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What To Do If Your Health Insurance Doesnt Cover Neurologist Visits

Neurologist for Back Pain

It’s hard enough not feeling your best, but having to deal with the constraints of managed care can make it even worse. If you or your spouse change jobs, your employer changes health insurance contracts, or your neurologist decides to opt out, you may find that your insurance benefits no longer cover your doctor visits. It can happen at any time and really disrupt your care. But if you’re comfortable with your neurologist and just don’t want to switch, is there anything you can do? You bet.


Health maintenance organization members are required to see doctors who participate in the plan. If you have a preferred provider organization , you may choose to go “out-of-network” to any provider. But it’s likely you’ll face added costs, including higher deductibles and copays. The out-of-pocket expenses vary among insurance companies, so be sure to call and find out about them in advance.

Get an Out-of-Network Referral

Kelly Curran’s 4-year-old daughter, Jenelle, was first diagnosed with by in-network neurologists when she was 10 months old. But after the doctors had tried numerous seizure medications without success, they referred her to UCLA’s Director of Pediatric Epilepsy, W. Donald Shields, M.D. Curran credits her daughter’s dramatic improvement to Dr. Shields’ expertise and experience.

Switch at Renewal Time

“This made me a bit of a snob about only wanting to see a neurologist who really knows her stuff and gives me the straight scoop.”

Ask for Transition Benefits

What Happens If My Neurologist Doesnt Take Medicare

According to a recent study conducted over the past few years, neurologists deal with many health care delivery changes. Most notably, the constant reductions in reimbursement for care to patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party insurers.

This is why so many neurologists have started to opt out of Medicare and other similar insurers.

The reductions in reimbursement stem from the need to reduce health care costs due to significant increases in covered lives brought on by:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Better expectations for quality of care
  • Better care for chronic conditions
  • Expanded benefits
  • Greater use of health care resources for the elderly

Over this time, Medicares national spending has increased from 0.7 percent to 3.5% over the total population.

The personal Medicare spending breakdown as projected:

  • Current: 17%
  • 2050: 27%
  • End of the 21st Century: 40%

These financial pressures, combined with the increasing intensity of care and complexity of clinical operations, have dramatically changed the landscape for neurologists.

While the number of Medicare decliners remains relatively small, the trend is still growing.

You can still see your neurologist, even if they no longer accept Medicare as a form of insurance. However, the cost of what your insurance does not cover will be left to you to pay from your annual out-of-pocket maximum.

How To Find A Doctor Who Takes Medicaid

18 annen2 Sciarrino

Pediatric neurologist Catherine Mazzola talks with one of her patients, Kayley Lancaster, whose parents have private insurance. The doctor does see Medicaid patients, but complained it took her staff nine months to complete the paperwork to get her on their rolls.

New Jerseyans covered by Medicaid report it’s sometimes difficult to find doctors — particularly specialists — who will accept its insurance plans. Here are some tips, gathered from doctors, physician practice administrators and other patients, mixed in with some observations based on NJ Advance Media’s look at the program’s access issues:

* When you enroll in NJ FamilyCare, pick a plan that has doctors you already use. If you don’t select a plan, the state will eventually place you into one that may or may not suit your needs. You have a certain amount of time to switch, but it’s better to get matched with the best plan right from the start.

* Don’t waste time calling names in the phone book. Instead, start with the list of providers offered by your managed care plan. If a local doctor takes other Medicaid plans but not yours, keep looking.

* Try a Federally Qualified Health Clinic. There is one in nearly every county, and while they don’t typically have a lot of specialists on staff, they can handle most run-of-the-mill illnesses. Plus they’re open evenings and weekends.


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How To Find A Provider For Medicaid Services

The Medicaid find a doctor process can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you have never enrolled in this program before and are looking for a new medical provider. One of the first questions on your mind may be, How do I find a Medicaid doctor? It is important that you understand how to locate in-network professionals near you. Just as with other insurance plans, if you do not find a provider who accepts Medicaid as a form of payment, you will likely need to pay extra to receive the same services.

You may also be wondering, How can I find clinics that accept Medicaid near me? This question is especially common if you are an individual who is looking for general care. No matter the type of doctor you are seeking, you can connect with professionals by searching online. Using the internet is one of the most convenient ways you can find a provider with Medicaid coverage. However, you need to make sure you understand how to conduct your search so you know you are finding doctors who accept your insurance.

Dr Russell Jayendra Shah Md

How to find a doctor who takes Medicaid

Dr. Russell Jayendra Shah was the son of a physician, so he was raised with the philosophy that it was important to help people. His ultimate goal is to serve the best interests of each individual patient. He has been practicing neurology for 28 years in Las Vegas. He can speak both Spanish and English with his patients.

Dr. Shah offers the following services at his clinic:

â Electromyography testing / EMGs

â Spinal diseases and disorders treatment

â Nerve pain treatment

Dr. Shah has special experience and training working with EMGs that allows him to offer a high-level of quality in testing and interpreting results rapidly. His patients report that he is particularly skilled at working with spinal problems and nerve pain. He attended the following institutions of higher education for his medical training:

â Completed his medical degree at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

â Completed his residency and a fellowship at the Neurophysiology / EMG Electrodiagnostics, Neurology at Rush-Presbyterian / St. Lukeâs Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois

â Completed an internship at Northwestern University, Evanston Hospital in Evanston, Illinois

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Are Video Visits With A Neurologist Online Covered By Medicaid

Most insurers provide coverage for video visits at the same cost as in-person visits. You can search on Zocdoc specifically for Neurologists who accept Medicaid for video visits by selecting your carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm your coverage and out of pocket costs for video visits.

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Dr M Gabriela Gregory Md

Dr. Gabriela Gregory is originally from Argentina, but she grew up in California and has been a Nevada resident since 1992. She currently serves as the Chief of Neurology at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, but she has worked in various settings including outpatient clinics and academic medical centers throughout her career. She has been in practice for over 33 years and she specializes in working with Multiple Sclerosis patients and patients over the age of 18 years. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently.

Dr. Gregory attended the following institutions of higher education to receive her medical training:

â Graduated with her undergraduate degree from the University of California in Riverside

â Completed a graduate degree in Business Administration in Healthcare Administration and Management at Western Governorâs University

â Graduated with a medical degree from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in 1988

â Completed an internship at the Harbor University of California in 1987

â Completed her neurology residency at Los Angeles County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in 1992 as Chief Neurology Resident

Dr. Gregory provides the following services at her clinic:

â Botox Injections for migraines

â Spasticity

â Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

â Blepharospasm

â Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Studies

â Trigger Point Injections

â Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Nevada Neurosciences Institute at Sunrise

Dr Robert W Balsinger Do

Alaska’s healthcare in dire state amid Medicaid budget cuts

Dr. Robert Balsinger is the director of stroke and neurology at the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center. In addition to treating patients, he is also passionate about providing high quality medical instruction to students as a member of the core faculty for the neurology residency program as well as as a member of the Graduate Medical Education Committee at the Valley Hospital Medical Center and as an adjunct faculty member at Touro University Nevada. He teaches in both inpatient and outpatient settings while also serving on a weekly neurology board examination review committee.

Dr. Balsinger has been a resident of Las Vegas since 2006 and he has been practicing medicine for over 11 years. He completed his education at the following institutions:

â Completed his bachelorâs degree in Exercise Physiology at Ohio State University

â Attended Touro University Nevada to obtain his medical degree

â Completed his neurology residency at Valley Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Balsinger received the Top Doctor Award in 2016-2017 as Top Neurologist and he received the Vegas Top Doctors award in 2020. He provides the following services at his clinic:

â Headache and migraine treatment

â EEG testing

â Neurological testing

â Epilepsy treatment

â Sleep tests

â Lumbar Puncture

â Inner ear tests

2010 Wellness Way, Ste 306

Las Vegas, NV 89106

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Are There Any Walk In Clinics That Accept Medicaid

You may be wondering, How do I know if there are walk in clinics that accept Medicaid near me? Every walk-in clinic is not obligated to accept Medicaid. This means that some of the facilities in your community may not accept this type of insurance. However, there are some urgent care clinics that accept Medicaid. The only way to know for sure is to contact the facility you want to go to and ask if you can use your Medicaid there.

How Can I Find A Neurologist That Accepts Medicaid

Answer by Mrscmrn

Finding neurologists that accept Medicaid can be quite simple. Look into the latest phone directory and call the offices and ask if they accept medicaid.

Answer by angiem1981

Typically, you can contact Medicaid directly and they will having a listing of physicians and specialists that accepts this type of insurance. However, there is a cap on the number of Medicaid patients the physician may have. Your family doctor should be able to refer you to the appropriate physician and may be required before Medicaid will pay.

Answer by MattK

You can either contact the Social Security administration, or you can get the name of some neurologists and call their offices to inquire. Their staff will be happy to inform you.

Answer by liblue

Social services can help direct you to a source of neurologists accepting medicaid. With their help or on your own you can go online and type in medicaid and participating doctors in your area. Depending on your situation social services can direct you to other resources for help.

Answer by bguess3

my brain felles like it is frozen on one side and like i have a balloone in my brain lost sight 2 times had 2 mri done cant find anything can you help me

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How Can I Afford Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is too important to neglect. However, some mothers fear that the healthcare costs associated with pregnancy will be too high.

Luckily, there are ways to bring healthcare costs down. Many adoption agencies and charities provide financial assistance to pregnant women in need. But there are also larger programs that can help. Medicaid is a government healthcare program that provides coverage to millions of Americans, including pregnant women with limited resources.

According to recent data, Medicaid currently finances about 42% of all births in the United States. In other words, Medicaid plays an important role in the pregnancy journey of women across the country. This means that many OB-GYNs accept pregnancy Medicaid. If youre stressed and anxious about paying medical bills during pregnancy, take a deep breath, and browse the list below.

Dr Howard Ehrenfeld Md

Illinois Medicaid

Dr. Howard Ehrenfeld has been practicing medicine since 1984 as a Neurology and Psychiatry specialist. He is affiliated with two hospitals including the Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center and the Harmon Hospital in Las Vegas. He attended the following institutions of higher education to receive his medical degree:

â Graduated with a medical degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine

â Completed a neurology residency at the University of Florida in Gainesville

Dr. Ehrenfeld offers the following services at his clinic:

â Treatment for peripheral nerve disorders

â Sleep testing and treatment

â Apnea treatment

â Treatment for Myasthenia Gravis

â Multiple Sclerosis treatment

â EEG testing

â Seizure treatment

Dr. Ehrenfeld receives excellent reviews from patients because he tends to have excellent outcomes for hard-to-treat disorders.

Southwest Medical Associates at Eastern

4475 S. Eastern Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89119


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Find A Doctor Pharmacy Or Dentist

Blue Cross Complete of Michigan has a network of providers for all your health care needs. You can find a Blue Cross Complete doctor or pharmacy using our online search. If you’re pregnant or enrolled in the Healthy Michigan Plan, you can also find a dentist. Get started below.

If you have questions or need assistance, call Customer Service at . TTY users should call .

Tom Mohamed Babiker Bakhit

Patients report that Dr. Tom really truly listens to his patients. One patient reported that Dr. Tom sat and listened for over an hour to the patient explaining their symptoms and disease progression. At the end of the appointment, the doctor left the office and did research before developing a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Dr. Tom has over 13 years of experience in his field. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and received his education and training from the following institutions:

â University of Minnesota – Neurology Residency

â Hennepin County Medical Center – Psychiatry Residency

Dr. Tom provides the following services at his clinic:

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Best Neurologists In St Louis Who Accept Medicaid

Our clients who enroll in the Consumer Directed Services know that they need to be on medicaid in order to qualify for the program.

In order to help you make a more informed decision regarding your health, we put together this guide of the 10 Best Neurologists in St Louis Who Accept Medicaid

Neurologists are medical doctors who have specialized training and education in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of brain and nervous system disorders.

Neurologists work primarily with disease processes that impact the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. They provide various treatments to maintain healthy nerve tissues and to keep good blood flow going to the brain.

Neurologists often work with the following diseases and disorders:

â Dementia

â Alzheimerâs Disease

â Parkinsonâs Disease

â Epilepsy

â Concussion

â Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

â Multiple Sclerosis

â Migraine Headaches

â Stroke

â More…

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