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When Do I Need To Be Ready How Long Will The Driver Wait

You must be ready at least two hours before your scheduled appointment time. You will be reminded of this time frame when you call to schedule your ride.

The driver will contact you when they arrive at your pick-up location. The driver will only wait ten minutes for you. For your safety, drivers may not enter homes or facilities.

To Schedule A Ride Via Fax:

If you are a Medicaid eligible client, Hopelink can offer you an Orca Card as an option to get to your medical appointment.

If you are a Medicaid eligible client, Hopelink can offer you a gas card as an option to cover your costs for getting to and from your medical appointment.

Hopelink can help with reimbursement for parking, bridge tolls, and/or ferry incurred as part of a medical appointment. The Trip Reimbursement Form Letter explains how to complete the form.

The Hopelink Reimbursement Form is to be used when requesting reimbursement for parking, bridge tolls, and/or ferry incurred as part of a medical appointment.

How Do I Know If My Trip Is Covered

We cover transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointments for our members. This includes transportation to other Medicaid-covered services not covered by Louisiana Healthcare Connections, such as childrens dental care.

For members who reside in a health care facility , transportation to appointments is covered by your facility. Talk with the staff there if you need a ride to an appointment.

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How Do I Schedule A Ride

If you need a ride or bus tickets to get to your appointment, you can schedule a ride over the phone or online.

Over the phone

  • Your name, date of birth, home address, and phone number
  • Your ForwardHealth member ID
  • Your phone number and the street address where you want to be picked up
  • The name, phone number, address, and zip code of the health care provider you are seeing
  • The date and start time of your appointment
  • The end time of your appointment if you know it
  • Any special ride needs, including if you are bringing your child or a medically necessary escort or attendant
  • The general reason for the appointment


Go to Veyos Member Portal. You will need to schedule rides at least two full business days before your appointment.

You will need to create an account. You will need your name, ForwardHealth ID, date of birth, and email address.

Rides can only be scheduled online for appointment locations you have already had a ride to with Veyo. If you want to schedule a ride to a new appointment location, please call 866-907-1493 or 711 .

What Information Will I Need To Schedule My Ride

When you call or go online to schedule your ride, please have the following information ready:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your Member ID number
  • Your home address where we will pick you up
  • A phone number where we can reach you about your appointment
  • The date and time of your appointment
  • The complete physical address for the location of your appointment
  • The type of medical provider you are seeing
  • If this will be a recurring appointment
  • If someone will be traveling with you

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Prior Authorization For Non

18 NYCRR §505.10 is the regulation governing transportation for medical care and services. Generally, payment will be made only upon prior authorization for transportation services provided to an eligible medical assistance recipient. Prior authorization will be granted by the prior authorization official only when payment for transportation expenses is essential in order for an eligible MA recipient to obtain necessary medical care and services which may be paid for under the medical assistance program. 18 NYCRR §505.10.

Prior authorization generally must be obtained by the medical assistance recipient, his representative, or an ordering practitioner before the transportation expenses are incurred, but such authorization is not required for emergency ambulance transportation or Medicare approved transportation by an ambulance service under certain circumstances. 18 NYCRR §505.10 18 NYCRR §505.10.

The request must be made in the manner required by the prior authorization official. 18 NYCRR §505.10. A request for prior authorization for nonemergency ambulance transportation must be supported by the order of an ordering practitioner who is the medical assistance recipients attending physician, physicians assistant, or nurse practitioner. 18 NYCRR §505.10. The prior authorization official may approve or deny the request, or require additional information before doing so. 18 NYCRR §505.10.

Common Medical Marketing Area

Medical Answering Services Procedures


Modivcare Formerly Logisticare Medicaid Transportation

1-866-569-190226877 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 211Southfield, MI 48037

Provides transportation to medical appointments for eligible Medicaid beneficiaries who reside in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties. Must have a Medicaid ID to book transportation. Transportation is available 7 days a week. Reservations can be made via the website or by calling 1-866-569-1902 Mon-Fri, 8:00am 5:00pm. Deaf or hearing impaired callers may call 1-866-288-3133 to reserve rides. If you are uncertain if you are a Medicaid beneficiary, call Michigan Enrolls at 1-888-367-6557 for verification and benefits information.

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Well Help You Get A Ride

We will help you get to your doctor visits and the pharmacy. Its easy and free to plan and get a ride:

  • You can get a ride to your doctor, the pharmacy, or a healthcare visit.
  • You can get as many rides as you need.
  • You can plan a one-time ride, or you also can plan rides for regular doctor visits or other appointments.
  • Your ride type may be in the form of an independent or volunteer driver picking you up, a ticket for public transit, a taxi, or mileage reimbursement for a friend or family member.
  • Your ride type will be based on your needs.

Who Is Medically Exempt

“Medically Exempt” includes individuals who have a:

  • Disabling mental disorder
  • Chronic substance use disorders
  • Serious and complex medical conditions
  • Physical, intellectual or developmental disability that significantly impairs their ability to perform one or more activities of daily living
  • Disability determination based on Social Security criteria

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When Should I Call To Schedule My Ride

You can schedule your ride up to 30 days before your scheduled appointment. You must contact the transportation service at least 48-hours before your appointment. To schedule by phone, call 1-855-369-3723, Monday Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding holidays. Or schedule your ride online.

Transportation requests for medical appointments not made at least 48 hours in advance may be denied. This 48-hour notice does not apply to rides to Urgent Care. It also does not apply to same-day appointments. A same-day appointment is when one provider refers you to another provider for an appointment on the same day.

Logisticare Is Now Modivcare Your Benefits Have Not Changed

To help you get healthy and stay healthy, we can provide rides to your medical appointments at no cost to you.

ModivCare provides transportation for Sunshine Health Medicaid members. There are no limits to the number of trips during the year between medical appointments, healthcare facilities or pharmacies.

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Where Is My Ride Medical Transportation

3.9/5Where’s My Riderideabout it here

To make a reservation, call your local LogistiCare reservation line at least 3 business days in advance of your trip need. You should not use non-emergency Medicaid transportation if you have any other means to your medical appointment.

Secondly, is there free transportation for Medicare patients? Original Medicare generally does not cover transportation to get routine health care. However, it may cover non-emergency ambulance transportation to and from a health-care provider.

Hereof, how do I get transportation to my doctor’s appointment?

Insurance companies generally provide free transportation to help you get to appointments. For example, if you have Priority Health Choice coverage, just call 888.975. 8102 or 616.975. 8102 to make ride arrangements.

What’s the number to Where’s my ride?


Can I Get Transportation To Any Provider

Louisiana Healthcare Connections will provide transportation to providers up to a certain distance from your home. These limits are set by the Louisiana Department of Healths Louisiana Medicaid medical service area standards. If you want to visit a provider outside of these limits, you may have to provide your own transportation.

Primary Care Providers

Specialist Providers

  • The limit is 60 miles without authorization.

Transportation to providers over these limits requires approval from Louisiana Healthcare Connections. Call 1-855-369-3723 and tell the transportation service why you need to see this provider. They will contact us to ask for authorization for your trip.

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How Do I Sign Up For The Text Program

When you first call to schedule a trip, you will be asked if you would like to receive notifications by text message. Youll get texts to remind you about your ride. Youll also get texts to let you know when your driver is on the way and what kind of vehicle to expect. You can reply STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE at any time if you decide you dont want to get text messages about transportation.

Carve Out / Transportation Contractors

Members of Medicaid Managed Care Plans

Non-emergency transportation was carved out of the Medicaid managed care benefit package as part of the 2011 Medicaid Redesign Team’s Transportation Reform Initiative. The carve-out took place in 2012 and 2013. Enrollees in mainstream Medicaid managed care plans do not access transportation services through their plans, but directly through private contractors. Medical Answering Services, LLC, which until recently managed transportation in all counties statewide except Nassau, Suffolk, and New York City, was recently awarded the contract for New York City transportation.

Managed Long Term Care Members – change coming Oct. 2021

Transportation has remained a plan benefit for Managed Long Term Care , requiring MLTC enrollees to arrange for non-emergency transportation through their plans. HOWEVER, in October 2021 this service will be “carved out” and handled by a State contractor centrally.

State Contractors Handle Transportation for all in Mainstream Managed Care, Fee For Service, and in Oct. 2021 for MLTC Members

Medical Answering Services, LLC is handling New York City transportation as of April 23, 2017. LogistiCare continues to be the contractor for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The complete list of contact phone numbers for the transportation vendors in each county is available here:

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If Someone Else Drives Me To My Appointment Can They Get Reimbursed For Gas

Your friends or family members can get money for gas when they give you a ride to or from your doctors appointment. This transportation benefit is called Gas Reimbursement.

Your driver must live at a separate address. Gas reimbursement will not be paid to drivers who live at the same address as the member. Also, members will not be reimbursed for driving themselves to medical appointments.

Your driver must also enroll in the gas reimbursement program. Drivers need to submit their Social Security Number and copies of their drivers license, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration upon enrollment. The physical address on their drivers license must match the physical address on the drivers enrollment form. Once drivers are enrolled in the program, they can get payments sent directly to their bank account or by paper check. If a driver wants a paper check, they can choose to have it sent to their physical address or a P.O. Box address.

How Can I Identify My Driver

All drivers are trained to be courteous and wear an ID badge. Sign up for the text program to get an alert letting you know your drivers name and what kind of vehicle to expect. All drivers have passed strict quality and ADA sensitivity training to ensure they are safe and experienced drivers.

Passengers are expected to follow the instructions of the driver. They are required to wear seatbelts. The use of oensive language is not allowed. No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed in vehicles.

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Important Information At Your Fingertips

6:00 am 6:00 pm EST, M-F

for a map of the current service areas for Virginia.

Attention Medicare Members

Live CSRs available Monday-Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. October 1 March 31:

Live CSRs available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. April 1 September 30:

Making Transportation Arrangements

When scheduling transportation, please have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your full name, phone number, address, date of birth, and county of residence
  • Your Subscriber ID as it appears on your Member ID or your name & date of birth
  • Specify any special needs when you schedule the appointment
  • Your emergency contacts name and phone number
  • Destination information address, phone number, doctors name, type of appointment, and name of the medical facility
  • Your mobility status
  • Due to COVID-19, we recommend following CDC guidelines to wear a mask during transportation

Are Car Seats For Children Provided

No. Drivers cannot provide car seats for children. You must provide your own car seat that meets state law requirements. Let the operator know when you schedule your appointment that you will be traveling with a child and providing car seats. Members will be denied at pick up if they do not have a car seat.

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Lodging And/or Meals Services

If you must travel a long distance that requires an overnight stay in order to access SoonerCare approved medical services with a specialist doctor, then you can contact the Population Care Management Division at 877-252-6002 to request help with lodging and/or meals during your trip.

The Population Care Management Division will talk with you, review your request, and notify you whether or not you are approved for SoonerCare lodging and/or meals services.

You may also ask a hospital social worker to help you, or ask your doctors office to send a SoonerCare Lodging and/or Meals Request form to Population Care Management Division. The form they need can be found below.

Read the links below for more information.

  • Additional information
  • What Transportation Benefits Do I Receive As A Sunshine Health Medicaid Member

    • Transportation to and from all your medical appointments. This could be on the bus, a van that can transport people with disabilities, a taxi or other kinds of vehicles.
    • We cover the following services for members who have no transportation:
    • Out-of-state travel
    • Transfers between hospitals or facilities
    • Escorts when medically necessary

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    Get Ride Alerts Sent Straight To Your Phone

    With our new text program, youll get:

    • Ride reminders before your appointments
    • Alerts when your drivers are on the way
    • Surveys to rate your drivers
    • An easy way to book return rides home

    Just enroll in trip notifications by text when you schedule your first ride. Or call 1-855-369-3723 and tell us you want to sign up.

    How Do I Get A Ride

    First, set up an appointment with your doctor or provider.

    To request a ride, call at least two workdays before your appointment, or five days before the appointment if it is outside your county. Phones are answered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. local time.

    You may be able to be approved for same day rides when:

    • Your doctor or dentist must see you on the same day.
    • You are released from a hospital, clinic, or other health care facility.
    • You need a ride to a drugstore.

    If you or your child have a Medicaid health plan:

    If you or your child do not have a health plan:

    • Call 877-633-8747 .

    Children 14 and younger may not travel without a parent or guardian. Children 15 through 17 may travel without a parent, but the parent must provide written permission before the trip is scheduled.

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    Rides To Medical Appointments Will Continue

    We are continuing to provide rides to medical appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Please schedule rides with Veyo as usual. If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and you have a fever or other symptoms, please call your doctor to make sure you can be seen before you call Veyo to schedule a ride. When you call Veyo to schedule a ride, be sure to tell them if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are feeling ill.

    In most cases, rides are being limited to one member and one driver during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Same-day rides to COVID-19 vaccine appointments

    Do you need a ride to a confirmed appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine? You can schedule a ride with Veyo as soon as you confirm you have an appointment, even if it is the same day. Call Veyo at 866-907-1493 . Please have the following information ready:

    • Your ForwardHealth ID
    • The address of where you will get your vaccine

    Please note: If you have a medical emergency, call 911 right away.

    You may be able to get a ride to your medical appointment if you have no other way to get there. Depending on your situation, you can get:

    • A ride.
    • Bus tickets.
    • Money for gas.

    Wisconsin’s non-emergency medical transportation manager, Veyo, is required by federal law to use the least costly type of ride to get you to your appointment based on your needs. This could include bus tickets or gas for your car.

    You can get free rides if you are enrolled in one of the following programs:

    Texas Facility Resource Guide

    MTM, Inc. is committed to partnering with Texas medical facilities to ensure seamless, successful transportation to our Medicaid members. We want to be the best partner possible for your facility to ensure our members are served appropriately, and offer several dedicated resources to your staff for scheduling rides for members and delivering support services. Use the resources outlined below for contacting MTM with your needs. This guide also contains useful contact information for our members to utilize. Please visit for additional information and resources.

    To schedule a routine ride with at least two business days advance notice facilities should:

    • Fax the Transportation Request Form to our fax line at 1-713-680-4501
    • Visit our website at

    To schedule an urgent ride:

    • Members should call our Reservation Line at 1-855-687-4786 or 1-877-633-8747

    To report a ride that is more than 15 minutes late or schedule a will-call return ride:

      To file a comment/complaint:

        To access MTM, Inc. forms and resources:

        Privacy Overview

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