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Medicaid Info For Insulin

Maine woman pushing Congress to cover Type 1 diabetes insulin pump


Because Medicaid is run by the states, eligibility and benefits vary from state to state. In particular, since 2014, most states significantly expanded Medicaid, opening the program to many more people, but some states haven’t. .


To check if you are eligible for Medicaid, visit

Or contact your state’s Medicaid office.

Medicaid Coverage of Insulin, Insulin Pumps & Continuous Glucose Monitors & Supplies

If you do qualify for Medicaid, then Medicaid will likely cover your insulin, insulin pump and supplies, with just a prescription and/or letter of medical necessity from your provider.

To get a CGM covered by medicaid, many states also require that patients meet a list of criteria. For example, here is Vermont Medicaid’s published list of criteria for covering a CGM.

We are creating a state-by-state list of the criteria, but in the meantime, you may be able to find your state’s criteria by Googling ” cgm Medicaid.” And if you already are got a pump and/or cgm covered by Medicaid, please let us know about your experience and the details by clicking or scrolling to the form at the bottom of this page.

Let the Companies Do the Legwork

Often, the easiest way to find out if Medicaid will cover a certain insulin pump and/or CGM is to contact the pump or CGM company. Most of the pump and CGM companies have online forms on their websites that patients can fill out to start the process of getting their pump and/or cgm.

For More Information

How Singlecare Can Help You Save On Diabetic Supplies

SingleCare is most known for helping people access lower prescription drug prices. However, we also provide some of the best prices available on diabetic supply products, including test strips, syringes, and glucometers like the Freestyle Libre Reader.

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Best For Medicare And Medicaid Insurance: Edgepark


  • Accepts over 1,200 healthcare plans

  • May have higher costs if billed under the medical part of your insurance

  • Mixed reviews on customer support

Ranked as one of the countrys best customer service providers in the online medical supplies category by Newsweek, Edgepark was also highly recommended by clinical professionals, including Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists and people living with diabetes because of their quality customer service and on-time deliveries. Edgepark carries a plethora of supplies, including diabetes blood glucose testing supplies, insulin pump supplies, continuous glucose monitor supplies, sharps containers, compression stockings, pen needles, and more.

Edgepark accepts over 1,200 healthcare plans, including Medicare and Select Medicare Advantage, State Medicaid, and Managed Medicaid Plans. The amount of money you pay will depend on your insurance coverage. Orders are typically filled every three months, which can save you money. We were told that a representative will call you and confirm your supply needs and youll be sent supplies to satisfy your needs for three months. Shipping is free, and delivery takes 1-2 days. Should you have any issues with your shipments, customer service is available.

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How We Chose The Best Diabetic Supply Companies

Choosing the best diabetic supply company depends mostly on what type of insurance you have. Because there are so many insurance policies out there, we decided the most effective way to scout the best diabetic supply companies was to go directly to the source the people who use them. We interviewed people living with diabetes, as well as clinicians who work in the field: Certified diabetes care and education specialists, nurses, doctors, and dietitians. We asked them who is the most reliable, courteous, trustworthy, on-the-cutting edge of technology, and knowledgeable.

We also learned that before deciding on a specific company, that its important to find out who your insurance has contracts with, which supplies you need, and how you can get them all conveniently to your home with little fuss. People living with diabetes who use insulin pumps told us that it is often easier to get their pump supplies delivered directly from the pump supplier. They also told us that if you need more general supplies, such as test strips, a glucose meter, lancets, and others, then a larger company such as Byramhealth or Edgepark may be right for you. Shop costs and discuss with your medical team which option is right for you or your loved one.

Omnipod Dash Insulin Management System Is Available For A Different Generation Of Patients


Medicare is the federal health insurance program for:

  • People who are 65 or older.
  • Certain younger people with disabilities.
  • People with End-Stage Renal Disease .

Prescribe the only CSII pump covered under Medicare Part D.

With coverage through the pharmacy benefit, patients no longer need to be tethered to the Part B process. The Omnipod® Insulin Management System is now available on some of the largest Part D plans.

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Diabetic Equipment And Supplies Benefits To Change For Texas Medicaid September 1 2021

Note: Texas Medicaid managed care organizations must provide all medically necessary, Medicaid-covered services to eligible clients. Administrative procedures such as prior authorization, pre-certification, referrals, and claims/encounter data filing may differ from traditional Medicaid and from MCO to MCO. Providers should contact the client’s specific MCO for details.

Effective for dates of service on or after September 1, 2021, diabetic equipment and supplies benefits will change for Texas Medicaid.

Unitedhealthcare Now Covers Omnipod

UnitedHealthcare plan participants will have in-network coverage for Omnipod System starting April 1, 2018. Details below from the Insulet announcement highlight the relationship, program start dates and where to find additional information.

Insulet and UnitedHealthcare have established a new network relationship, giving individuals enrolled in UnitedHealthcare commercial and Medicaid* plans in-network coverage for the Omnipod® System. Through this new relationship, we are working together to help people access the insulin management technology they need to effectively manage their diabetes.

Access to technology that best suits an individuals needs is paramount for people living with diabetes and is a key priority for our organization. Our mission is to provide our customers simplicity, freedom and healthier lives through innovative technology. This agreement helps more people living with diabetes access the benefits of Omnipods quality of life and ease of use. ~ Patrick Sullivan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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How Much Do Insulin Pumps Cost

In a 2019 study of 241 adults with Medicare and type 1 diabetes who used insulin pumps, 24 percent described the cost of the insulin pump as a challenge. Another 29 percent cited the cost of insulin pump supplies as a challenge.

According to a 2017 study published in The American Journal of Managed Care, insulin pumps cost about $4,500, plus about $1,500 for supplies, such as:

  • tubing
  • batteries
  • alcohol wipes

According to a 2018 article in Modern Healthcare, the Omnipod tubeless insulin pump may cost as much as $3,000 to $4,000 per month. Both of these costs are before Medicare pays a portion.

Insulin pump costs can vary by manufacturer and model. Some may have more expensive options, such as a touchscreen, waterproof casing, or a larger insulin reservoir.

If youre thinking about how an insulin pump may improve your diabetes management, consider the following coverage information about each part of Medicare.

Which Diabetes Services And Supplies Does Medicare Cover

Cash For Diabetic Test Strips, Insulin, and More !

Medicare Part B and Part D cover many diabetes services and supplies. You may first need to pay a deductible, copayment, or coinsurance. Some services are free if your doctor orders them.

Medicare Part B helps pay for

  • Women, Infants, and Children

The Social Security Administration can provide financial help through two programs

  • SSDI pays a monthly amount to people who cant work and have paid enough Social Security taxes. If an illness or injury keeps you out of work for at least a year, SSDI payments may be an option.
  • SSI pays a monthly amount to disabled children and adults who earn little and dont have many financial assets. A person who gets SSI may be able to get Medicaid and food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program , too.

Read more about both SSDI and SSI and how to apply at or by calling 18007721213, TTY: 18003250778.

WIC serves mothers and children who are at risk for poor nutrition or hunger. This includes low-income women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or recently had a baby, as well as infants and children up to age 5. Pregnant women who have gestational diabetes may qualify for help through the WIC program. WIC provides

  • supplemental foods

Learn more about WIC online, or call the WICs headquarters at 703-305-2062.

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What Supplies Do People With Diabetes Need

Anyone with diabetes should have an individualized care plan because there are different types of diabetes and no two people are exactly alike when treating the disease. Many different variables dictate needs, such as: what type of diabetes you have, how long youve had diabetes, if you have complications of diabetes, how many times per day you test your blood sugar, what type of medication you are on, and more.

For example, if you have type 1 diabetes and take multiple daily injections using an insulin pen device, you will need pen needles, insulin, replacement pens or replacement insulin cartridges, a blood glucose meter, lancets, alcohol swabs, test strips, ketone strips, glucose tablets, glucagon, etc. If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes and use insulin pump therapy with a continuous glucose monitor, you will need all the above supplies, in addition to infusion sets, sensors, insulin for your pump, tubing, etc.

Pump users are encouraged to have backup insulin at home in case there is a pump malfunction. If you are a person with type 2 diabetes and take oral glucose medication and have a history of peripheral neuropathy , you may need oral medication, a blood glucose meter, test strips, alcohol swabs, compression stockings, and diabetes shoes. Your diabetes care team will help you to understand what types of supplies you need and how long they will last before you need them to be refilled.

What Diabetic Supplies Does Medicare Cover

Medicare covers some of the costs of several diabetic supplies. But that coverage is split between Medicare Part B and Part D.

Medicare Advantage plans must cover whatever Part B covers and may include Part D prescription drug coverage. Premiums and cost-sharing in Medicare Advantage plans can vary.

Diabetes Medications and Supplies Medicare Plans May Cover

Insulin Injections
Medicare drug plans Part D prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans incorporating Part D coverage cover injectable insulin that is not inhaled or used in an insulin infusion pump.
Anti-Diabetic Drugs
Medicare will cover antidiabetic drugs if they can control your blood sugar. These include thiazolidinediones such as Actos and Avandia, sulfonylureas such as Glipizide and metformin, among others.
Basic Diabetes Supplies
Your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan may cover supplies you need to inhale or inject insulin. These include alcohol swabs, gauze, inhaled insulin devices and syringes and needles.
Insulin Pump
Insulin pumps worn outside the body and the insulin they use may be covered by Part B if you meet certain criteria. Some pumps are covered as durable medical equipment. Your doctor must prescribe an insulin pump.
Monitors, Test Strips and Lancets
Medicare Part B covers self-testing equipment and supplies, including blood sugar monitors, testing strips, lancets and lancet devices and solutions for checking testing equipment and test strip accuracy.

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Does Medicare Cover Diabetic Supplies

  • Medicare Part B covers certain diabetic supplies and preventive screenings.
  • Medicare Part D covers oral diabetic medications, injectable insulin, and self-injection supplies.
  • Get prescriptions from your doctor for any medication, supply, or service youll want Medicare to cover.
  • Check that your pharmacy or device supplier accepts Medicareset payment rates to avoid overpaying.

Diabetes is a metabolic condition that leads to high blood sugar levels. Most people who have diabetes have type 2 diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, around 14 million Americans 65 and older have diabetes, some who are undiagnosed.

Older adults with diabetes face unique challenges including hypoglycemia, brain and nervous system problems, and social support issues that require special monitoring to manage risks.

There are many types of diabetic supplies needed for preventive screening, monitoring, and managing the condition. Medicare has several parts that cover different types of supplies and services. Cost and coverage depend on the type of plan.

Endocrine Society Praises The Move

Medicare Part D to Cover Omnipod Insulin Delivery System

The Endocrine Society says it is “elated” by the CMS move.

“The guidance will give people with diabetes greater access to a wider range of insulin delivery devices. This opens the door for older Americans to gain coverage,” the organization said in a statement, pointing out that prior to this, Omnipod was the only FDA-approved insulin pump system not covered by Medicare.

People with diabetes who aged into Medicare at 65 years old had to pay out of pocket to continue using Omnipod, and many lost access to the device.

“For years, the Society has championed the importance of covering the Omnipod in discussions with policymakers and regulators. Such access gives people with diabetes the freedom to choose the device that best suits their individual needs and helps them manage the chronic condition,” the Endocrine Society added.

The CMS guidance also allows Insulet to work toward gaining Medicaid coverage at the state level, as many state-run Medicaid programs follow CMS prescription drug guidance.

The guidance follows CMS’ last year to extend Medicare coverage to continuous glucose monitors , another move advocated for by the Society. And CMS announced last week it will provide coverage for the new Abbott FreeStyle Libre CGM, “offering consumers an additional choice.”

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Diabetic Supplies: Therapeutic Shoes And Inserts

Medicare Part B coverage includes therapeutic shoes or inserts for diabetics who have certain conditions ask the doctor who treats your diabetes if you need them. To make sure these supplies are covered by Medicare, please note:

  • A qualified doctor must prescribe the shoes or inserts.
  • A qualified doctor must provide and fit you for the shoes or inserts.
  • Medicare Part B covers one pair of custom-molded shoes or one pair of depth-inlay shoes per calendar year.
  • Medicare also covers two additional pairs of inserts each calendar year for custom-molded shoes and three pairs of inserts each calendar year for depth-inlay shoes.
  • In certain cases, shoe modifications may be substituted for inserts.
  • The supplier must have an order on file signed and dated by the treating doctor if you switch to a different supplier, you may need to have your prescription transferred or get a new prescription from your doctor. Make sure your supplier is enrolled in Medicare.

Want To Learn More About The Omnipod Dash System

Omnipod® DASH offers Pod-based insulin management to help you keep diabetes where you want itin the background. A wireless, waterproof,* concealable alternative to traditional pumps that gives you the freedom to simplify every day with diabetes. Get ready for a life without tubes or daily injections.

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Medicare Part D Coverage

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services allows Omnipod DASH® System to be covered under the Medicare Part D program. If your patient’s Part D carrier does not cover the Omnipod DASH® System, our Medicare Access team can work with your patient to help them secure a formulary exception. To learn more about this process, our Medicare Access team can be reached at .

What Health Plans Does Medicare Offer

Medicare has four parts:

  • Part A, or hospital insurance, covers hospital stays, skilled nursing homes, hospice care, and some home health care. Part A has no premium for those who have paid enough Medicare taxes. Part A has a deductible, which is an amount you pay for your care each year before the plan begins to pay.
  • Part B, or medical insurance, covers doctor visits, outpatient care, some home health care, medical equipment including insulin pumps, and some preventive services. You pay a monthly premium based on your income. After you pay the deductible each year, Part B pays 80 percent for most covered services, and you pay 20 percent.
  • Part B covers the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program for members with prediabetes. The MDPP provides healthy eating and physical activity training sessions and support over 12 months, which research shows can sharply lower diabetes risk.
  • Medicare Advantage Plans are private insurance plans that combine Medicare Part A and B benefits with extras such as medicine coverage. The Federal Government sets the basic rules for Medicare Advantage plans. However, youll find many options for extra services, along with different premiums and copayments. Covered services can change from year to year. Ask about
  • whether you need a referral to see a specialist
  • whether you must use doctors, clinics, or suppliers that belong to one plan, also called in network providers
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    Freestyle Libre + Medicare Too

    It was actually one day ahead of the OmniPod decision when the announcement came that CMS would allow Medicare coverage for the new Abbott FreeStyle Libre system a new kind of glucose monitor just approved by FDA in September 2017 and launched by Abbott Diabetes Care at the end of this past year.

    This likely happened so quickly due to the Dexcom G5 system decision a year ago in January 2017. CMS signed off on the Dexcom G5 continuous glucose monitor as a therapeutic tool because its now been FDA-cleared to be accurate enough to make insulin dosing and treatment decisions and that meant it was eligible for Medicare coverage.

    When the Dexcom decision first came down, it was in fact still only allowing for limited case-by-case Medicare coverage it did not set out a broad policy for national coverage, or offer any details on how that coverage would be implemented. In the following months, some Medicare vendors crafted policies on how that might work, and new billing codes for this therapeutic designation were developed.

    Fast forward to New Years 2018, and here we are with an initial Medicare coverage determination for the Libre.

    In its press release, Abbott noted, Medicare patients can access the FreeStyle Libre system by prescription through Edgepark Medical Supplies, Byram Healthcare, Solara Medical Supplies, Edwards Health Care Services, Better Living Now and Mini Pharmacy in the U.S.


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