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New Hampshire Medicaid Income Limit Charts

CMS approves work requirement for NH Medicaid expansion plan

The New Hampshire Medicaid eligibility income limit charts are divided by groups.

For example, the first chart is focused on income limits for children who qualify for Medicaid.

Similarly, the second chart below focuses on the Medicaid income limits for adults in New Hampshire who qualify for Medicaid.

New Hampshire Medicaid Income Limit for Children

Below is the income limit for children by age category. Find the age category your child falls into and you will see the income limit by household size.

New Hampshire Medicaid Income Limit Children
Children Medicaid Ages 0-1

How to Read the New Hampshire Medicaid Income Limits Charts Above

You cannot have an income higher than the Federal Poverty Level percentage described for your group to be eligible for Medicaid.

Similarly, when you identify the income group that applies to you, the income limit you see refers to the maximum level of income you can earn to qualify for benefits.

For example, if you are pregnant, to qualify for Medicaid, you cannot have an income higher than 196% of the Federal Poverty Level which for a family of two is $34,143 as shown in the chart above.

How To Apply For Medicaid By Phone In New Hampshire

If an applicant cannot file New Hampshire Medicaid applications on his or her own, there is a phone assistance option available. This method for Medicaid applications is favorable for recipients who cannot fill out NH Medicaid application forms themselves or simply require guidance with completing each section to sign up for Medicaid.

Certain details will be required of applicants who choose to file an application for Medicaid by phone. Simply call the designated phone number for Medicaid and ask to speak with a knowledgeable representative who can guide you through the process

Gather all of the required documents discussed earlier on this page prior to making the call, in order to ensure the efficient and speedy completion of an NH Medicaid application by phone.

New Hampshire Has Accepted Federal Medicaid Expansion

  • 226,938 Number of New Hampshirites covered by Medicaid/CHIP as of September 2021
  • 99,856 Increase in the number of New Hampshirites covered by Medicaid/CHIP fall 2013 to September 2021
  • 43% Reduction in the uninsured rate from 2010 to 2019
  • 74% Increase in total Medicaid/CHIP enrollment in New Hampshire since late 2013

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How To Apply For Medicaid Online In New Hampshire

If you would like to apply for Medicaid online in New Hampshire, visit the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website, which will then transfer users to the NH EASY Gateway to Services portal. For an online Medicaid application to be successful, use the Safari browser for full compatibility with the website features. Switch to the Chrome browser if you intend on using a smartphone or a tablet device with Internet capability to complete Medicaid application forms in NH.

Note that the hours of operation for filing online Medicaid applications are from 6 a.m. to midnight. Once applicants have compiled all of the required details needed to fill out an online application for Medicaid, they may proceed with the online prompts. Candidates must also look for a confirmation of submission regarding the online forms for Medicaid applications once they have finished the process.

Step : Have Medicaid Pick Well Sense

Have NH Medicare and Medicaid?

Once approved for NH Medicaid, you can pick Well Sense by either:

  • Completing an online form or
  • Returning the form that you received in your enrollment package from the state
  • If you have Medicaid, you should have received an enrollment package from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Didnt receive your enrollment package? Call 1-888-901-4999 or go to NH Easy.

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    New Hampshire Medicaid Income Limits Summary

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    New Hampshire Medicaid Enrollment Numbers

    As of September 2021, there are 226,938 people enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP in New Hampshire. This is a 74% increase in enrollment since late 2013, when many states started accepting Medicaid expansion.

    From October 1, 2013 until mid-April 2014, 7,235 exchange applicants in New Hampshire enrolled in the states pre-expansion Medicaid program. And from the fall of 2013 to June 2014, total Medicaid enrollment in New Hampshire increased by more than 10,000 people. These individuals were already eligible for Medicaid based on the previous guidelines, but didnt enroll until 2014.

    Based on the expanded eligibility criteria, New Hampshire officials estimated that about 50,000 people would be newly eligible for Medicaid coverage. From the fall of 2013 to December 2018, total enrollment in Medicaid/CHIP in New Hampshire increased by 53,242 people a 42% increase. Not all of the new enrollees were newly eligible, but theres no doubt that Medicaid expansion significantly increased the Medicaid-covered population in the state.

    And that, in turn, had a significant impact on the uninsured rate. In 2013, 10.7% of the population was uninsured, according to U.S. Census data. That had fallen to 5.8% by 2017 more than a 45% decrease.

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    New Hampshire Consumer Assistance

    New Hampshire’s participation in the federal Consumer Assistance Program grant has completed, however, the New Hampshire Department of Insurance continues to provide assistance to consumers with health insurance questions or problems. You can contact them at 1-800-852-3416.

    The agencies listed below can help you take advantage of some of these protections and benefits and they can answer your questions about different types of coverage.

    If you need health insurance, be sure to check out HealthCare.govs Plan Finder. It will help you find and compare health care coverage options in your area.

    If you have questions about insurance you bought for yourself and/or your family or you have insurance provided by an employer who does business only in New Hampshire, contact:

    New Hampshire State Insurance Department21 South Fruit Street, Suite 14Concord, NH 03301

    Medicaid Work Requirement Was Delayed Until September 2019 But A Judge Overturned It Altogether New Hampshire Plans To Appeal The Ruling

    NH residents sue over Medicaid work requirements

    Because of Speaker Jaspers vote to continue the program regardless of whether the waiver modifications were supported by CMS, Medicaid expansion continued in New Hampshire in 2017 and 2018, despite the Obama Administrations refusal to allow the state to impose a work requirement.

    But with the Trump Administration assuming office in early 2017, GOP lawmakers in New Hampshire passed a budget measure requiring the state to seek a work requirement for Medicaid by April 2018, or else Medicaid expansion would expire at the end of 2018. The state submitted a work requirement waiver amendment to CMS in October 2017, which was approved by CMS in May 2018.

    Later in 2018, CMS revised the work requirement approval, making them tougher on enrollees. Under the new rules, extra hours cannot be carried forward to meet a future months work requirement. However, an enrollee whose prior month hours were deficient can make those hours up during the current month. CMS clarifies, however, that an enrollee cannot be perpetually behind and making up hours during each month of a year.

    But then in July 2019, Federal Judge James A. Boasberg overturned New Hampshires Medicaid work requirement. The state is appealing the ruling, but the Medicaid work requirement is in limbo for the time being, and cannot be implemented unless the state wins its appeal.

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    What Are The Required Documents For New Hampshire Medicaid Applications

    Before filing Medicaid application forms in New Hampshire, take the steps to prepare properly. NH Medicaid applications require mandatory details of all applicants. Therefore, before a candidate chooses to sign up for Medicaid, he or she should gather and organize the required details.

    Note that Medicaid applications differ from state to state, so the forms for Medicaid applications in New Hampshire will not be the same as those in Vermont. Applicants must gather the necessary items needed for an application for Medicaid as defined by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

    Some rules apply for Medicaid applications, however, and unless a beneficiary can present certain documents at the time of application, the process will be delayed. To prove identity and family relationships with Medicaid application forms in NH, a marriage certificate, a drivers license, and a Social Security card will be accepted.

    In order to prove residency and living arrangements, two letters of residence, a mortgage statement or a receipt of rent/lease will suffice to apply for Medicaid. Income in the form of benefits, self-employment earnings, and income tax returns can be used to confirm financial eligibility for Medicaid in New Hampshire.

    Be sure to have the above information for all members of a household. If an applicant plans to apply for Medicaid on behalf of others in the home, all of the required details must be provided for all intended future beneficiaries.

    How Many People Are On Medicaid

    According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as of November 2020, here are the number of people enrolled in Medicaid and Chip in the entire United States:

    • 78,521,263 individuals were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP
    • 72,204,587 individuals were enrolled in Medicaid
    • 6,695,834 individuals were enrolled in CHIP

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    Expansion Under The Affordable Care Act

    The Affordable Care Act provided for the expansion of Medicaid to cover childless adults whose income is 138 percent of the federal poverty level or below. The provision for expanding Medicaid went into effect nationwide in 2014. As of November 2018, a total of 36 states and Washington, D.C., had expanded or voted to expand Medicaid.

    New Hampshire expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 via an alternative system of assisting enrollees with purchasing private insurance. Former GovernorMaggie Hassan supported Medicaid expansion, calling it a “positive step forward” in her 2014 State of the State address. Governor Chris Sununu said in a February 2017 interview, “There’s no doubt it’s been helpful. … It was a price tag of somewhere between $400 and $500 million. We’ve been able to do it to date without a single New Hampshire taxpayer dollar.”


    Arguing in support of the expansion of Medicaid eligibility in an April 2013 article, the Center for American Progress states that the expansion helps increase the number of people with health insurance and benefits states economically. The organization argues that by providing health insurance to those who would otherwise be uninsured, Medicaid expansion allows low-income families to spend more money on food and housing:


    Nh Medicaid Is A Federal And State Funded Health Care Program That Serves A Wide Range Of Individuals And Families Who Meet Certain Eligibility Requirements The Program Works To Ensure That Eligible Adults And Children Have Access To Needed Health Care Services By Enrolling And Paying Providers To Deliver Covered Services To Eligible Recipients

    Nh Medicaid Transportation

    NH Medicaid provides payment for health care services ranging from routine preventive medical care for children to institutional care for the elderly and disabled. The program also covers services for developmentally disabled individuals and persons with acquired brain disorders, as well as services at community mental health centers. Covered services can include:

    • physician

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    Extending Medicaid Expansion Through 2023 With A Switch From Pap To Managed Care

    In 2018, Republican Senators in New Hampshire introduced S.B.313, which a work requirement , along with a new Medicaid expansion program that will use Medicaid managed care as most of the country does instead of the Premium Assistance Program . The new program, dubbed the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program, replaced the New Hampshire Health Protection Program as of January 2019.

    The Senate passed S.B.313 in March 2018, with an 18-7 vote. In the House, an amendment was approved, and the House voted 222-125 that the bill ought to pass. The bill ultimately did pass, and was signed into law in July 2018. Within two weeks, the state submitted a proposal to CMS, seeking approval to implement the changes called for in S.B.313. Those include:

    • Switching from PAP to Medicaid managed care
    • Implementing a work requirement
    • Changing the way the states share of Medicaid expansion funding is generated
    • Eliminating retroactive coverage for Medicaid

    Work requirement and a subsidy for employers who hire Medicaid enrollees

    In addition, S.B.313 also calls for the state to use up to $3 million in TANF funding, through June 30, 2019, to provide subsidies to employers who hire people who are eligible for Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. The employer would get $2,000 at the time of the hire, and another $2,000 after the enrollee has been working for three months.

    Transition to managed care

    State funding changes for Medicaid expansion cost

    Acas Medicaid Eligibility Expansion In New Hampshire

    Although low-income residents in New Hampshire did not have access to expanded Medicaid in the first half of 2014, the state did expand coverage mid-year, and applications for the newly expanded Medicaid program were available as of July 1, 2014, for coverage effective August 15. In the first three months, 18,000 people out of a projected 50,000 who were eligible enrolled. Many of these residents had no health insurance prior to the expansion of Medicaid. Some states significantly underestimated how many people would become eligible for Medicaid under expansion, but that was not the case in New Hampshire.



    of Federal Poverty Level

    New Hampshire is one of the states that expanded Medicaid in their own way, obtaining a waiver from CMS that allowed the New Hampshire Health Protection Program to be slightly different from straight Medicaid expansion as called for in the ACA. The waiver that was approved by the Obama administration allowed for a privatized solution to Medicaid expansion, and most members were transitioning to subsidized private coverage as of 2016, under a system called the Premium Assistance Program, or PAP .

    However, New Hampshire enacted legislation in 2018 that called for the state to submit a new waiver proposal to CMS , requesting permission to abandon the PAP system and switch to a Medicaid managed care system instead, as well as eliminate the 90-day retroactive eligibility for Medicaid.

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    Learn About Requirements For Medicaid In New Hampshire

    Figuring out what are the requirements for Medicaid in New Hampshire is the first step a petitioner should take before applying for Medicaid benefits. Candidates who know how to qualify for Medicaid have a greater chance of meeting all eligibility requirements. Medicaid is a federally funded health care program that provides medical coverage to a wide range of needy families and individuals who qualify for medical assistance. The program requires anyone who is eligible for Medicaid to meet different requirements such as not exceeding the income and asset limit. To learn more about Medicaid benefits eligibility in NH, read the sections below.

    What are the requirements for Medicaid in New Hampshire?
    What are the income requirements for Medicaid in New Hampshire?

    When the state is determining New Hampshire Medicaid eligibility, most of a households income is counted together. Some forms of income that are considered in this process include:

    • Wages.
    • Self-employment income.
    • Unemployment or Veterans Benefits.

    When calculating an applicants Medicaid benefits eligibility, the state doesnt count all of an applicants income because it deducts certain expenses from an applicants total income. If the total income falls within the monthly income limit for the number of people in their household, the applicant is then considered income-eligible.

    • Cash.

    State And Federal Spending

    How to Medicaid Plan for Long Term Care
    See also: Medicaid spending and enrollment statistics

    During fiscal year 2016, Medicaid spending nationwide amounted to nearly $553.5 billion. Spending per enrollee amounted to $7,067 in fiscal year 2013, the most recent year for which per-enrollee figures were available as of June 2017. Total Medicaid spending grew by 33 percent between fiscal years 2012 and 2016. The Medicaid program is jointly funded by the federal and state governments, and at least 50 percent of each state’s Medicaid funding is matched by the federal government, although the exact percentage varies by state. Medicaid is the largest source of federal funding that states receive. Changes in Medicaid enrollment and the cost of healthcare can impact state budgets. For instance, in New Hampshire, the percentage of the state’s budget dedicated to Medicaid rose from 24.9 percent in 2010 to 29.7 percent in 2015. However, state cuts to Medicaid funding can also mean fewer federal dollars received by the state.

    During fiscal year 2016, combined federal and state spending for Medicaid in New Hampshire totaled about $2 billion. Spending on New Hampshire’s Medicaid program increased by about 66.5 percent between fiscal years 2012 and 2016. Hover over the points on the line graph below to view Medicaid spending figures for New Hampshire. Click on the red bar below the graph to view these figures as compared with three of New Hampshire’s neighboring states.

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    Medicaid Spending In New Hampshire

    This page covering Medicaid spending by state last received a comprehensive update in 2017. If you would like to help our coverage grow, consider donating to Ballotpedia. Please contact us with any updates.

    This article does not contain the most recently published data on this subject. If you would like to help our coverage grow, consider donating to Ballotpedia.

    Medicaid spending in New Hampshire
  • 9Footnotes
  • New Hampshire’sMedicaid program provides medical insurance to groups of low-income people and individuals with disabilities. Medicaid is a nationwide program jointly funded by the federal government and the states. Medicaid eligibility, benefits, and administration are managed by the states within federal guidelines. A program related to Medicaid is the Children’s Health Insurance Program , which covers low-income children above the poverty line and is sometimes operated in conjunction with a state’s Medicaid program. Medicaid is a separate program from Medicare, which provides health coverage for the elderly.

    This page provides information about Medicaid in New Hampshire, including eligibility limits, total spending and spending details, and CHIP. Each section provides a general overview before detailing the state-specific data.


  • New Hampshire expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 via an alternative system of assisting enrollees with purchasing private insurance.
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