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South Dakota Free Car Seat Program

Superior HealthPlan: Medicaid and CHIP Coverage to Fit Your Needs

In this state, there is an organization called DSS – S.D. Foundation of Strong Families and they have the safety children passengers programs. The reason for their existence is the S.D. law, which indicates that parents must properly fasten children’s seat belts and keep them safe while on roads. Therefore, the agency offers free courses with S.T./instructors where parents can educate how to set up the seats and follow the procedures supervised by the representatives. Furthermore, the eligible parents/families in need will have the chance to obtain the car seats they need. If you request more information on how to participate in the program, and how to get car seats, please call -773-3165.There’s another program in the Southeast Region of S.D., which also provides car seats for lower-income parents and offers free educational sessions and training with authorized instructors/S.T. But if you need more data on how to partake, you can -312-8390.

What Is The Difference Between Medicaid And Chip For Car Seats

It is directed by the federal government and the federal government solely handles all the required funds and releases them to the required states. If you are not qualified to receive a car seat via Medicaid for some reason, then CHIP is a better alternative, as its pivotal focus is infants and children healthcare.

Illinois Free Car Seats

In 2018, 675 kids under the age of 12 died in car crashes, and you can prevent that happening to your kid by using a car seat. And If you are living in Chicago, you are in luck as low-cost car seats are available at Stroger Hospital. This program is open to all community members, and you can call them at 312-864-2016.

Grant A wish, Inc, run by , is a donation-based program, and it helps families with basic needs of their kids. They provide necessities like baby food, diapers, milk, baby bottles and, of course, car seats. If you are in need of such items, you can contact them here. They are also in need of free car seat donations if you want to donate or know anyone who wants to donate car seats, please guide them to their organization. All donations are tax deductible, and everything they provide to economically disadvantaged families is given away free of charge. People donate car seats to them, and they recycle them to those who need them or apply for their program.

Lurie Children’s is a well-known hospital, and the Buckle Up Program aims at reducing car accident fatalities by providing free or reduced-priced car seats. So far, they have distributed more than 1000 car seats.

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Out Of Town Travel For Medical Care

The Medicaid Medical Transportation Program will help you and your child get to the doctor or hospital in another city if you need special care out of town. If you are going more than 100 miles away, you can receive financial help for mileage, flights, or bus tickets as well as lodging and meals. You must ask for this special medical transportation at least 5 business days before your trip using the same phone numbers as the other medical transportation services we explained above.

How Parents Can Get Free Car Seats For Their Children

Texas Car Seat Laws (2021): Current Laws &  Safety Resources for Parents ...

Below is a list of programs that offer parents free car seats for their children. Many of these programs have income limits and require you to take a car seat safety course prior to receiving a free car seat.

For those who qualify, Medicaid offers a free car seat after taking a short car seat safety ?course. Also check with your insurance company to see if they offer a similar benefit.

If youre enrolled in WIC , they also have a program that provides vouchers that can be used to purchase a car seat. Keep in mind you may be required to take a short class on car seat safety first.

Buckle Up for Life is a child passenger safety education program that has donated over 60,000 car seats to low-income families. If you qualify, you can take one of the organizations child passenger safety classes to get a free car seat.

Lastly, check your State Programs. This list offers the different free or reduced car seat programs in your state.

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Georgia Free Car Seat Program

An agency in Georgia, called the Georgia Department of Public Health, is a profitable organization that donated 166,000 dollars to buy car seats for those who have financial difficulties. With their program known as Child Passenger Safety Mini-Grant Program, they distributed the seats to more than 107 districts. Moreover, with their successful application, they have saved the lives of 375 children since 2007. However, if you want to obtain the seat, you need to complete a course on how to keep your children safe. You will get links, safety programs, tips, and videos to complete the course successfully. When we talk about the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, they will pay the ten dollars course to teach you how to keep your kid safe. As you will learn the difference between the available and inconvenient seats, this course will help you find out how to provide maximum safety and stability for your children while in the car. More importantly, this agency will give free car seats to people who need them. However, there are many other organizations related to this issue. Some of them are the South Health District of Georgia Department and Safe Kids Cobb & Safe Kids Douglas County. They offer various possibilities for lower-income families and single parents to enter their programs, get seats for free, or learn about children’s safety.

Do Car Seats Have An Expiration Period Read This

Although unknown to most people, car seats expire after 6-8 years of use. Keep in mind that plastics have a short life span, and consistent wear and tear will eventually compromise the quality of the car seat after prolonged use. However, you should be cautious when you want to buy a red infant car seat.

While getting a free baby car seat is convenient if you dont have money to buy a new one, it is important to ensure you get a seat that meets all safety standards. You should find a quality car seat that can last the test of time. A free convertible car seat is an excellent option.

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Services Provided Through First Steps

First Steps is a program that helps low-income pregnant individuals get the health and social services they may need and covers a variety of services for pregnant individuals and their infants. First Steps is available as soon as an individual knows they are pregnant and is covered by Washington Apple Health . First Steps services include medical, enhanced, drug and alcohol and other services:

Learn About Car Seat Rental Programs

Car Seat Headrest @ Stubb’s | Austin, TX | May 4, 2022

If you do not qualify for a reduced cost car seat you may still qualify to rent a car seat for a short period. Short term car seat rental programs are available to give you a car seat to use until you can obtain your own car seat.

These seats are usually convertible seats, facing backward for newborns, and forward for children who meet the weight requirements. Booster seats for younger children who weigh 80 pounds or less and are under five feet tall are also available. Many states operate both a rental and a free giveaway program.

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Tennessee Free Car Seats

Shelby county health departments Child Car Seat Program. Shelby countys health department is giving away car seats for $10 each! But you have to provide Babys Birth Certificate, Drivers License or State I.D., Legal Guardian or Foster ParentsCourt papers and you have to be Enrolled in TN Care, Food Stamp or WIC program.

Tennessee Department of Health has a great seat distribution program where the fines collected from the non-complying drives are distributed back to local authorities and these authorities then distribute car seats to low-income families. You can call the Department of Health for at 615-741-7353 for more information.

Mother To Mother is a nonprofit that provides vital health, safety and wellness items for infants and children in need by working with a special network of social workers, nurses, social service agencies and local hospitals. They distribute diapers, car seats, clothes, cribs, strollers, and other essential baby items to low-income children from newborns to age 10.

Will Medicaid Cover Special Needs Car Seats

Adaptive car seats can often be costlier than conventional seats. The amount varies with the type of seat, and how specialized it is. Regardless of the price tag, you are probably wondering if there are any options available to you to help cover the cost.

In some cases, Medicaid will help cover the expense of a special needs car seat. Medicaid provides health coverage, either in part or in full, to low-income children in the US. To enlist Medicaids help, you need to first be a Medicaid enrollee. There are various rules and guidelines concerning who can enroll in Medicaid.

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Michigan Free Car Seats

Among kids aged 4 to 8, booster seats reduce the risk of serious injury by 45%. Michigan state police have a car distribution program to do exactly that. You can get more information about that program here.

Lets be honest, car seats are not cheap. In the state of Michigan, you have many great resources to get a car seat at a reduced cost. For example, through Kids Always Ride Safe program by Health system Portage, you can get a car seat for a reduced cost. This program is an education-based program where you will have the opportunity to learn how to use the car seat and keep your kids safe.

Safe kids west Michigans Injury Prevention Programs, Wayne Metro community action agencys reoccurring free car seat distribution program are some other examples of great resources that can help you in the hard times.

Idaho Free Car Seat Program

Texas Car Seat Laws (2021): Current Laws &  Safety Resources for Parents ...

Concerning this state, there is the Saint Luke’s Car Seat Program, located in the Boise District. This agency allows you to obtain a car seat at a smaller price, depending on your budget. However, they can also provide you a car seat for free. All you have to do is call them to make an appointment, and after that, you can get all the needed information. The contact number is 381-1719.Concerning Canyon district, you have the Middleton Fire Department, and Canyon County Paramedics Alice also provides free car seats for families in need. You can contact them to help you.

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California Free Car Seats

There are a lot of great options in California if you are looking for a free car seat for your sweet kiddo:

Check out this comprehensive guide that has information on almost a hundred counties. You can find your area and see if someone has seats available at a free or reduced cost.

Keen Em safe is one of such options, and it is run by Pacific Safety Center. For you to become eligible, you have to have proper identification, proof of low-income, and proof of relationship with your child.

Los Angeles County Public health department has a ton of programs for parents who cant afford a car seat for their kids. You can find information about all those programs here.

If you are living in Almeda county, you can find some great programs, information about the coordinators and the eligibility criteria here.

Venice Family Clinic also provides free car seats. The details of their program are as follow:

Santa Monica: Venice Family Clinic Simms/Mann Health & Wellness CenterTwo-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.Contact Person: Camillia Villate, Prenatal EducatorContact Details: 310/664-7857 Address: 2509 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica 90405

Venice: Venice Family Clinic Levine Family Health CenterTwo-hour training for parents on child passenger safety.Contact Person: Luz Casillas, Prenatal Health EducatorContact Details: 310/664-7864 Address: 905 Venice Blvd. Venice 90291

Both programs require you to show proof of low-income status and you have to reside in Los Angeles County.

Kansas Free Car Seats

Car seats can reduce the risk of injury in case of a car accident by up-to 80%. Why not make sure that your kid is safe in the car by taking advantage of the Car Seat program from Swap Health Services. They provide education, training, and car seats to eligible families for just $15. You can apply for the program by calling at 816-599-5409.

Baby Talk Pregnancy and Newborn Education is offering a free educational course where you can get a free car seat after completing the course. To be able to get a Graco infant carrier from the Baby Talk program you need to attend all 6 of our FREE prenatal education program sessions. Their program consists of 6 classes taught by labor and delivery nurses where moms get to learn about safe sleep, breastfeeding, smoking cessation, signs of preterm labor, nutrition, physical activity during pregnancy, and much more.

Injury-free Coalition for kids provides car seats to hospitalized patients regardless of their financial situation. The goal is to promote safe travel and increase the safety of newborns.

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Start Smart For Your Baby Program

Welcome to Start Smart for Your Baby®! After notifying Superior that you are pregnant and filling out our Notification of Pregnancy form you will be enrolled in Superiors Start Smart for Your Baby program. If any additional information is required a care team member will reach out. Members can contact their care team directly by using Wellframe, a free mobile care app.

Start Smart for Your Baby® provides extra benefits and support for Superior members during and after your pregnancy, including:

  • Information about pregnancy and newborn care.
  • Community resources to help you get the things you need during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. This includes food, cribs, diapers, housing and clothing.
  • Breastfeeding support and resources.
  • Professional medical staff who work with you and your doctor and nurses if you have a more difficult pregnancy.
  • Resources if you are feeling down during or after your pregnancy.
  • Methods to help you quit smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • Help choosing a doctor and hospital for your delivery.
  • Assistance keeping up with your prenatal appointments.
  • Transportation support to and from your doctor visits .

If you stay for an entire baby shower, or download a pregnancy program mobile app and engage for 30 days, you can get extra benefits** like:

A diaper bag and diapers when you complete the Notification of Pregnancy form.

Days After Birth Women On Pregnancy Medicaid Lose Insurance Then Theyre On Their Own

Child Passenger Safety Tips For Parents

Despite how complicated her pregnancy had been, Tiffany Revillas C-section this October at 37 weeks went smoothly. Back at home, though, she was in excruciating pain and so nauseated and debilitated that she could barely eat or sleep or take care of her newborn daughter. Another trip to the ER confirmed the source of her agony: gallstones, including one the diameter of a large coin. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on the gallbladder, and Revillas pregnancy had done just that.

Revillas doctors worried that the stones could cause blockages and ultimately a serious infection. Removing her gallbladder so soon after her C-section was not the perfect situation, her OB-GYN, Combs, said. In the ideal world, if we could space them out, we would. But Revilla was also facing the Medicaid deadline so many women in Texas stare down after giving birth: Her benefits would expire two months postpartum. Her doctors scrambled to squeeze in her surgery. My insides are not even healed yet, Revilla lamented. I dont know how my bodys going to react. Its very scary.

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Lets Start With Where Not To Get A Free Car Seat

Car seats are designed to keep your child safe while in the car. Thats why its so important for you to get a car seat from a trusted organization and to know the history of the car seat, if it is indeed one thats used or donated.

It might be tempting to buy a used car seat on a platform like eBay, but you dont know the history of the seat youre buying.

The seat may have degraded and be unsafe to use, or the seat may have been involved in a crash.

So we DO NOT recommend that you buy a car seat on a platform like Craigslist or eBay, or at places like garage sales, thrift sores and consignment stores.

What Is Pregnancy Medicaid

Medicaid is a government-sponsored health insurance program for low-income families who have no medical insurance or inadequate insurance. All states offer Medicaid or a program similar to Medicaid to help pregnant women receive adequate prenatal and postpartum care. Medicaid also offers health insurance to seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

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North Carolina Free Car Seat Program

According to various researches, more than two hundred children die in this state from car accidents and injuries. For this reason, Henderson County and its program for children’s protection aim to stop this. Therefore, they offer car seats for families with a lack of money and classes to educate parents/future parents on how to keep their little ones safe and provide them maximum safety while in the vehicles. Safe Kids NC has as well a children protection program that offers various educational courses for parents to stabilize and provide safety to their kids, as well as to obtain free car seats and other equipment that they need. Therefore, you should call -662-0600 for more information.


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