Lift Chairs Covered By Medicaid


How To Know If A Lift Chair Is A Medical Necessity

Does Medicare Pays For Lift Chairs?

Medical necessity means the chair is necessary to treat or manage a patients medical condition. Now, strict conditions protect Medicares Lift Chair coverage. Therefore, it is important to know if and when a lift chair becomes a medical necessity.

  • When the patient can only use a bed instead of the chair
  • The patient cant stand up from a normal chair without external support
  • The patient can walk with some support after being helped to stand
  • A case where the patient suffers from mobility conditions, arthritis, and other serious body support illnesses

Kansas Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

Kancare is the Medicaid program for Kansas. The program is administered mainly by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services for senior Medicaid members.

Approval for coverage of Durable Medical Equipment is on a case-by-case basis, but there are several numbers you can call to find out more information. To see if you can get coverage for a lift chair, phone:

  • Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services 432-3535
  • Kancare Eligibility Elderly & Persons with Disabilities 792-4884

Cost Of Lift Chairs Through Medicare

Lift chairs can be expensive, typically ranging from $400 to $2,000 depending on the supplier and any additional features. Median lift chair costs are about $700.

Theres good news, though. If you have a prescription and purchase through a Medicare-participating supplier, you should be reimbursed for 80 percent of the cost of the chairs motorized lift. This usually reduces your overall cost by about $300, meaning your out-of-pocket costs for a lift chair could potentially be as little as $100. If you purchase a chair at the median $700 price point and receive the average $300 reimbursement, the total cost will be approximately $400. If you have any additional insurance or discounts, these may help lower your final cost as well.

Remember, you must meet your Medicare Part B deductible before Medicare begins paying 80 percent for approved products and services. If you havent already reached your deductible, expect to pay $203 in 2021 before you receive your 80 percent coverage.

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Determining Your Eligibility For A Lift Chair

Your eligibility depends on your physical and medical condition. Specifically, you need to demonstrate that:

  • You have severe arthritis or a severe neuromuscular disease in your knee or hip.

  • Youre unable to stand up from a regular chair without assistance.

  • The lift chair is an integral part of your treatment plan, as outlined and recommended by your doctor, and your primary care physician is prescribing it for improvement or stopping your current condition from worsening.

  • You can use the assistance of a walker or cane, but you dont use a wheelchair or scooter.

  • Your doctor is the attending or consulting physician for the treatment of the condition.

Pro-Tip: Before you submit your claim for a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter to Medicare, think it over! This claim automatically means that you wont be eligible for a future lift chair claim to Medicare.

For Medicare purposes, you, your physician, and your chosen supplier all need to meet a predetermined set of standards. However, your lift chair also needs to:

  • Be able to withstand repeated use

  • Be designed specifically for a medical condition

  • Be used inside the home for therapeutic benefits

  • Provide at least three years of use

Once all four aspects of your purchase meet Medicare standards, your Medicare Part B benefits kick in, covering up to 80% of your purchase. If you have no other supplemental insurance, youll be responsible for the remaining 20%.

What Is A Part B Deductible

Many individuals feel confused at this concept, but your Part B deductible is the amount you first need to pay out of your own pocket before your Medicare insurance coverage begins. In 2019, this figure rose to $185, up $2 from previous years.

Youll also be responsible for the 20% co-insurance, which is the amount left over from the actual cost of the chair.

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Will My Medicare Plan Cover A Lift Chair

Yes, lift chairs are covered by Part B of your Medicare coverage. They are considered durable medical equipment used to treat certain conditions like arthritis or other balance or mobility issues. These standards should be included in any Medicare Advantage Plan, too. You wont be covered for a lift chair if youre residing in a hospital or skilled nursing home for the time being. You also wont qualify if Medicare has already paid for a scooter, wheelchair, or another motorized device. The piece of equipment that is covered by Medicare is the motor and contraption that helps lift you out of the seat. Medicare wont cover chairs that use a spring device to lift you out. The fabric, cushion, and other accessories arent covered even though the device is built into the chair. In total, Medicare will pay for about 80 percent of the motorized device, and you will pay for the remaining 20 percent as well as the costs for the rest of the chair. Supplemental Medigap plans will help cover all the costs Medicare doesnt, too. Once you decide which chair you want, you will buy the chair and then you or your provider will submit a claim to Medicare. You will be reimbursed for the cost covered by Medicare. This price varies on which state you live in, but the reimbursement is typically between $280 and $300. There are medical standards for your lift chair to be covered by Medicare Part B. These standards include but are not limited to:

Changes To Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans are like your HMO or PPO and give you extended coverage. As of 2019, changes to the provisions of these plans may group lift chairs as an allowable supplemental health care benefit.These changes make it easier than ever for those with a specific injury or physical and medical need to access lift chairs in a cost-effective way.

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New Jersey Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

New Jersey Medicaid for seniors over 65 focuses on health care services and usually offers minimal Durable Medical Equipment coverage. Full or partial lift care Medicaid coverage may still be possible if the equipment is medically necessary and cant be provided under any other program.

New Jersey Medicaid may authorize renting a lift chair instead of purchasing the DME if its cost-effective and holds up to daily use. A lift chair might be entirely covered if you qualify for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled programs and receive Supplemental Security Income . To learn more, call:

  • Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services -1-800-356-1561

Nebraska Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

Will Medicare or Medicaid Pay for a Wheelchair Van?

The Nebraska Medicaid program is operated by the Department of Health and Human Services. If Durable Medical Equipment is medically necessary and prescribed by a physician, it is often fully covered.

Medicaid will likely pay for a lift chair in Nebraska if the treating physician specifies it provides a medically needed, therapeutic benefit for a diagnosed disease or condition, and its not to be in the home for comfort or convenience. The disease or condition for which a lift chair is prescribed must be severe enough that the patient cant get up from a regular chair, meaning that they would otherwise be confined to a bed or wheelchair for a lot of the time.

The prescribing physicians order for the lift chair or other DME must include Certification of Medical Necessity , and the equipment order must be hand-signed by them not stamped. The physician’s full name, address, and telephone number must also be present on the DME order.

For more information on Nebraska Medicaid eligibility for seniors, visit:

  • Nebraska Medicaid Eligibility 632-7633

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Some Quick Tips For Getting A Free Lift Chair If Youre Disabled:

  • 1Talk to your doctor and get one prescribed.
  • 2Ask your doctor if he or she is aware of any programs to cover the cost of a lift chair. Your doctor is likely aware of resources for free or low-cost Durable Medical Equipment.
  • 3Call your state agency and ask them about what programs they have for Free Durable Medical Equipment which falls under the Assistive Technology Act.
  • 4Be thoughtful and gracious to the people on the phone. Many of these agencies are understaffed. Please, thank you, and some understanding will motivate the person on the other end of the line to give you their best.
  • 5Always ask for a list of resources you might qualify for or to speak to a resource counselor. Even if you dont qualify for a free chair, you might qualify for other aid.
  • 6Demonstrate physical need. If you have a diagnosis, use it. Clear specifics help: I have severe arthritis in my knees and hips. A lift chair would help me be more independent because I could get out of my chair while my husband is at the store.
  • 7Demonstrate financial need. Know your financial situation before you call. Tax returns, SSID, SSI, or medicare/medicaid eligibility will help you prove you qualify for a free chair.
  • 8Avoid the phone at first. If your agency has an email contact, start there. You can write out your inquiry and save time skipping the hold music. Include
  • Medicare Lift Chair Reimbursement

    Here are additional details about the doctor evaluation and prescription needed to receive reimbursement for your lift chair. Your doctor will write the prescription if they feel that without it you may be confined to the chair or bed.

    Lift chairs are typically approved for patients with muscular dystrophy, severe arthritis and neuromuscular diseases. However, your doctor will help you determine whether you are eligible for this benefit.

    Your doctor will fill out the relevant sections of CMS-849, the same form you need to complete and file to receive the reimbursement.

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    Will Medicaid Cover My Lift Chair

    Most types of durable medical equipment, like lift chairs, adjustable beds, and wheelchairs, are covered by Medicaid, but the amount of coverage will be slightly different in each state.

    It is a good idea to Contact Your Local Medicaid Office, since the requirements and procedures can vary state by state.

    Certificate Of Medical Necessity

    In order to qualify for lift chair coverage, you have to start by making a doctors appointment. Talk to your doctor about writing a prescription for a lift chair. This is the first step in determining medical necessity. The doctor will need to complete parts B and D of Medicare form CMS-849. This form is also called the Certificate of Medical Necessity for Seat Lift Mechanisms form.

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    Does United Healthcare Cover Lift Chairs

    UnitedHealthcare offers a range of different Medicare Advantage plans through UnitedHealthcare Medicare Plans.

    All of these plans must offer at least the same coverage as Medicare Parts A and B, and so they will have the same coverage for the mechanized hydraulic lift part of a lift chair, as does Original Medicare, and with the same guidelines and criteria for qualification.

    Are You Affected By Medicares Competitive Bidding Program

    If youre planning to use Medicare to offset the cost of a lift chair, you should be aware that the Medicare Competitive Bidding program may apply to your purchase.

    It changes the amount of money Medicare pays for DME items according to location. Through this program, suppliers submit bids for DMEs and Medicare then uses these bids to set the amount theyre willing to pay for each item. There is some proof through longitudinal studies that show that this sometimes works in your favor because the competition drives prices of medical equipment down.

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    Montana Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

    The Department of Public Health and Human Services oversees the Montana Medicaid program. If a lift chair is considered medically necessary for you by a Montana Medicaid enrolled provider and supplier, you may receive it fully covered.

    To qualify for Montana Medicaid, you must be a state resident, age 65 or older, and meet low-income requirements. Montana residents who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income are automatically eligible for Medicaid. In addition to ongoing health care, Montana focuses on older adults being able to keep their independence in daily living.

    For more information on Medicaid and your lift chair coverage, phone:

    • Montana Medicaid Helpline 1-800-362-8312

    Learn If You Qualify Or Not:

    Medicare Wheelchair Requirements with the AAP and CTF

    First of all, you are a patient that needs that lift mechanism recliner to do your regular daily work. You have to get an appointment with a doctor or your physician in which he examines you well.

    Then the doctor well gives a prescription for a nice and suitable seat lift mechanism recliner. If you have the doctors prescription, then Medicare will help you buy that recliner, but they wont help you if you dont.

    In order to get that lift recliner, you need to get fil a from your doctor. Your authorized pride provider will send the form. He has a special form that you will take to your doctor or physician to fill out correctly.

    The form actually contains a series of questions about you and your medical condition. Most of the form is about your medical condition.

    The form is actually about Medicare which will help them to decide whether you are eligible for the lift recliner or not.

    In order to succeed and qualify for the seat lift mechanism for Medicare, you have to review the following stipulations of Medicare which is why you are here for your query does Medicaid cover lift chairs?.

    These Stipulations are given below.

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    Lift & Care Systems Now Accepts Medicare And Medicaid For Patient Lifts In Massachusetts

    Lift & Care Systems is happy to announce that they earned accreditation to accept Medicare and Massachusetts Medicaid for patient lifts. The certification, granted by the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation , allows to sell and service for Medicaid and Medicare customers. There are some limitations to the patient lifts eligible for the program based on the individual customers insurance coverage.

    Michigan Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

    The Department of Health and Human Services manages Michigans Medicaid program, and DME is covered for those 65+ with a confirmed medical diagnosis suitable to the equipment.

    The DME group covered by Michigan Medicaid is referred to as Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies . The least costly option that still meets the patients medical needs is expected for all DMEPOS. In the case of lift chair coverage, that would mean the most basic model with only the features that your doctor specifies helps your condition.

    Medicaid will likely pay if your medical need for a lift chair meets the requirements. Your doctor will need to specify that youre unable to use a regular chair at home, whether due to severe arthritis or another musculoskeletal condition. Once standing from the lift chair, you also must be able to walk when exiting the chair.

    For questions on Michigan Medicaid and DME phone:

    • 1-844-239-7387

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    Does Medicare Pay For Lift Chairs For The Elderly

    Medicare does provide some coverage for lift chairs, provided a doctor prescribes it for a medical reason. However, Medicare does not cover the entire cost for the chair. The motorized lifting mechanism is considered durable medical equipment , which is covered under Part B.

    Prosthetic And Orthotic Items

    Orthopedic shoes only when theyre a necessary part of a leg braceArm, leg, back, and neck braces , as long as you go to a supplier thats enrolled in MedicareArtificial limbs and eyesBreast prostheses after a mastectomyOstomy bags and certain related suppliesUrological suppliesTherapeutic shoes or inserts for people with diabetes who have severe diabetic foot disease.

    Cataract glassesConventional glasses or contact lenses after surgery with insertion of an intraocular lensIntraocular lenses

    Important: Only standard frames are covered. Medicare will only pay for contact lenses or eyeglasses provided by a supplier enrolled in Medicare, no matter who submits the claim .

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    Medicaid And The Beneficiarys Place Of Residence Impact

    Despite there being hundreds of different Medicaid programs, most programs have similar processes for DME acquisition. These processes largely depend on the location in which the individual resides and intends to use the item. The process and rules are different for those living at home vs. in a nursing home. It is worth noting that the definition of at home is more broadly interpreted by some states than others. At home can include living in a family members home, in independent living or in some cases even in assisted living communities.

    Massachusetts Medicaid Lift Chair Coverage

    Senior Care Options in Massachusetts, operated through MassHealth, is for those 65+, and Medicaid and Medicare benefits are combined. This partnership between the two health programs offers no copays plus support services. Will Medicaid pay for a lift chair? As part of the program combined with Medicare in Massachusetts, SCO likely could cover the lift chair in total if you medically require it. For questions, call:

    • SCO Boston Medical Center 1-855-833-8124

    According to MassHealth DME guidelines for coverage for assistive technology such as lift chairs, the first step is to get a prescription for the item from your doctor. They must note that you cant use a regular chair due to a specific diagnosis such as severe arthritis in the knees or hip or neuromuscular disease. You must then source an approved supplier, fill out the required paperwork, and wait for approval or denial of your DME request. For questions:

    • MassHealth questions – 841-2900

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    What Are Accessories

    While a power chair has many aspects that make it functional, you may still want to customize certain aspects for your own comfort needs. Each person is different, and certain disabilities may require particular accessories or adjustments to the power chair. Some examples of accessories include headrest extensions, armrest extensions, reinforced back upholstery, a reclining back, and other custom parts that change the wheelchairs design. It doesnt matter what accessory is being added, so long as it meets the following criteria: the accessory must be necessary in order for the patient to function within the home and throughout daily life. Each accessory must have a written request by a physician.


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