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Exciting New Dental Benefits For You

Kids Dental Place and Teen Dental Place East LA HERO 1613H


Starting February 1, 2019, our members ages 21 and older will get up to $500 per year in dental benefits, including:

  • Dental exams and cleanings
  • One whole mouth set of x-rays
  • Simple tooth extractions

And you will leave your appointments with a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss so you can keep your smile healthy at home!

The Braces Place Is Dedicated To Families With Masshealth Standard Insurance

Dr. Rizkallah is the President of the Medicaid Orthodontists of Massachusetts Association, and he is often able to accomplish difficult approvals by working very hard to ensure every needy child is covered for their Medicaid orthodontic entitlements.

If you have MassHealth Standard and are under the age of 21, you are welcome to contact any of our 6 offices and we will file for MassHealth Coverage for you.


If you are approved for coverage by MassHealth, you will not have any out-of-pocket costs for your orthodontic braces.


  • If you have been denied coverage at a different office, dont give up! Let us submit for your coverage.
  • We will provide you with a very affordable solution if your need for braces was not bad enough to be covered by MassHealth.

    If you already have MassHealth Braces on from a different office and you have moved close to one of our offices, Please fill out the form above and we will submit for transfer coverage to an office nearest your home.

    You may also transfer between our offices if you move while in braces.

    Our Dentists Accept Medicaid & Chip

    Keem Smile Dentistry is Family and Cosmetic Dentist Office Located In Houston TX 77084. Our dentist provides quality, professional, general, cosmetic and orthodontic dental care to children and adults of all ages.We are a Texas Health Care Provider and we Proudly Accept Medicaid patients in our office. We have been providing Exceptional Dental care for patients of all ages with Medicaid in Houston TX. We are Open Weekend so you dont have to take a day off from work to see a dentist We are Equipped With the latest technology for accurate diagnosis and Our Dentists. are Experienced. Please call us at 832-906-6127 to Schedule Your Next Dentist Visit With Us, Your Dentist That Accepts Medicaid Near You. Thanks

    Texas Mediciad Plans We Accept

    • Traditional Medciaid

    So if you have or may know anyone that is in need of dental care and can benefit from one of these procedures then have them contact us to schedule an appointment or you can also Book Online. Our office offers same day appointments and same day emergency services and can help you maintain the health of your gums and teeth. So scheduling your dental check-up and cleanings every six months is the key to preventing the need for any additional procedures or surgeries. As long as you keep up with your daily oral care as well as take a trip to our Medicaid dentists every six months, the chances of you having cavities or other tooth related problems are dramatically decreased.

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    How Can I Find A Top

    You can use Zocdoc to find Medicaid Chiropractors in Alexandria who are highly rated by other patients. These ratings are based on verified reviews submitted by real patients. Every time a patient completes an appointment booked on Zocdoc, theyre invited to review their experience. Each review must comply with Zocdocs guidelines.

    Will Louisiana Medicaid Cover Dental Care And Orthodontics

    Who Accepts Medicaid For Braces

    Medicaid is a federal program administered by states to ensure low-income Americans can access health care coverage. To qualify, you must have limited income and resources. In compliance with federal rules, each state determines the financial threshold and other eligibility requirements applicable to state residents. People enrolled in Medicaid include:

    • Adults with limited means

    Dental care for children with Medicaid

    The Childrens Health Insurance Program is a low-cost health insurance program for children in families where the household income exceeds the level that would qualify them for Medicaid but falls below the level needed to purchase private insurance. CHIP is available in every state and partners with the Medicaid program.

    Every state must provide access to dental coverage for every child covered by Medicaid and CHIP. All children enrolled in Medicaid get the comprehensive dental benefit known as Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment . At minimum, states must provide dental services that include:

    • Pain and infection relief
    • Dental health maintenance


    Orthodontia falls under restorative services. However, coverage applies only if the braces are medically necessary. States can decline coverage for braces requested for cosmetic reasons.


    • Qualified Disabled and Working Individuals

    Dental care for adults with Medicaid

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    Dont Waste Any More Time Wondering Where To Get Braces For Your Child

    There is no charge for an orthodontic consultation at Orthodontic Experts. This is necessary for digital x-rays and any other dental record for the initial stages. Once an orthodontic case is submitted for pre-approval, it generally takes 3-4 weeks for the case to be evaluated by the All Kids administrator. Our staff at Orthodontic Experts will contact you as soon as we receive the approval decision from All Kids.

    If your child is selected for braces treatment, we will schedule you to come back to our orthodontic office to get started on your childs orthodontic treatment.

    Our orthodontists accept All Kids insurance and provide Public Aid orthodontic treatment to the residents of the following areas. For more detailed information about orthodontic coverage by All Kids, visit our Illinois Public Aid Braces website.

    You can also visit one of our orthodontic offices for a complimentary consultation. We have offices in Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Burbank, Chicago Bucktown, Chicago Pilsen, DeKalb, Harwood Heights, Rockford, and Mundelein.

    Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to serve the following locations:

    Cook County

    Dental Insurance And Medicaid Dentistry

    Importance of Medicaid Dentists

    Many people dont have dental insurance coverage, and those who do may only have limited benefits. The cost of dental care can be prohibitive for those without dental insurance. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, the average cost of dental services for an individual without dental insurance is $1,500. In addition, for people with dental insurance, dental services may be expensive even if they only have coverage for essential services. For example, a standard full-service teeth cleaning may cost $200 or more.

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    Answer These Questions To Help You Choose A Health Plan:

    • Do you want to keep your doctor or clinic, or do you want a new one?
    • Does the health plan have the doctors, hospitals and specialists you use? To find out, go to Find a provider.
    • Do you need a Primary Care Provider who speaks a certain language?
    • Does anyone in your family have special health needs?
    • What extra services does the health plan have? To see each health plans extra services, go to Compare plans. Or read a PDF of the medical comparison chart.
    • Does the health plan offer all the prescription medicines you take? For the list of medicines that all health plans offer, and for links to each health plans preferred drug list, click here.

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    What Medicaid Dentists Do

    பலà¯? பிரà®à¯?னà¯à®à®³à¯?à®à¯?à®à¯? தà¯à®°à¯?வà¯?! | Doctor On Call | 02/07/2020 | PuthuyugamTV

    Medicaid dentists are crucial in ensuring everyone has access to dental care, regardless of their income. Medicaid dentists work with various patients, from those who cannot afford to pay the total price to those on welfare. They also treat patients who have private insurance and those who are covered through the governments health care program for the poor, Medicare.

    Dentists on Medicaid typically receive a lower payment than dentists who work with private insurance or Medicare. This is because the government pays a lower rate for services rendered by dentists who work with Medicaid patients. However, this does not mean that Medicaid dentists do not provide high-quality care. Many Medicaid dentists are experts in dental biology and have developed innovative ways of treating their patients.

    In addition to providing quality dental care, Medicaid dentists play an important role in promoting healthy oral habits among their patients. Education and outreach programs help ensure that all patients know how to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid tooth decay.

    Overall, Medicaid dentists are essential members of the dental community. Their work helps ensure that everyone has access to quality dental care.

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    Mailing Address And Practice Location

    Mailing Address
    Dr Dan A Holt, DC1900 Lamy Ln, Suite A,Monroe, LA 71201-9207 Dr Dan A Holt, DC1900 Lamy Ln, Suite A,Monroe, LA 71201-9207
    Practice Location: 1112 Oliver Rd, Monroe, LA 71201Phone: 318-512-4951
    Practice Location: 1400 Royal Ave, Monroe, LA 71201Phone: 318-323-7246
    Practice Location: 3219 Sterlington Rd, Monroe, LA 71203Phone: 318-387-5388
    Medicare: Not Enrolled in MedicarePractice Location: 2107 Justice St, Monroe, LA 71201Phone: 318-325-6325 Fax: 318-325-6064
    Practice Location: 1112 Oliver Rd, Monroe, LA 71201Phone: 318-512-4951
    Practice Location: 1212 Stubbs Ave, Monroe, LA 71201Phone: 318-325-6685 Fax: 318-322-7425

    Medicare Program:NPI Number:Our Data:

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    Which States Have Emergency Adult Dental Coverage

    There are situations where the need for dental care becomes an emergency. Infections of the mouth can be very dangerous due to the proximity to the brain.

    What counts as a dental emergency can vary from state to state. If it is life-threatening or requires surgery, then it is an emergency. Severe and acute pain is probably an emergency, so you can probably get extractions if needed as well.

    If you arent sure if you are in an emergency, your best course of action is to call a dentist or have someone call for you. They will be able to advise on the situation.

    States with only emergency adult dental:

    If you live in one of these states, Medicaid will cover you in a dental emergency. If you need treatment outside of this, see above for resources for those without dental coverage.

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    How Does Medicaid Dental Coverage Work

    In all of the United States, each state is required to have a Medicaid program that meets mandatory criteria set by the federal government. In all of the states, these minimum requirements do not include dental for adults, only for those who are under the age of 21.

    However, after the passing of the Affordable Care Act, states can now extend those original benefits to offer more healthcare to a larger group of its residents. Many extensions include at least some adult dental coverage, and some even have full coverage. However, there are a few states which have no adult dental benefits added to their Medicaid program.

    Depending on your state of residence, the type of care available to you is one of the following: none, emergency, limited, and comprehensive.

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    Orthodontists Accepting Medicaid For Adult Braces

    Dentist That Accept Medicaid For Braces In Louisiana

    Finding local orthodontists that accept Medicaid for braces for adults will prove enormously challenging because the publically-funded program rarely supports these benefits for recipients past their 21st birthday.

    These three examples illustrate how the least expensive treatment rule interacts with the need for a medically necessary reason.

  • Brand Names
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    Is There A Difference Between A General Dentist And An Orthodontist

    Who should you counsel about your childs bite problems? Is it truly necessary to see an orthodontist, or would a general dentist suffice? It is recommended that you seek the opinion of an orthodontist to address your question.

    Orthodontists are specialists who have spent several years studying and analyzing after graduating from dentistry school. The orthodontic residency lasts two to three years and focuses on biting disorders their causes, types, treatment, and prevention, among other things.

    What Is A Root Canal Procedure

    Root canal treatment is designed to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal, prevent reinfection of the tooth and save the natural tooth. When one. undergoes a root canal, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the. inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed.

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    Orthodontists Use Oral Appliances To Correct Bite Problems

    Orthodontists are greatly acknowledged for the usage of fillings form to fix bite problems, however they are not the only thing that qualify for help. There are numerous different kinds of orthodontic appliances, and whether or not theyre covered by way of Medicaid relies upon their scientific necessity.

    Below are the types of orthodontic appliances used in lieu or alongside with brace or fillings:

    • Brackets and wires

    How long after dental implants can i eat normally?

    Orthodontic Clinics That Are The Best In Each State

    How to Fill Out a CMS1500 Medical Claim Form for Dental Procedures

    Orthodontists account for only 2% of all dentists in the United States, according to the American Journal of Orthodontics. Approximately 1,300 dentists report practicing orthodontics either full-time or in addition to regular dentistry.

    The nicest part about this profession is that orthodontists can be found in at least 48 states, with North Dakota having one and New York having the most . California and Nevada have the highest concentration of orthodontists, while Mississippi has the lowest. The states per capita income has a significant impact on this.

    Only 15% of orthodontic practitioners possess the American Board of Orthodontics, despite the fact that more than 84 percent claim to be in the exclusive practise of the speciality.

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    How Do Government Dentalplans Work

    Most Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP plans cover dental services such as dental exam, x-rays, teeth cleaning, tooth extractions, root canals, crowns and more. We recommend contacting your insurer for details on your particular plan. Our Financial Advisors can help navigate your individual insurance benefits coverage. We also offer a variety of flexible financing and payment plans to help you cover any out of pocket treatment costs.

    Welcome To Moffit Orthodontics

    At Moffit Orthodontics, we do more than straighten teeth: we change the world, one person and one smile at a time!

    Dr. Katie E. Moffit and our team continue to uphold the outstanding reputation of Dr. William J. Sansing Orthodontics. We are family-oriented, friendly, and deliver confidently beautiful smiles!

    We know you have specific orthodontic goals and concerns and want to learn what you need. Dr. Moffit will talk with you before she crafts your unique treatment plan, making sure your orthodontic experience is efficient, affordable, comfortable, and gives you a life-changing smile!

    We offer clear and metal braces for all ages, as well as early orthodontic treatment and palatal expanders. For adults and teens, we offer Invisalign® Treatment with clear aligners.

    Moffit Orthodontics uses cutting-edge technology, such as the iTero® Element scanner for digital impressions. These comfortable scans provide a detailed, 3D model of your teeth and gums, which Dr. Moffit uses as she develops your treatment plan.

    Our Central Louisiana orthodontic office, in Alexandria, serves Pineville and surrounding communities. Please contact us to schedule a visit with Dr. Moffit and her team we cant wait to welcome you to the Moffit Orthodontic Family!

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    What Happens During An Orthodontic Consult

    The FREE orthodontic consult allows the orthodontist to identify potential issues with your childs smile.

    • Early action means less chance of tooth removal later on.
    • Braces can help guide permanent teeth and jaw growth.
    • Starting early means addressing minor issues before they become bigger problems.

    Telling your child that they have a consultation with an orthodontist can send them into a panic, so it might help ease that anxiety by explaining what to expect. The orthodontists office isnt a scary place, and we take special care to make kids feel comfortable.

    Heres what you can expect and why we need to do it:

    • X-rays and imaging studies help determine the best treatment plan because they show whats going on beneath the gums.
    • Review the treatment plan and all recommendations so that you and your child understand what will happen.
    • Answer any questions about the process so that you feel confident about each step.
    • Work out pricing to make sure it fits within your budget so that you arent stressed about your childs care.

    In many cases, your child can start treatment the same day as the consultation, as long as everybody is comfortable with the plan.

    Why Does Medicaid Refuse To Pay For Orthodontic Dental Services Treatment

    Dentist That Accept Medicaid For Braces In Louisiana

    Unless the treatment is medically essential or even for low income families, most insurance plans do not cover orthodontic therapy. Its also possible that the quantity provider varies by state for low income families.

    Consult your childs orthodontist first to determine clinical necessity with the smile providers. An orthodontist is the best person to determine if your childs teeth misalignment and bite difficulties are affecting not only his or her dental health, but also his or her physical and emotional well-being. If they do, Medicaid will cover a large percentage of the orthodontic treatment costs.

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    How Can I Get Braces With Medicaid

    First, it is important to understand that Medicaid will only cover orthodontic braces for children under 21. There are some new dental benefits of Medicaid braces for adults but this does not extend to braces or orthodontics. So if you are an adult with Medicaid and want braces, while our Medicaid orthodontist can definitely support you, it is important to understand that Medicaid insurance may not help you with the costs associated with braces. However, this is why we have a large variety of payment options

    Moreover, if your orthodontic needs are declared medically necessary, we will help you find out if your Medicaid insurance will cover the costs for braces. Even though your childs braces may not be completely free, but Medicaid orthodontic coverage can help pay for most of the costs. Additionally, It is important to note that Medicaid will not cover adult braces for free.


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