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Single Widowed And Divorced Medicaid Applicants

Montgomery County company helps Pennsylvania nursing homes battle coronavirus

The answer to the resource limit question is a bit more straightforward for a single applicant than for a married applicant. For a single, non-married applicant, the resource limit depends on the persons gross monthly income.

If a non-married person applying for benefits has more than $2,382 of gross monthly income, then the resource limit for countable resources is $2,400. If the applicant has gross income which is $2,382 or less, then the persons resource limit is $8,000. Examples of countable assets include checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, brokerage accounts, and non-resident real estate.

This income limit, now $2,382 /month, normally changes on January 1st of each year. This monthly figure represents 300% of the federal SSI benefit amount and is usually revised upwards each year due to inflation. $2,382 is the income threshold amount for 2021. This number is expected to be revised upwards by a few dollars on January 1, 2022.

Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing

Wesley Enhanced Living Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center, is a restful, therapeutic place in which to recuperate after an illness or surgery, or receive ongoing care. Redefining what is traditionally thought of as nursing home, the center provides residents with high-quality care in a setting that emphasizes safety, comfort, socialization and respect for each individual. Wesley Enhanced Living Doylestown was recently ranked #25 on the list of Best Nursing Homes as listed by U.S. News.

Our staff provides a comprehensive range of treatments including I.V. therapy, wound care, tube feedings and more. Collaborating with our medical director are nurses, social workers, dietitians, a therapeutic recreation specialist, clergy, a psychiatrist and nursing assistantsall dedicated to ensuring that residents receive precisely the kind of care they need for optimal health and quality of life.

We offer attractive, homelike private or semi-private rooms, two dining rooms and cozy living areas where residents can relax, socialize with family, or participate in activities. During the warmer months, residents and visitors can also enjoy a lovely enclosed patio and adjacent garden. To help residents look and feel their best, professional bedside salon services are also available for hair care and manicures.

How to Pay for Nursing Care

Paying For Nursing Homes In Montgomery County Pa

Another important decision that must be made when your loved one requires Nursing Care is how to pay for the facility. The average cost of a skilled nursing home in Pennsylvania is $9,198.61 per month. When the cost of care is so high, families should consider the various ways to pay for the needed care.

Several options exist to pay for nursing homes in Montgomery County PA.

1) Long Term Care Insurance long term care insurance can be an attractive way to help pay for a skilled nursing facility. Some policies pay $100-$200 per day towards the cost of care.

Unfortunately, very few people actually own long term care insurance. There are a couple reasons for this. Most people do not know long term care insurance exists. Even if they do, many people do not think they will ever need to use it. Most important, long term care insurance can be very expensive. The premiums can add up to many thousands of dollars over the years.

If your family member is about to enter a skilled nursing facility, it is too late to purchase long term care insurance.

2) Private Pay most familys private pay to cover the cost of the facility. This means that the entire nursing home bill is paid from fixed income like Social Security and Pensions and net worth. Private paying becomes expensive immediately. At $9,000.00 per month, net worth is depleted rapidly.

Eventually your family member will be eligible for Medicaid. But they will have spent down their entire net worth on care.

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Pennsylvania Aging Waiver Program

At the time of this writing, the $2,382 figure is also the income-cap, generally speaking, for access to the Pennsylvania Aging Waiver Program. The Aging Waiver program provides home and community-based services for those who might otherwise require nursing facility care but who can be safely cared for at home. The resource limit for Aging Waiver Program is $8,000, but as a general rule the applicants gross income needs to be at or under $2,382/month. There is a way to spend-down income to become eligible for Aging Waiver services, but it is not practical for many people, so although it is possible, it is not often pursued without the help of a lawyer. Most Pennsylvania seniors with gross income over $2,382/month are not able to access the Aging Waiver Program, and can more easily qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay for nursing home care. This is unfortunate since it is often preferable to care for loved ones at home and out of nursing facilities.

When A Nursing Home Is Medically Necessary

Eastern Montgomery County Elder Law Attorney

Medicaid will pay for a nursing home only when it is medically necessary, meaning that a doctor has said you need a nursing home because you have a condition that requires more care than just room and board. This is called meeting the “nursing home level of care.” In Pennsylvania, to meet the nursing home level of care, you must show that either you need skilled nursing or rehabilitation services or that you need some kind of health-related care to be provided to you on a regular basis. You must show that you cannot provide the care yourself and that you need some type of licensed staff to provide services for you.

In Pennsylvania, before you are admitted to a nursing home, you will get a Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review . PASRR screening is intended to assess whether you meet the nursing home level of care and also whether a particular facility can meet your needs.

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While Hospitals Are Battling Front

Capital-Star Guest Contributor

Yetta Timothy, a 27-year veteran certified nursing assistant, speaks on the Capitol steps at a rally to increase nursing home staffing on March 26, 2021.

Bob Bertolette

While we applaud the proposed investment in hospital front-line health care workers announced this week by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, nursing homes continue to be Ground Zero for the pandemic. Our members staff, residents, and their families continue to reel under the pressure of the pandemic and its impact on our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians.

A lack of funding is creating a harrowing trend weve pointed out repeatedly during the pandemic: High-quality, nonprofit nursing homes are closing or being forced to sell to out-of-state corporations. This month, the Jewish Home of Greater Harrisburg joined the list. Since 2020, nursing homes in Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown, and Berks and Montgomery counties have closed or sold.

While hospitals are battling front-line issues now, the trouble for nursing homes started long before the pandemic.

Hospital care during COVID-19 makes headlines, but nursing homes cannot be forgotten. Lawmakers and the Wolf administration must release emergency funding and provide a robust increase in Medicaid funding in the upcoming 2022-23 fiscal budget. Without this, history shows more nursing homes will close their doors.

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Protecting Assets From Long Term Care Costs In Pa: Irrevocable Trusts

When an irrevocable trust is designed correctly with the help of an experienced Pennsylvania estate planning attorney and when assets are contributed to it at least 5 years prior to applying for Medicaid, those assets will be protected from nursing home costs.

Once assets are contributed to the trust, the trust becomes the legal owner and the terms can not be changed. However, its possible to continue receiving certain benefits from the assets contributed to the trust, such as income rights.

Not structuring the trust correctly can result in assets being consider countable and/or being subject to the Medicaid estate recovery process later on.

As a fiduciary financial advisor with retirement planning expertise, we work in coordination with experienced Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys to assist our retirement planning clients with trust planning when appropriate.

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About Montgomery County Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

Montgomery County Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes are residential facilities for older adults who require assistance with daily care in Montgomery County, PA. Many of the same services provided by Assisted Living may also be provided at a Nursing Home. Assistance may include Montgomery County nursing and elderly care as well as help with household chores, daily living activities, and transportation. Montgomery County Nursing Homes can provide short-term rehabilitative services to people recovering from hospital stays, as well as long-term care for people who do not require hospitalization but cannot be cared for at home.

You may contact Assisted Living & Nursing Homes for questions about:

  • Montgomery County senior living and housing
  • Assisted living communities
  • Montgomery County nursing home care
  • Senior healthcare programs

Protecting Assets From Long Term Care Costs In Pa: Long

Montco Nursing Home Says They Haven’t Received Enough Coronavirus Vaccines | NBC10

Purchasing long-term care insurance can be reasonable in some cases, but there are many risks.

First, long-term care insurance providers generally reserve the right to raise premiums on existing policyholders after policies are issued. Existing policyholders are often forced to choose between either paying higher premiums to keep the same level of coverage, paying the same premium and accepting a reduced coverage amount, or discontinuing premiums all together and receiving some benefit based on the amount already paid.

Its already uncertain whether youll need to go to a nursing home, how much it will cost, and how long the stay will be. Long-term care insurance further complicates this because future premium costs are uncertain as well. It’s difficult to perform a cost/benefit analysis without knowing the future cost of the insurance premiums.

Second, your policy may not provide benefits for the type of care you want. For example, your policy may only provide coverage for care in a facility. What happens if youre able to receive sufficient care at home, and youd much rather stay at home then go into a facility? Do you go to the facility so that your long-term care insurance policy will pay, or do you stay in your own home and pay for the care out of your own pocket?

Heres a hypothetical exampleDeposit $50k today, receive up to $200k for long-term care costs 20 years from now, and receive $100k in death benefit if you dont need the long-term care.

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Here Are The Number Of Coronavirus Cases And Deaths At Each Nursing And Long

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PA State officials have released specifics on the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Montgomery County and throughout Pennsylvania.

There are a total of 87 facilities in Montgomery County listed in the recent statistics issued by the state that have confirmed cases of the virus.

About 87 percent of coronavirus deaths in all of Montgomery County are in nursing homes. Other nearby counties have seen similiarly high rates. Statewide, the facilities account for about 68 percent of deaths.

In Pennsylvania Montgomery County Is Ranked 37th Of 67 Counties In Assisted Living &

This nursing home accepts patients covered by medicare. Winter, spring, summer or fall. Executive care of montgomery county, pa is an affordable alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Recognized as one of us news best nursing homes. The overall average medicare 5 star quality rating for pennsylvania skilled nursing homes is 3.3 which ranks 34. There are a total of 87 facilities in montgomery county listed in the recent statistics issued by the state that have. Types of problems at nursing homes. World report, an authority in health care rankings, evaluated more than 15,000 homes nationwide. 1380 southern ave se washington, dc 20032 this facility offers state licensed nursing home services. The pennsylvania department of aging medicaid waiver provides home and community based services to seniors who require nursing facility care, but elect to live and receive care in their own homes or in other community living arrangements, such as a domiciliary care home. Visit our website to learn more! Personal care homes assisted living & amp nursing homes in montgomery, wv ratings, costs, occupancy, and salary information for 2 skilled nursing facilities in montgomery, wv is based on data from

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Who Uses The Ombudsman

  • Residents of nursing, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and domiciliary care homes.
  • Individuals receiving long-term care services in their homes and community.
  • Families and friends of individuals who live in nursing or personal care homes.
  • Staff of long-term care facilities
  • Government agencies

In Situations Where Its Financially Feasible Paying For Nursing Home Costs Privately Has Several Advantages Compared To Paying Through Medicaid:

Eastern Montgomery County Elder Law Attorney
  • Depending on where you live, a Medicaid recipient will have less choice of facilities. Not all facilities accept Medicaid payments.

  • Medicaid recipients may have longer wait times to get into a facility. Especially in the Philadelphia suburbs, many nursing homes have wait lists. Limiting your search to only those nursing homes who accept Medicaid may extended wait times.

  • Theres more complexity with attempting to qualify for Medicaid compared to paying for care yourself.

    • First off, some of the techniques to attempt to qualify for Medicaid have costs and tradeoffs that must be incurred long before its clear whether youll ever have an extended stay in a nursing home.

    • Second, because the government is paying for those using Medicaid, they need to conduct due diligence, which can be extensive.

    • Further, the increased complexity doesnt end at death. Medicaid may use the estate recovery process to attempt to recoup what it paid for nursing home costs from a deceaseds estate. The Medicaid estate recovery process can extend all the way until the time when the Medicaid recipients spouse dies as well.

    The information below is an overview of a few techniques that can be used to protect assets from nursing home costs in Pennsylvania.

    It is not designed to be an exhaustive list.

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    Medicaid For Pennsylvanians Needing Home Health Care

    Home health care can include skilled nursing or therapy services, home health aide services like medication management or bathing assistance, and personal care aide services like meal preparation or cleaning. Pennsylvania has several programs that offer payment for home care services.

    First, if you receive Medicaid, the program will pay for some limited home care services. The services must be prescribed by your doctor as part of a plan of care for a particular problem, and the services must be directed at curing or rehabilitating you.

    Home Care Options For Seniors: Alternatives To Nursing Homes

    Pennsylvania is the 4th oldest State in our country, and caring for our senior population is a growing concern. It has been estimated that 80% of the dollars spent on elders goes toward institutional, or nursing home, care. However, services that can be provided in ones home and community are generally both more cost-effective and more desirable by consumer. As a result, we are starting to see a shift to expand funding and options for home and community based services . Through HCBS, seniors can experience increased independence, choice, control, and dignity as they age.

    Home and Community Based Services provide funding to allow aged or disabled persons to remain in their community and live independently in their homes. HCBS include services designed to prevent nursing home care, such as personal care, assistance with activities of daily living, homemaker services, protective supervision, home nursing, therapeutic services, home health aides, adult day programs , respite care, certain home modifications, and case management services.

    Many of the HCBS for seniors are offered through Pennsylvanias Waiver programs, which are funded by both Federal and State monies. Specifically, the Aging Waiver, the Attendant Care Waiver and the LIFE program are all in this category.

    Pittsburgh, PA1600 Law & Finance Building429 4th AvenuePittsburgh, PA 15219P: 412.313.5510Central PAP: 814.485.7100

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    This is an ongoing situation and we will continue. Lower bucks hospital coordinated home care program. Rehab at shannondell is located at 5000 shannondell drive in norristown , pennsylvania 19403. Recognized as one of us news best nursing homes. Broomall rehabilitation and nursing center. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 815.000+ postings in montgomery county, pa and other big cities in usa. Learn more about what makes five star senior living the best option for you or your loved one. Keystone first is pennsylvania& #x27 s largest medical assistance managed care health plan serving more than 400,000 medical assistance recipients in southeastern pennsylvania including bucks, chester, delaware, montgomery, and philadelphia counties. This nursing home accepts patients covered by medicare. Search and apply for the latest home care nurse jobs in montgomery county, pa. Memory care in east norriton. These nursing homes can be. nursing homes per capita, and 3rd of 67.

    Medicaid Nursing Homes In Montgomery County Pa. Elder care services alzheimer& #x27 s care & amp The average cost of a skilled nursing home in pennsylvania is $9,198.61 per month. Please enter a full or partial nursing care facility name. Winter, spring, summer or fall. Recognized as one of us news best nursing homes.

    Locations near montgomery pa home health. Broomall rehabilitation and nursing center. Please enter a full or partial nursing care facility name.

    List Of Montgomery County Assisted Living & Nursing Homes

    Medicare & Medicaid Pittsburgh PA | (724) 934-5044

    Find Montgomery County, Pennsylvania assisted living and nursing homes.

    Aristacare At Meadow Springs 845 Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, PA

    Artis Senior Living 680 American Avenue King of Prussia, PA

    Del Val Residential Care 1430 DeKalb Street Norristown, PA

    Dock Terrace 275 Dock Drive Lansdale, PA

    Gwynedd Square Nursing Center 773 Sumneytown Pike Lansdale, PA

    Harston Hall 350 Haws Lane Flourtown, PA

    Health Center At The Hill At Whitemarsh 4000 Fox Hound Drive Lafayette Hill, PA

    Hillcrest Center 1245 Church Road Wyncote, PA

    Holy Redeemer Hospital Trans Care Unit 1648 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley, PA

    Hopkins Center 8100 Washington Lane Wyncote, PA

    Masonic Village At Lafayette Hill 801 Ridge Pike Lafayette Hill, PA

    Meadowood 3205 West Skippack Pike Worcester, PA

    Parkhouse Providence Pointe 1600 Black Rock Road Royersford, PA

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