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Use Of Medication Can Improve The Success Rate

ACLU sues Colorado Medicaid over treatment of hep C patients

Several of the most important treatment options are medications. The list of evidence-based medications includes naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate.

Each of these treatments works in different ways. For example, naltrexone can help you control the urge to drink. People taking disulfiram feel physically ill when they consume alcohol.

This feeling helps make drinking unappealing. Acamprosate can help your brain recover from even long-term heavy drinking.

Proper use of medication can help improve the success rate of inpatient alcohol rehab.

Does Medicaid Cover Addiction Treatment

Medicaid typically pays at least some part of drug and alcohol rehab treatment. State insurance does typically cover rehab for most individuals. While Medicaid does often cover substance abuse treatment, Medicaid addiction treatment coverage is also highly dependent on individual state policies. Additionally, Medicaid rehab coverage may vary depending on your insurance plan. The costs associated with substance abuse and addiction treatment may vary between Medicaid health insurance members by state.

The amount of coverage you have can vary widely based on your state of residence, whether the facility is in- or out-of-network, the length of your stay, and your insurance plan level. The cost of drug and alcohol rehab treatment will vary from person to person and will also depend on the rehab center, the type of program attended, and specific services received.

Medicaid addiction treatment coverage is now accepted at many substance abuse treatment facilities across the country. Again, Medicaid may or may not pay your full rehab treatment costs, but it can make treatment more affordable at rehab facilities that accept Medicaid.2 Coverage may include:

  • Detox

What Does My Medicaid Insurance Cover

Medicaid-funded substance use disorder treatment varies from state to state. Different states have more expansive coverage than others. One universal element of Medicaid coverage, however, is medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder.

To increase access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders , the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act requires states to provide Medicaid coverage of certain drugs and biological products, and related counseling services and behavioral therapy.

These drugs may include methadone, Suboxone® , or Vivitrol® . Medicaid will also cover behavioral rehab, including group therapy and individualized psychological counseling.

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Faq About Medicaid Coverage For Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

  • Do all drug rehab centers accept Medicaid? No, not all drug and alcohol treatment centers accept Medicaid insurance to cover the cost of treatment at their drug rehab facilities.
  • How do you get Medicaid to pay for a drug rehab center? Medicaid will cover all or part of the primary aspects of addiction treatment services. Some states do require a co-payment for substance abuse treatment programs. READ MORE
  • Will Medicaid cover all my treatment costs for drug addiction treatment? The short answer to this question is most of the time. Medicaid will offer various different treatment methods and services. READ MORE
  • Who is eligible to use Medicaid for substance abuse treatment programs? Everyone who has Medicaid may be eligible to enter into treatment for an addiction problem. To be eligible for Medicaid you must fall under the criteria laid out by each state. READ MORE

Types Of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Near You

Rehab Colorado Springs Medicaid

You can find more than one type of inpatient alcohol rehab programs in Colorado at Pathfinders. Many of the top programs are based in private facilities like ours.

The state also hosts publicly funded programs. As long as you receive reliable, evidence-based care, you can recover in almost any setting.

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What To Know Before You Call

When you call to find treatment, youll want to gather some information before picking up the phone, especially if youre calling for a loved one. Information to prepare includes:

  • How long the substance abuse has been occurring.
  • An estimation of the amounts of drugs or alcohol being used.
  • If prescription drugs are involved, the average dose being regularly used.
  • Any medical issues, such as disease or infection.
  • Any medications currently being taken.
  • Previous attempts at treatment.
  • Whether medical detox is needed
  • The existence of any other mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or any process disorders such as compulsive gambling.
  • Whether travel to another city or state may be arranged.
  • The date you want treatment to begin.

As much information as you can gather will help you to have a productive phone call and get treatment started right away.

Levels Of Inpatient Rehab

The best inpatient alcohol rehab is not a single, cookie-cutter program. Instead, care is given in several forms or levels.

The level you need depends on your situation. Options include:

Low-intensity care This form of inpatient rehab combines effective treatment with large amounts of personal time.

Medium-intensity care This form of rehab provides extra help for people with behavioral problems.

For some, this will be a step down from the high-intensity care or the starting point for rehab if the addiction is less severe.

High-intensity care You receive even more daily treatment at this level. Its designed to help people with severe problems.

In some cases, those problems are strictly alcohol-related. However, they may also include additional mental illness.

Medical management This is a required temporary step for people with life-threatening health concerns. The help you receive will stabilize your condition and keep you safe.

Management is often needed for people who develop extreme withdrawal complications. You may also need help for health issues not related to drinking.

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Your Health Is Our Priority

In Colorado, Medicaid is called Health First Colorado. With Health First Colorado, you belong to a regional organization. We are the regional organization for Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Elbert counties. We manage both your physical and behavioral health care. We have a network of providers to make sure you can get care in a coordinated way.

We support a network of providers to make sure you get can get health care. This means both primary care providers and behavioral health providers. You will likely not work with us very often if you get most or all of your health care needs met by your primary care provider or behavioral health provider. If you have more complex needs and get services from many state agencies, we can work with you and your different providers. We can help with the coordination of services.

We also offer comprehensive mental health and substance use care services. Our network of behavioral health providers can provide medically necessary behavioral health services. This includes things like therapy or medications.

Please keep in mind that some benefits may need prior authorization.

Having a crisis?

Determining The Cost Of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab In Colorado

Top 10 Addiction Rehabs In Denver

How much will you spend on inpatient rehab for alcohol near you? That depends on two main factors. First is the cost of your chosen facility.

You must also consider your available methods of payment. Whether you are looking for no-frills care or luxury treatment, you will find a suitable option at Pathfinders in Colorado.

If you have insurance, chances are that your policy covers all or some of these programs. Give us a call and we will be happy to do the work for you to find out exactly what your insurance covers.

Lack of insurance should not stop you from seeking care. We also allow you to pay through other means for example credit or payment plans.

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How Private Rehab Differs From The Free Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Colorado

The most obvious and significant difference is that most private rehab facilities offer a residential care program. This means that you initially live at the facility in the presence of addiction specialists who are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And at a quality addiction treatment center like Golden Peak Recovery that staff is highly trained and experienced. These are experts in the field of addiction treatment. They customize a therapy protocol based on your needs. Possible treatments include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy that helps you rid yourself of dysfunctional coping mechanisms
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for the control of intense emotions that threaten to derail logical thinking
  • Motivational interviewing, which empowers you to take a leadership role in your recovery effort
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy that focuses on your ability to use mindfulness approaches for dealing with lifes situations
  • Family counseling, which brings in loved ones for a chance to re-establish trust and communication

At a free drug and alcohol rehab in Colorado, you will not find therapists that customize a care protocol. Instead, you meet with peers in recovery. And again, this is useful. But it is most useful once you have begun the recovery process at a licensed addiction treatment facility like Golden Peak.

Alcohol Rehab In Colorado Springs Co

Colorado Public Radio reported that in 2019, Colorado ranked 45th in the United States in alcohol-related deaths. From 2005 to 2017, alcohol-related deaths in Colorado rose 57%, roughly 20% higher than the national average.

Colorado Public Radio reported that in 2019, Colorado ranked 45th in the United States in alcohol-related deaths. From 2005 to 2017, alcohol-related deaths in Colorado rose 57%, roughly 20% higher than the national average. The Colorado Department of Public Health reported that 1 in 5 adults drink excessively in Colorado, and there are roughly five deaths in the state per day because of excessive alcohol use. In a study reported by Health Watch in July 2021, excess alcohol was the cause of 1,800 deaths in Colorado yearly. Adults reported binge drinking in the last 30 days at a rate of 20% of those surveyed, while 62% reported drinking alcohol in the previous month. Alcohol detox and the need for addiction treatment centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, continue to grow.

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All Drug Rehab Options Available In Colorado

There are 5 different types of drug rehabilitation facilities that can assist people with a drug problem in Colorado:

  • Traditional live-in drug rehabilitation. These centers take advantage of traditional drug addiction treatment tools that can prove to be effective for many patients. Their treatment methods include MAT inpatient drug rehab and other therapies. Health insurance plans typically may provide coverage for in-patient drug rehab centers in Colorado, so your cure and wonât be forced to incur out of pocket costs.
  • Holistic live in drug rehabilitation centers in Colorado. In holistic drug rehabilitation centers, holistic addiction treatment options are employed to aid cure addiction to substances. Colorado unusual live in drug rehab facilities can also be successful, but they are not for everyone.
  • Religion based live in drug dependency treatment centers in Colorado. These residential drug rehabs stay focused on utilizing religious beliefs to aid in eliminating addiction. Colorado addiction treatment may be tailored to Catholic, Christian, Presbyterian, Jewish in addition to other faiths.
  • High-end inpatient drug rehabilitation in Colorado. For those who have the funds for such services, upscale live in drug addiction treatment centers take the highest level of care and give luxurious services while conducting drug addiction treatment. High-end drug addiction centers are usually not covered by health insurance plans, or are just partially covered.
  • Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health Inc

    Does Medicaid Cover Rehab in Texas?

    Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health Inc is a dual-diagnosis treatment center in Canon City, Colorado that provides treatment services for mental health and substance abuse disorders that include phobias as well as paranoid personality disorder.

    Address: 3239 Independence Road, Canon City, CO 81212 in Fremont County

    Services included:

    • Social skills development, transportation assistance and recovery management
    • Regular outpatient treatment, IOT and outpatient treatment
    • Residential substance use treatment

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    Medication And Your Inpatient Treatment Plan

    Medication can play a major part of your inpatient treatment plan. Thats usually the case if you suffer from alcohol or opioid problems.

    Medication used for alcohol treatment can:

    • Cause you to stop using alcohol by making you sick when you drink
    • Help your brain recover from the damage caused by heavy alcohol use
    • Help reduce your internal desire to return to drinking

    Medication used for opioid treatment can:

    • Provide temporary relief while you go through withdrawal
    • Make opioids less appealing by stopping them from reaching your brain

    Not all people in inpatient programs have medication as a treatment option. However, everyone can benefit from the use of behavioral therapy.

    This type of therapy is a modern development. It can help you improve in a variety of ways. That includes:

    • Making it easier for you to follow your inpatient treatment plan
    • Improving your ability to stay away from drugs and alcohol
    • Giving you the tools needed to change your unhealthy relationship to substance use
    • Helping you see how your family life can influence your substance use
    • Getting you ready to join a 12-step program

    Qualifying For Medicaid In Colorado

    The Federal government has general rules and qualifications that affect all states. However, each state handles its own Medicaid program, which means there are varying rules per state. What allows or denies a person coverage in one state may not apply in another one.

    Many things determine if a person qualifies for Medicaid. Federal law requires that states provide coverage for groups that include low-income families, qualified children and pregnant women, and those who receive Supplemental Security Income. Individual states can add their own requirements.

    The ACA gave states the opportunity to expand their coverage so that it might include a wider variety of people under age 65 who qualify as having low incomes.

    Below is a general chart for income levels that determine qualifications for receiving Colorado Medicaid. The maximum monthly income for adults age 19-65 is as follows:

    • Individual: up to $1,415
    • Family of 2: up to $1,911
    • Family of 3: up to $2,408
    • Family of 4: up to $2,904
    • Family of 5: up to $3,401
    • Family of 6: up to $3,897
    • Family of 7: up to $4,394
    • Family of 8: up to $4,890
    • Family of 9: up to $5,387
    • Family of 10: up to $5,884

    Keep in mind that you still may qualify even if you make more than the maximum amount. This detailed chart offers a broader overview of incomes that pertain to children, pregnant women, and parents and caretaker relatives.

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    Narconon Colorado A Life Worth Saving

    Narconon Colorado is part of a much more extensive network that has facilities operating in 20 different nations throughout the world. The alcohol treatment center focuses on providing the individual in need with practical and evidence-based alcoholism treatment programs. This ensures their success in recovery. Narconon Colorado can assist with the withdrawal symptoms that a patient will endeavor during the recovery process and has a detoxification process.

    The rehab center for alcohol addiction also offers life skill programs to equip the individual with the knowledge they need to start a new and more successful life. The facility can accept the majority of the major health insurance programs in the United States, including Wellpoint, Humana, and Aetna. Learn more about the treatment options at Narconon Colorado here.

    Top 5 Rehab Centers That Accept Colorado Medicaid

    Addiction treatment center expands services offered in Colorado Springs

    Colorado Medicaid managed care plans have existed since 1983, making the plans widely accepted at rehab facilities throughout the state. More than 60 rehab centers in Colorado accept Medicaid plans.

    The following top 5 rehab centers provide a wide selection of alcohol and drug rehab programs. Facilities were included for their degree of rehab program excellence, facility accreditation, and amount of positive reviews.

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    Who Is Eligible For Medicaid

    Low-income families, qualified pregnant women and children, and people who receive Supplemental Security Income are examples of mandatory eligibility groups.16 Other communities, like children in foster care who are not otherwise eligible or people who receive community-based services, may also qualify, depending on the state.16

    Determinants of eligibility include but are not limited to:16

    • Financial need: within income guidelines for individuals and families.
    • Medically necessary: includes people whose income is too high to meet financial criteria but have qualifying disabilities.
    • Age: children or people over 65.

    How Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Facilities That Accept Medicaid Work

    The health coverage provided through Medicaid comes with substantial advantages that you can benefit from as you enroll in rehabilitation for a number of behavioral health issues – including but not limited to those that revolve around drug and alcohol addiction.

    To this end, when you enroll in alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities that accept Medicaid, you will have access to the right treatment in the form of prescription drugs used in the rehab of opioid use problems, detox, short or long term inpatient services, outpatient services, and recovery support.

    Medicaid is so widespread that by 2017 more than 68 million Americans were enrolled into the program. For these individuals – as well as their families – the key to using the benefits offered lies in recognizing how coverage works for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorders.

    The federal Medicaid website reports that the program now offers coverage for millions of individuals – including eligible individuals with disabilities, the elderly, pregnant women, children, and other adults from low income households. The program is also run through states but according to certain criteria set by the federal government. As such, this program is funded through partnerships between the federal government and states.

    • Outpatient services

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    Overcoming Alcoholism In Colorado

    While alcoholism and drug abuse are a severe concern in Colorado, only roughly 3% of those with such problems admit to the fact that they are suffering from a dependency. This is a serious concern, as alcoholism leads to violence, injury, and many other complications. Fortunately, confidential treatment programs are available at numerous rehabilitation facilities throughout the state of Colorado.

    Individuals who are struggling to overcome alcohol addiction and those who are experiencing severe side-effects from withdrawal are advised to seek the help of professionals at such rehabilitation centers for alcohol dependency. There are different types of treatment options available to help the person through the recovery process. This includes medical detox services, medication management, inpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient services. Check the Colorado alcohol abuse hotline numbers to find out more about the intervention process.


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