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Selecthealth Covers A Full Range Of Medical And Hospital Services We Offer A Large Provider Network And Easy Access To A Variety Of Specialists In Hiv And Transgender Healthcare At Hospitals Physician Groups And Private Practices Because We Know You Are More Than Your Status Or Pronoun Our Provider Network Includes Excellent Specialists In Other Types Of Medicine

Tutorial: Medicaid and NC Health Choice Provider and Health Plan Lookup Tool

SelectHealth members have access to behavioral health providers and facilities through the Beacon Health Options network. Please note that SelectHealth members arrange transportation through agencies that contract with the New York State Department of Health to manage non-emergency transportation services covered by Medicaid. For more information, see our Transportation FAQs.

Find And View Providers And Health Plans

This website has new tools to help you find and view primary care providers and health plans.

Medicaid and NC Health Choice Provider and Health Plan Lookup ToolYou can use the Medicaid and NC Health Choice Provider and Health Plan Lookup Tool to find a PCP. Our new provider search will help you find the best PCP for you and your family.

To search for a provider, go to .

Health Care Option GuideYou can use the Health Care Option Guide to view health plans. It will help you choose the best health plan to meet your health care needs.

To view health plans, go to .

Every Step Of The Way 2019/2020 Report To The Community

Our whole-person approach is serving members throughout the state by providing access to far more than clinical care. Through partnerships with community organizations, local businesses, state government, and many caring individuals, we are addressing the various social issues that affect a persons health, including healthy lifestyles, support networks, education, and technology supports.

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Health Plan Report Cards

People across Texas shared their thoughts about their health plan, and rated them, one to five stars, on the services their plan provided.You can compare plans using the overall ratings or by looking at the services that matter the most for you and your family.

You can view the report cards on the Managed Care Report Cards page. Click the program you are enrolled in and find your service area to see plans available to you.

Recipients Should Consider The Following When Choosing A Managed Medical Assistance Plan:

login aetna better health ohio provider portal
  • What services do I think I need? Hospital? Lab and Imaging?
  • What plan do my doctors take?
  • What kind of doctors do I need? Pediatrician? Family Doctor?
  • What extra benefits meet my needs?
  • Look at the Health Plan and Program Information page to see the Florida Medicaid Managed Medical Assistance core benefits that all plans offer. Extra service offered by each plan are also listed.
  • Create a FL Medicaid Member Portal account to view or change your plan.
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    Select Health Of South Carolina

    Welcome to the Select Health of South Carolina page. Here you can download policies and procedures specific to both ordering providers and imaging facilities. These include quick reference guides and information designed to assist you in using the RadMD Website to obtain and check authorizations.

    If you have any questions about the NIA Program, please contact your dedicated NIA Provider Relations Manager, Charmaine Everett.


    RadMD Documents

    RadMD is our user-friendly, real-time tool that provides you with instant access to the high-tech imaging authorization and supporting information you need. Whether submitting imaging exam requests or checking the status of a prior authorization request, you will find RadMD to be an efficient, easy-to-navigate resource.

    Search for resources by solution below:

    Recorded General Trainings

    We have a series of training videos that discuss the components of requesting a prior authorization request. Click here to access these videos.

    Recorded RadMD Demos

    Need additional help using RadMD? Click here to access a series of RadMD demos that demonstrate how to properly submit a prior authorization request.

    Clinical Guidelines

    • Refer to the Utilization Review Matrix document to view specific codes managed by NIA

    Clinical Training Modules

    Update on COVID-19

    Click here to view our recommendations on the use of CT to detect Coronavirus .

    Contacting The Selecthealth Foster Care Liaison

    Effective 7/1/2021: To reach the SelectHealth Foster Care Liaison about a SelectHealth member who is a child in foster care, please use our secure encryption portal. If you are unable to use the secure portal, you can also call , Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm, excluding holidays.

    IMPORTANT: Do not include information about the member in your initial request for access to the portal.

    For access to the portal:

  • When requesting secure communication with the SelectHealth Foster Care Liaison, you will be asked to provide your agencys name, your name, your email address, and your phone number.Requests for communication are monitored Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm, excluding holidays. All requests will be responded to within two hours. Any request received within two hours of the close of business will be responded to the following morning. Any request received on a weekend or holiday will be responded to the morning of the next business day.Note: You should NOT use this form for urgent issues or emergencies. For urgent issues, call the SelectHealth Foster Care Liaison at . If you need to report an emergency, please call 911 immediately.Use this form to request secure communication with the SelectHealth Foster Care Liaison.
  • Once weve received your initial request, youll receive an email with an attachment. Open the attachment and click on the link for Office 365 Message Encryption Portal . You will be asked to create an account, if you dont already have one.
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    Recipients Should Consider The Following When Choosing A Long

    • What services do I think I need? Assisted Living? Home Health?
    • Which plan has the providers I currently use or think I will need?
    • Are the providers I need a part of the plan?
  • Look at the Health Plan and Program Information page to see the Florida Medicaid Long-Term Care core benefits that all plans offer. Extra services offered by each plan are also listed.
  • Create a FL Medicaid Member Portal account to view or change your plan.
  • Nc Medicaid Managed Care Started July 1 2021

    Tutorial: Medicaid and NC Health Choice Provider and Health Plan Lookup Tool [Audio Description]

    NC Medicaid Managed Care health plans are now active. This means that you will now get care through your health plan. If you have questions about benefits and coverage, call your health plan. You can find the number on your new Medicaid ID card or visit .

    You can also contact the NC Medicaid Ombudsman if you have questions or problems your health plan or provider could not answer. Call 1-877-201-3750 or visit

    Meetings and events

    You can schedule rides to medical appointments. Learn more about transportation services.

    Get the free mobile app

    To get the app, search for NC Medicaid Managed Care on or the App Store.

    Use the app to find and view primary care providers and health plans for you and your family. Learn more about the free mobile app at .

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    Providers Contracted With Selecthealth Share Pledge To:

    Intermountain Healthcare and providers on the SelectHealth Share network are contractually committed to 18 points designed to create a better healthcare system, member experience, and member care.

  • Comply with evidence-based standards and business best practices as defined by Intermountain Healthcare. Provider will contribute to a culture of continuous shared learning and improvement by participating in the development and adoption of these standards and practices and by identifying ways they can be improved. Best practices and standards may be developed within Intermountain or by regulatory and accrediting bodies .
  • Participate in staff and department meetings and/or communications as specified by Intermountain.
  • Provide complete, accurate, and timely documentation and coding of all diagnoses and treatments for patients. Provider and staff will participate in training to become and remain knowledgeable of the applicable elements of accurate documentation and coding.
  • Treat other physicians, nurses, staff, patients, visitors, and facilities with respect, both in interpersonal interactions and in communications.
  • Participate in compliance training as required by SelectHealth and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Participate in hospital-required emergency department call coverage, as applicable.< ./li>
  • Disclose to SelectHealth and Intermountain any ownership interest in a healthcare system, facility, or any other entity that competes with Intermountain.
  • Looking For Affordable Healthcare Coverage

    Sutter Health Plus offers affordable health plans designed to meet the needs of individuals and families, small business owners, and large employer groups.

    Search for a provider or facility that is part of the Sutter Health Plus network of care.

    View and access pharmacy benefits for Sutter Health Plus members.

    Weekdays, 8:00 am 7:00 pm

    Nurse Advice Line24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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    You’re Invited To Join A Teleecho Clinic

    After completing a series of highly successful Foster Care TeleECHO clinics from January to June 2021, Select Health of South Carolina is excited to launch another series of TeleECHO clinics. Presented in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Social Services and Medical University of South Carolina Childrens Health Department, these clinics are an emerging, case-based learning model to improve health care providers capacity to treat children and youth in South Carolinas foster care system.

    At TeleECHO clinics, practitioners from multiple locations connect via teleconferencing to present de-identified patient cases to a team of peers and experts for mentoring and shared learning. Case-based discussions may also be supplemented with short didactic presentations to improve content knowledge and share evidence-based practices.

    This opportunity is provided at no cost for participating Select Health practitioners. Our second Foster Care TeleECHO clinic series will begin on September 14, 2021, at 12:30 p.m. Ongoing sessions will be held every other Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. ET. Learn more about the Foster Care TeleECHO clinic or register to participate.

    Medicaid Managed Care Plans

    Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

    Members who live in Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Box Elder, Cache, Iron, Morgan, Rich, Summit, Tooele, Wasatch, or Washington County, must choose a health plan. Members who live in any other county in Utah have the option of selecting a health plan or using the Fee for Service Network. The State of Utah currently has four managed care health plans/ACOs:

    Managed Care Health Plans

    The following members have dental benefits and must choose a dental plan:

    • Pregnant Women
    • Medicaid members who are eligible for Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment benefits

    The State of Utah currently has two managed care dental plans statewide:

    Managed Care Dental Plans


    Members who are on the following Medicaid programs will receive dental benefits through fee for service Medicaid and are not required to be enrolled in a dental plan:

    • Foster Care Medicaid
    • Targeted Adult Medicaid members who are age 19 and 20
    • Adult Expansion Medicaid members who are age 19 and 20

    For more information about Medicaid dental plans and coverage,

    The following Medicaid members will receive dental benefits through the University of Utah School of Dentistry and their network of providers:

    • Targeted Adult Medicaid members who are receiving treatment in a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program
    • Adults, 21 and older, who are on Medicaid because of a disability or blindness
    • Adults, age 65 and older, eligible for Traditional Medicaid

    Managed Care Health Plans

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    How To Choose A Health Plan

    When picking a plan, think about the following:

    • Are doctors you already use and like covered by the plan?
    • How is the plan rated on issues that are important to you and your family?
    • What value-added services are available through the plan?

    We also provide tools to help you choose the best plan for you and your family.


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