestion, heavy data users and customers choosing Assurance or similarly prioritized plans may notice lower speeds than other customers due to data prioritization.*Based on phone availability shipping charges may apply. Customers who have been reinstated within 60 days of their service end date will keep their original phone and phone number. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Why Should I Use Telehealth Services

Free low income cell phone service

Ease and safety for you and for others. A normal doctor visit can take weeks or months to get into. Or you may not be able to find a provider near you who accepts your health insurance. A normal doctor visit also means leaving home. Plus, waiting in a waiting room where you may be exposed to sick people. Telehealth services gives you access to anytime, anywhere care.

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Tips To Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill:

  • Research different plans before committing
  • Choose a plan that fits your needs and your use
  • Cut your landline phone line and cable TV
  • Dont subscribe to an unlimited plan if you dont need it
  • Reduce your cellular data usage by connecting to WiFi networks when available
  • Avoid overage charges by monitoring your usage limit
  • Purchase a travel package if you go on holiday outside the country
  • Use WhatsApp, Skype and other apps instead of using calls and SMS
  • Negotiate your plan with your provider

Why Am I Not Able To Transfer My Acp Benefit Immediately

The new Affordable Connectivity Program transfer rule, implemented on April 15, 2022, by the Federal Communications Commission states that ACP participants can transfer their ACP benefit to another provider once per calendar month. So, if you are already receiving the ACP benefit from another provider and would like to transfer from that provider to Q Link Wireless, sign up with Q Link today, then look out for our email once the transfer is complete. If you have questions about the ACP, you can visit our website or contact us at .

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Charities And Nonprofit Organizations

You can also find various charities and non-profit organizations that have come forward to help the low income families and individuals with free tablets. Non-profit organizations like the Salvation Army have always come forward to help the low income families with almost everything. As we already know they offer free food, clothes, furniture and fulfill many other basic needs. Besides these they also offer free tablets to the individuals that are in genuine need. You can visit their official website to know more about their programs. However, you need to explain to them why you need a tablet, if they feel that your need is genuine they will come forward to help you with a free tablet.

What Kind Of Phones Can I Get

Free Government Phones Columbus Ohio

You usually won’t know what kind of phone you can get until you go through the approval process, though most of the Lifeline Assistance-eligible carriers do a decent job offering a variety of phones. Sadly, you likely won’t find the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, or a new Android phone with these carriers, but there are still plenty of smartphones out there that you can get for super cheap or even free. Yup, thats right: a potential free smartphone.

To give you an idea of what to expect, Assurance Wireless has its cell phone lineup public. You can find smartphones like the Alcatel Dawn and the Kyocera Hydro REACH.

You can also find other smartphones like the Coolpad Haylo, REVVL 4, and ZTE Prestige 2.

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Before You Call The Florida Medicaid Phone Number

As we mentioned above, the Florida Medicaid phone lines are flooded with phone calls as a result of the fact that their offices have been closed during the pandemic.

Therefore, hold times are long when you call the phone number.

We have answered the top questions people call the Florida Medicaid Phone Number for.

Scroll down below to see if your question has been answered below.

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Minimum Service Standards & Support Amounts

Date Voice Support Amount Broadband Support Amount
$5.25 $9.25

* Minimum service standards and support amounts will be implemented on the later of December 1, 2016 or 60 days after PRA approval.*** Fixed broadband providers that do not offer a product meeting the minimum service standards to a particular customers residence may receive the $9.25 benefit if that customer purchases a fixed broadband offering that meets or exceeds 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload.

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Lifeline & Affordable Connectivity Program

The Lifeline program and the Affordable Connectivity Program help make phone and internet service more affordable for low-income individuals. Eligible individuals also qualify for a free smartphone through the Lifeline program. If you participate in certain assistance programs like Medicaid, NJ SNAP or SSI, you automatically qualify for both federal programs.

Note: The Affordable Connectivity Program replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit on December 31, 2021. To learn more about the program transition, click here


Lifeline is a federal program that provides eligible low-income individuals with a free smartphone and free wireless phone service . This Lifeline program is operated by the federal government, and should not be confused with the states Lifeline utility assistance program.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Who is eligible for Lifeline?

A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:

  • Participates in any of the following programs: NJ SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit and Tribal Programs or
  • Has an income that is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Who is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:

The Areas Covered By Assurance Wireless Include:

Free Cell Phone, & Free Phone Service – TruConnect

California, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Utah, and Wisconsin, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Idaho, Indiana, District of Columbia, Maine, Kansas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Mexico, Kentucky. You can follow their social media page and newsletter as well to know more about which area they are currently offering

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Can A Single Person Get Medicaid In Florida

Unfortunately, no. That is because Florida is one of 12 states that, as of August 2020, has not expanded Medicaid eligibility as allowed under the Affordable Care Act .

This means that adults without dependents who have low income cannot qualify for Medicaid, like residents in the 38 states that have expanded Medicaid.

In Florida, if Medicaid had been expanded under the ACA, some 391,000 people who do not currently have coverage would gain coverage.

Republicans control Floridas House and Senate as well as the governors office.

Democrats in the Florida legislature have been pushing for Medicaid expansion for years, but have consistently been blocked by Republicans.

Join More Than 2 Million Customers

‘One of my kids has juvenile diabetes and I have to be able call the ambulance if his sugar is out control. So thank you Q Link for being there to help me do that.’


‘With the help of my phone I was able to go back to school after 7 years and receive my high school diploma. Thank you so much Q Link.’


‘I wanted to be independent and on my own!! And so when I got my Q Link Wireless phone I became very successful and independent.’


‘If it wasnât for my Q-Link phone, I wouldnât have been able to call potential employers or receive call backs for interviews. Now, I have a full time job.’


‘I was able to use my Q Link service to find a job in my town where jobs are virtually non existent. I couldnât have done it without you Q Link! Thank you very much.’


‘When my grandson was born, it was hard to keep in touch. I didnât have a cell phone OR landline. Now, I can keep in touch anytime. Thank you QLINK!’


‘My Q Link phone has helped me a lot. I have many doctorâs appointments and calls I need to make. I donât know if I would be able to afford a regular bill.’


‘I live where there is not great cell reception, but my Q link phone seems to always have a signal. My sonâs doctors, teachers, and school can always reach me!’


‘My Q Link phone is helpful in many ways but the first success was getting a job! I was able to get a call back from an interview only because I had a Q Link phone.’


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What Is The Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline Assistance is the Federal Communication Commission’s long-running program designed to provide equal access to phone service for all Americans. It specifically caters to low-income residents who may not otherwise be able to afford a cell phone device or plan. The program entitles those who are eligible to wireless service for $9.25/month. It also applies to internet service, also priced at $9.25/month.

You can read more about the Lifeline program here.

Get A Permanent Free Phone Number For Your Home Or Business

Health First Colorado
  • University of Mauritius

Normally, youâre given a phone number only when you pay for a landline service, activate a cell phone or SIM card, or register for a VoIP service. However, you can get free phone numbers without having to sign up for a monthly bill. Free phone numbers often come in a package with other interesting features, and they are available if you know where to look.

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Lifeline Program For Low


Lifeline Fraud Tip Line: 1-855-4LL-TIPS or . Please provide as much detail as possible, including your name and contact information and the company you are using to receive Lifeline-supported phone service.

The FCC is currently developing the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program that Congress created in the recent COVID relief legislation. Program specifics will be available in the coming weeks. Consumers should contact broadband providers that serve their area to learn more about current low cost offerings.

Since 1985, the Lifeline program has provided a discount on phone service for qualifying low-income consumers to ensure that all Americans have the opportunities and security that phone service brings, including being able to connect to jobs, family and emergency services. Lifeline is part of the Universal Service Fund. The Lifeline program is available to eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands.

The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company . USAC is responsible for data collection and maintenance, support calculation, and disbursement for the low-income program. USACs website provides information regarding administrative aspects of the low-income program, as well as program requirements.

Below are highlights of the reforms made in the 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order:

Selecting The Best Offer

When you determine which companies offer phones in your area, you must next visit the websites of the companies that distribute these phones. Many of the providers that offer phones in different states vary what their programs offer each individual consumer, so you may need to shop around at each of their websites in order to determine which has the best deal.

Some providers give you the 250 minutes as part of the government program, but also offer additional minutes at a reduced rate. In addition, some of the providers may also offer texting at reduced rates.

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Limitations Effective June 1 2017

30 Day Enrollment Request Freeze for Wireless Telephone Service

The limitation requires a consumer who submitted an enrollment request, in an attempt to receive California LifeLine wireless telephone services, to wait a maximum of 30 days to submit another enrollment request to another service provider. This restricts consumers ability to submit enrollment requests for California LifeLine wireless telephone services. The 30-day clock for the enrollment request freeze duration starts when the California LifeLine Administrator generates an application packet for a consumer or confirms that the request is an inter-carrier transfer request. The CPUC adopted three types of activities that would stop the enrollment request freeze duration, which are as follows:

  • The Administrator sends the final eligibility decision to the consumer
  • The consumer or California LifeLine service provider cancels the enrollment request and
  • 30 days have passed since the Administrator generated the application packet or confirmed that the request is an inter-carrier transfer request.
  • As soon as one of these three activities occurs, the 30-day clock stops for the particular enrollment request. The consumer may then submit another enrollment request for California LifeLine wireless telephone services. A consumer cannot have multiple enrollment requests for California LifeLine wireless telephone services going at the same time.How to Cancel an Enrollment Request


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