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For Medicaid Braces, your appointment will be the initial screening for Medicaid to see if your child meets the criteria to submit their case to the N.C. Medicaid Orthodontic Approval Board. If your child does meet the criteria and we feel your child will be approved, we will schedule an appointment to return for diagnostic records. Once we have taken the record , we will submit the records and orthdontics treatment plan to N.C. Medicaid and wait for their decision. This step can take up to eight weeks.

Use The Links Below To Start Your Search can help you find a Dentist who accepts Medicaid insurance in North Carolina. A dentist is a person qualified by a doctorate in dental surgery or dental medicine , licensed by the state to practice dentistry, and practicing within the scope of that license. There is no difference between the two degrees: dentists who have a DMD or DDS have the same education. Universities have the prerogative to determine what degree is awarded. Both degrees use the same curriculum requirements set by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. Generally, three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school is required to graduate and become a general dentist. State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry. Additional post-graduate training is required to become a dental specialist.

Why Should I Choose Lane & Associates

Since 1980, we have been serving the Triangle and surrounding locations across North Carolina with the best dental care around. We are proud to provide a highly trained team of hygienists, dentists, periodontist, and endodontists that work hard to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxed we understand that visiting the dentist isnt everyones favorite thing to do! However, we consistently serve our patients with such great care that we have earned several awards over the years for dental care in our communities.

We also offer online appointment scheduling and payment, making it easy for you to schedule the care you need. Bringing a child in for their first appointment? Theyll feel comfortable and at ease thanks to our Childs First Dental Visit Program.

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Nc Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for NC Medicaid, you must meet the income requirements and be a legal North Carolina resident with a Social Security number. If you receive SSI , Work First Cash Assistance, or either State or County Special Assistance for the Aged or Disabled, you will automatically qualify for NC Medicaid . The chart below can help you determine whether or not you are eligible.

Find A Dentist That Take Medicare And Medicaid Near Me

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Finding a dentist that accepts Medicare patients can often prove to be much more difficult than finding Medicaid dentists. Even though Medicaid covers not all dental services, Medicare covers even less. This is because Medicare is more suitable for covering just general health services and not particularly dental services. Below, you can find out some of the most important differences between Medicare and Medicaid.

Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare is a federal program that is designed to cover mostly elderly people. This mainly relates to people who are 65 and older. In addition, for these people to qualify for Medicare, they would have to have some sort of disability or difficult medical condition. Its also important to know that the federal government only provides Medicare Part A and Part B. Private insurance companies provide the other Part C and D.

Medicaid is a state government program. This means that its not the same in the entire country and different states have different requirements and guidelines. Medicaid does provide coverage for a few dental services, but this too depends on the state you reside in. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid can cover both children and low-income adults, as well as the elderly with disabilities.

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Dentist In Durham Nc That Accepts Medicaid

Telephone: 688-4100

* Durham Family Dental Care is a Medicaid Dentist. Durham Family Dental Care is not a free clinic. Read the services description below to see if you qualify for Medicaid services at this dental office.

Durham Family Dental Care dental office serves Medicaid patients as a General Dentist in Durham, NC. They may or may not be accepting new patients at this time. If you are on Medicaid in North Carolina, you must check with the office to see if you can be seen for a dental problem.

Many of our Dental Clinics are free and/or government supported. Many are sliding scale dental care for low income. Please call the dental clinics or visit the websites of the dentists to cofirm that these clinics are free or low cost to the needy. We do our best to provide a helpful low cost and free dental services. Always confirm directly with the dental clinis to confirm that our information is up to date.

We also now display low cost, affordable clinics for the needy. Yes, our website name is, but we now provide more. We are as specific as possible on the listing pages. It is the website users responsibility to contact the clinics listed to confirm whether the clinics is free, low cost, affordable, etc. Do not take it for granted that the clinic is free since it is listed on the website. We provide listings to help those with dental practices and services to help the needy.

User questions and answers

Dr Rachel West Perentis

The biggest fear for my patients is the fear of pain. Talking to them, distracting them, and just getting them through it with little or no discomfort at all is what gains their trust. When we tell them we wont hurt them and then we dont, that gains us the best kind of trust.

Fast Facts:

  • More than 18 years experience in North Carolina dentistry
  • Aims to make each childs experience a happy and positive one
  • Believes working in dentistry for children is the perfect occupation

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Is A Dentist That Accepts Medicaid For Adults Worth It

Even though there are still many dentists who accept Medicaid for adults, its getting harder to find them because of the hassle Medicaid can be. However, Medicaid is still important for many adults, as research has shown that more people are getting access to health and dental care. Conversely, there are a few disadvantages that come with Medicaid as well, especially for the doctors.

  • Medicaid can provide financial help for more people to get access to healthcare. Medicaid helps low-income families, elderly people with disabilities, pregnant women, and more.
  • There is a financial protection guarantee with Medicaid. Even though its not full coverage in most states, you will still get help in covering your costs.
  • Accepting Medicaid offers dentists a much larger patient base. This is one of the biggest benefits of Medicaid, as it attracts much more patients which can leave you more profitable even if they dont pay as much as other private insurances.
  • The previous point is also highly beneficial for new practices. Establishing a new practice and accepting Medicaid patients can rapidly grow your business and get the profits rolling.
  • Medicaid reimbursements are much lower than what most other insurers offer. As a result of this, businesses with a too large number of Medicaid patients can suffer financially and see lower profits at the end of the day.
  • Trust Lane & Associates Family Dentistry

    We enjoy serving all of our patients, regardless of income or insurance coverage, and we invite you to discover the difference at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or would like a quote for services, please call our team at 877-526-3337.

    Whether we see you at our Angier or Mebane office, we want you to know that we look forward to serving you and are happy that youve chosen Lane & Associates! Here, we love to make you smile. Come see us today for all of your dental needs and let us get you the smile you deserve.

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    Dentist Near Me That Accepts Medicaid

    Are you looking for a dentist who accepts Medicaid near you? Medicaid helps millions of Americans by providing health coverage for a large list of health services. This list also includes dental services, although not all of them and not in all states. However, Medicaid can still provide a lot of healthcare for people with low incomes, children, pregnant women, elderly adults who have some type of disability, and more.

    So, if youre trying to find a dentist that accepts Medicaid near the area where you live, this article will help you learn how to search and find the perfect one that meets your needs. In addition, you will also learn all the benefits that come with Medicaid, some of the disadvantages, and many more details that you may find useful.

    Health Choice Dental Providers

    Find a Dentist in North Carolina using the Insure Kids Now Website

    IMPORTANT: Before making an appointment, please call the dental office to verify that Health Choice beneficiaries are currently being accepted. A dentist or facility shown on the list is not a guarantee that Health Choice beneficiaries are currently accepted.

    If you need dental treatment, you will need to go to a dentist who is enrolled in the NC Health Choice Program.

    The following providers offer dental services:

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    Nc Medicaid Managed Care Mandatory

    To learn more about NC Medicaid Managed Care, go to the NC Medicaid Managed Care Website. Most beneficiaries receiving Medicaid or NC Health Choice will be required to transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care. This means you must choose a health plan and a Primary Care Provider . If you must choose, NCDHHS – Division of Health Benefits will send you a letter that tells you how to transition to Managed Care. You will be required to transition to NC Medicaid Managed Care if you:

    • Receive full benefits through the Family and Childrens or the Aged, Blind and Disabled Medicaid programs, or through the NC Health Choice or Medicaid for Pregnant Women program.

    If you are transitioning to NC Medicaid Managed Care and want to keep the PCP you have now:

    • Choose a health plan that your provider works with. If you have questions about the instructions in the letter you received ,

    To find a doctor, go to Find a provider.

    Nc Medicaid Dental Coverage For Adults

    About / Acerca de

    The North Carolina Medicaid dental program covers preventative, restorative, periodontal, and orthodontic dental services as well as oral surgeries and dentures. Adults and kids alike can find dentists who accept North Carolina Medicaid here. Before you go in for your appointment, make sure to call the dentist office and verify that they will accept your plan.

    Generally, you can receive exams, cleanings, fillings, sealants, x-rays, extractions, and dentures. Surgeries and periodontal services are available when medically necessary, and root canals are available for those under 21. Those under 21 can also receive crowns for baby teeth, space maintainers, fluoride treatments, sealants, and x-rays. In most cases, bridgework, implants/transplants, and prescription drugs are not included.

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    Is There A Nc Medicaid Transportation Benefit

    While non-emergency transportation is not a nationally required Medicaid benefit, the NC Medicaid program does provide non-emergency medical transportation coverage. There are three versions of this benefit: gas cards, lift vans, and County vehicles. This coverage relates to non-emergency transportation, not ambulance rides. When possible, always call to make your arrangements at least five days in advance to be sure that you have a ride.

    • If you own or have access to a vehicle, you can qualify for gas vouchers whenever you need to get to a Medicaid-covered appointment. Call 828-695-2135 for more information.
    • If you cannot use a wheelchair or cannot successfully get into a vehicle, you can get a lift van to transport you to and from your Medicaid-covered appointments. Call 828-695-55608 to schedule transportation.
    • If you have the physical ability to get to a vehicle , you can get Medicaid appointment transportation from a county vehicle. Call 828-695-5608 to schedule transportation

    Our Expert Dentists In Greensboro Nc And Durham Nc Give Your Child A Head Start In Life

    Led by our husband and wife dental duo, our caring team is like an extended family. We love working in the childrens dental field and strive to help kids develop positive memories of the dentist. At both our modern locations in Durham and Greensboro, NC, we explain the process for outstanding dentistry and seek to empower optimism and self-confidence within each child.

    Using our vast experience, we take time to educate both kids and parents about oral hygiene, and adapt to your childs personal needs. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

    We speak both English and Spanish at Atlantis Dentistry and Carousel Dentistry.

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    We Will Schedule Your Next Appintment 4

    • If your child is APPROVED, we will schedule an appointment for the braces to be put on.
    • If your child is DENIED, we can discuss a discount fee and no interest financing.
    • If your child NEEDS ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONA, we will collect and submit at that time.

    We are looking forward to your child joining our orthodontic family!


    A Welcoming Environment For Each Family Member

    Dr. Suman and his team truly values the relationships that they are privileged to build with their patients. We have been serving residents of Durham and its surrounding communities of Chapel Hill, Research Triangle Park, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and Raleigh for nearly 15 years, and they love how our dental family has grown.

    We serve patients of all ages, including children, as early as aged four. We understand that children have unique dental needs, and we want every experience at the dentist to be a positive one. If our dentists feel that specific procedures may require a specialist, we will refer you to a trusted local pediatric dentist where we know your son or daughter will feel comfortable and safe during their treatment.

    Adult patients at Renaissance Family Dentistry enjoy a wide range of dental services from preventive care and restorative dentistry that are designed to help them achieve and maintain a healthy, attractive smile.

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    Welcome To Our Practice

    Dr. Suman entire team are very friendly, welcoming and made my dental experience easy and pain free. My teeth feel great and I definitely will be back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Karen R.

    Welcome to Renaissance Family Dentistry, the Durham, NC dental practice of Dr. Suman Vidyarthi. Our team works together to help our patients enjoy a problem-free smile by delivering the highest level of care. We also believe that educating our patients about their dentistry helps them to make the best decisions for their overall wellness.

    Having good health is a gift that a lot of us take for granted. Your dental health is no exception since it is so closely related to your overall well-being. Building a relationship with dentists who genuinely have your best interest at heart and want to help you achieve your healthiest smile.

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    Nc Medicaid Managed Care Exempt

    Some beneficiaries can choose to stay in NC Medicaid Direct. This means you are not required to choose a health plan and a PCP. NCDHHS – Division of Health Benefits will send you a letter that tells you if you have the choice to enroll. You have the option to choose a health plan if you:

    • Are a federally-recognized tribal member or individual eligible for services through Indian Health Service .
    • Need certain services to address needs related to developmental disability, behavioral health or traumatic brain injury. BH covers MH and SUD

    If you are transitioning to NC Medicaid Managed Care and want to keep the PCP you have now:

    • Choose a health plan that your provider works with. If you have questions about the instructions in the letter you received ,

    To find a doctor, go to Find a provider.

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    How To Find A Pediatric Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Near Me

    Another wonderful benefit that comes with Medicaid is dental coverage for all children enrolled. However, its important to know that not all dental services will be covered by Medicaid, even for children. Once again, this depends on the state youre in and the level of Medicaid that is provided for the ones who qualify.

    Even though the services covered by Medicaid can be different from one state to another, usually its the same types of dental services. This list often includes standard dental procedures such as carious teeth restoration, tooth infection treatments, and oral health maintenance using oral prophylaxis and sealants.

    One more important factor before looking for a pediatric dentist that accepts Medicaid is to ensure that your child is eligible for Medicaid. Of course, you should apply first before taking them to the dentist. So, how do you know if your child is eligible for Medicaid? You can easily check this by going to From there, you can check the eligibility and apply if eligible. Its as simple as that.

    We’ve Got You Covered

    Here are just some of the insurance companies we work with. If you dont see your provider or have questions, please give one of our offices a call, and our team will assist you.

    + Many others!

    Dont see your insurance company above? Give us a call to see if we can file your policy!

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