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Who Are Community Health Advocates

Consumer Focused – Health care options for individuals leaving the employer-healthcare coverage env

Community Health Advocates act as navigators and liaisons to provide members with empathetic support and real-time problem solving necessary to enable health and wellness. Research shows that 80% of what makes us healthy or unhealthy happens outside of the doctors office most of what affects our health happens in our homes and neighborhoods. These advocates support members by serving as a bridge between communities and healthcare systems.

New Law Will Allow Some California Residents To Add Parents To Their Health Plan As Dependents

California A.B.570, enacted in October 2021, makes California the first state in the country to provide a pathway for some policyholders to add their parents to their health plan as dependents.

The legislation only applies to individual/family health plans , and it will take effect in 2023. Under the new law, a California resident with individual/family health coverage will be able to cover parents as dependents, as long as the parents rely on the policyholder for at least 50% of their living expenses.

An earlier version of the bill would have applied to employer-sponsored health plans as well, but was opposed by business groups that worried about the cost. With the modification to make the legislation apply only to individual/family plans, the state expects that only about 15,000 people will use the option to add parents to their health plan.

Blue Shield Of California Offers Assistance To Members Affected By Hurricane Florence

SAN FRANCISCO Blue Shield of California is closely monitoring the severe conditions caused by Hurricane Florence. The health plan has implemented the following services to help ensure continuity of care for affected members in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia:

Blue Shield is allowing for the immediate refill of prescriptions for members in mandatory evacuation zones, even if they are not yet due to be refilled.The health plan is conducting outreach to affected members who are currently participating in a care management program to ensure continuity of care.Magellan Health, Blue Shields contracted managed care plan for behavioral health, is providing free access to resources, materials and counseling services through its dedicated hotline: 1-800-327-7451.Blue Shield vision plan members in these states can obtain a replacement pair of lost or broken glasses, and can use out-of-network providers as needed with claims paid at in-network costs. Please contact Vision Customer Service for assistance, 877-601-9083.Blue Shield of California members who need immediate assistance can contact customer service at 800-393-6130.

Members who may have lost or misplaced their identification card can print a new card on our website at Alternatively, members can use the Blue Shield of California mobile app to access their ID card on their mobile device.

We will continue to monitor activity and may make further adjustments to continue to best serve our members.

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Californias Reboot Of Troubled Medi

By Bernard J. WolfsonPhotos by Heidi de MarcoSeptember 20, 2021

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Blue Shield Insurance Quotes

Anthem Breast Pump Provider

Now that you know all the plans and benefits that Blue Shield of California has to offer, you may be considering obtaining a health care plan with Blue Shield. But first you want to know: How much will my health insurance cost?

With Health for California, you can get a free quote for Blue Shield of California insurance. Quotes through Health for California include:

  • The name of the carrier
  • The plan type, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum
  • The plan category, such as HMO or PPO
  • The price youll pay
  • The total price

Blue Shield of California values its members and wants to give them the best value for their health care.

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What Is The Obamacare Subsidy

The Obamacare subsidy is really a tax credit, and it is formally known as the Advanced Premium Tax Credit . Typically people receive a tax credit at the end of the year when filing taxes, but this tax credit can be received in advance, during the year, to reduce the monthly premium costs of an Obamacare health insurance plan.

You must complete an official federal government application to learn your subsidy amount. Everyones amount will be different. The calculation for the subsidy amount can be quite complicated. It is based on several different factors, but household income is the main factor. We recommend using our tool to estimate your subsidy amount.

Compare Blue Shield Of California Medicare Supplement Plan F With Other Medigap Plans

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement Plan F, Blue Shield of California is one option. This Medigap plan will help you pay your portion of the costs of your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B benefits. The panel above briefly outlines the coverage.

The internet is full of information about traditional providers of Medicare Plan F policies, like Blue Shield of California. Sorting through these insurance carriers on your own can be difficult, and you might miss some of your options, such as lower premiums, perks, and discounts that might be available.

This is why we offer a free service to help you compare the best Medicare Supplement insurance providers, including Blue Shield of California. This way, you can be sure that you get the right coverage for you with a monthly premium that fits your budget. We will show you all of your options. Who you buy your plan from is your choice.

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Who Should Consider Blue Shield Coverage

Youre aware of the plans Blue Shield of California has to offer. You know the benefits, and you may even have an idea of the cost. But how do you know if you should consider Blue Shield coverage?

Californians in need of affordable health care should consider Blue Shield. Members can enjoy a myriad of benefits and the peace of mind of having essential, high-quality coverage they can depend on.

Those who are seeking a health plan provider that gives back to the community should look no further than Blue Shield of California. On top of the providers pledge to return the majority of their revenue, employees of Blue Shield perform volunteer work to help the community. In 2014, employees raised more than $400,000 to donate to local nonprofits.

If youre looking for affordable health insurance coverage in California, get a quote for Blue Shield from Health for California today.

Whats The Difference Between Obamacare Plans And Off

Berta’s Story

The main difference between Obamacare plans and Off-Exchange plans is that only Obamacare plans are eligible for a subsidy tax credit to reduce costs.

Otherwise there are not many other differences between Obamacare plans and Off-Exchange plans. Plan design, coverage, and rates are similar and both sets of plans must adhere to federal government regulations. In fact, there are many plans which are available as both Obamacare plans and as Off-Exchange plans.

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How To Get Started With A Community Health Advocate

If you are a Blue Shield of California member and would like to see if a Community Health Advocate can help you, please complete this request form. Interpreter services are available.

The information you enter is completely confidential. Once completed, a Community Health Advocate will reach out to you within three business days. If you have any questions, please .

Which Health Insurance Carriers Offer 2022 Coverage In The California Marketplace

As of 2021, there are eleven insurers that offer exchange plans in California. Covered California announced in July 2021 that an additional insurer, Bright HealthCare, will be joining the marketplace, bringing the total number of participating insurers to 12.

The following insurers will offer plans in the California exchange as of 2022, with plan availability varying from one location to another:

  • Anthem Blue Cross of California
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Valley Health Plan
  • Western Health Advantage

Three existing insurers plan to expand their coverage areas as well: Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, and Valley Health Plan. As a result, all residents will be able to select from at least two insurers, and most Californians will be able to select from among four insurers.

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What Does The Health Corner Collaboration Entail

Walgreens Boots Alliance and Blue Shield of California have agreed to a multi-year collaboration. We will start small and use an agile approach to extend and expand what innovative solutions we pilot.

Initially, we will focus on piloting a small number of Health Corner locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles that will combine high-touch health advisory services with high-tech health support to provide exceptional experiences that are tailored to member and community health needs at convenient locations within members communities.

We are still in the discoveryphase of this collaboration, and we believe the opportunities to test and learn via these and other services and experiences are immense.

Compare Plan F Base Rates

Blue Shield
Address: 50 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

For assistance 24 hours a day, call 800-633-4227. TTY users should call 877-486-2048 or visit If you qualify for Medicare but have not yet enrolled or verified your enrollment status, you can do so on the Social Security Administration website.

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Social Determinants Of Health Tools

Social Determinants of Health, such as access to nutritious food and proper housing, may affect a persons health, functioning and quality of life. If issues like housing or food insecurity are identified on a call, our Community Health Advocates can connect members with resources and organizations that are designed to help meet their social, mental and financial needs.

Community Health Advocates use tools to help find resources and connect members to organizations that can help meet the needs of the whole person.

Check out the Neighborhood Health Dashboard and the80 to learn how Community Health Advocates, community groups and individuals interact with information and create opportunities for action.

Individual Term Life Insurance And Ad& d Coverage

Life insurance is crucial for anyone with dependents or loved ones who rely on you financially. To protect your children or your spouse from the unexpected, you can purchase a term life insurance plan with Blue Shield. Your life insurance can be purchased in conjunction with your medical plan or as a standalone policy.

When you get life insurance through Blue Shield of California, you may also want to obtain accidental death and dismemberment coverage. This coverage can provide you further protection in the event of accidental death or injury. You can select from several coverage amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 at low monthly rates.

Nearly every Californian can find the health care plan they need with Blue Shield of California. From Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans, any Californian can find a plan at the right price with the coverage they need.

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Enjoy Wellness Vision And Alternative Care Discount Programs

Blue Shield offers discounts on several vision and fitness brands. These offers can make it easier for members to take care of themselves and save money.

Fitness helps you stay healthy, increases your energy level and can improve your mood. Staying active and building muscle means youll burn more calories, even while at rest. One of the fitness programs offered through Blue Shield is Fitness Your Way, which gives members access to more than 10,000 fitness centers for a mere $25 a month.

Blue Shield members can also save up to 20% on vision costs from participating providers. Some of the vision care includes:

  • Frames and lenses
  • Tints and coatings
  • Routine eye examinations

If Blue Shield members are searching for alternative care, they can find discounts through Blue Shield. Members may be able to receive discounts on the following services:

  • Acupuncture
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Chiropractic services

These discounts make obtaining care and staying healthy easier and more affordable for Blue Shield of California members.

Changing Insurer Participation Over Time In Covered California

Medicare Enlightenment: A simple way to learn what you need to know about Medicare

Anthem Blue Cross had offered plans statewide in Covered California prior to 2018, but had sharply reduced their coverage area to just three of the states 16 rating areas as of 2018 . For 2020, however, Anthem expanded their coverage area, returning to the Central Coast, part of the Central Valley, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire.

over the years. Just three insurers had 80 percent of the market share as of the end of 2016: Blue Shield had 31 percent, Anthem had 25 percent, and Kaiser Permanente had 24 percent. Those same three insurers continued to make up a large portion of the exchange market in 2017, but they werent quite as dominant as they were in the past: Kaiser had 28 percent of the market share, Blue Shield had 25 percent, and Anthem had 19 percent The other six insurers had a combined 6 percent of the market share.

UnitedHealthcare exited the individual market in California at the end of 2016, as was the case in most of the states where they offered plans in 2016. By February 2016, UnitedHealthcare had about 1,400 enrollees in Covered California .

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Due To Covid And The American Rescue Plans New Subsidies Covered California Enrollment Is Open Through The End Of 2021 For Uninsured Or Unsubsidized Californians

In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic and the Biden administrations decision to open a special enrollment period on, Covered California announced a COVID-related special enrollment period for uninsured residents from February 1, 2021 through May 15, 2021. The state estimated that 1.2 million uninsured residents are eligible for premium subsidies through Covered California or Medi-Cal.

Soon thereafter, the federal government enacted the American Rescue Plan, which provides additional premium subsidies to marketplace enrollees, making health coverage much more affordable in 2021 and 2022. To give California residents ample opportunity to take advantage of these new subsidies, Covered California announced another special enrollment period, running from April 12 through December 31, 2021, for uninsured residents as well as residents who were enrolled off-exchange . This window gives these individuals an opportunity to switch to an on-exchange plan in order to take advantage of the new premium subsidies, since there is no longer a subsidy cliff in 2021 or 2022.

For uninsured and unsubsidized residents, there is no need for a qualifying event during this special enrollment period. Covered California is spending between $20 million and $30 million on advertising this year to ensure that residents across the state are aware of the opportunity to enroll in low-cost health coverage through the marketplace during the special enrollment period in 2021.

Contact Nurses Or Doctors Anytime

Blue Shield members also have access to telemedicine services NurseHelp 24/7 and Teladoc. NurseHelp 24/7 is a feature that gives you the ability to contact a registered nurse 24/7 with your questions and receive advice about your current symptoms.

With Teladoc, you can consult doctors anytime from just about anywhere. As soon as you begin to feel unwell, you can get professional medical advice.

With these services, members enjoy the convenience of being able to get medical services and advice at any time of the day or night.

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Awful Despicable Company That Should Be Forcibly Removed From The Marketplace

I have been trying to add my wife to my plan for 2 solid months. Filed all our information on time. Were both in our thirties in good health, it should have been a simple process. Instead, Ive been on hold for probably a total of at least 10 hours, had my calls dropped countless times, and the customer service is the most ruthlessly ineffective bunch of liars I have ever had the utter misfortune of speaking to. Consequently my wife has been uninsured for 2 months. During a pandemic. When Ive done everything correctly and on time. I have had Blue Shield for 2 years and have hardly used it because again, Im in good health. This is how this company works. They have no problem getting you on a monthly payment, but good luck if you ever need to make changes or speak to customer service in any meaningful way. I have spoken to health care professionals that dread when you pull out a Blue Shield card because they know theyll be spending an hour on the phone just to confirm your enrollment.But hey, the app is fine. They earn that one star.

How Can You Determine If The Blue Shield Medicare Formulary Medicine Requires Prior Permission Or Step Therapy

Los Angeles Times: Blue Shield faces more heat over ...

Choose a Medicare plan from the Formulary page. This will bring you to the search engine for plan formularies.

Prior authorization and step therapy requirements can be seen in two ways:

First, input the drug name youre looking for in the Drug Name Search area of the formulary tool, then look for Prior Authorization or Step Therapy symbols in the Limits & Restrictions column.

Go to the Prior Authorization Criteria or Step Therapy Criteria pages to obtain the PDF. To examine the drug coverage criteria for that drug, search for the criteria by the generic or brand name of the drug.

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Do Plans Which Are Both Obamacare And Off

Yes, by law a plan which is offered as both an Obamacare plan and an Off-Exchange plan must be sold at the same price. In addition, broker, agents, and web brokers are required to sell plans at the same market price. However, keep in mind that only Obamacare plans are eligible for a subsidy to reduce the monthly premium price.


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