How To Order A New Medicaid Card


What If I Don’t Want My Medicaid Doctors And Providers To See My Health Information Through This Website

Activating a NYS Medicaid Card for P-EBT Food Benefits

You can “opt out” of sharing. “Opt-out” means that you choose not to share your health information. To opt out, go to and then:

  • Click Log In in the upper-right corner.
  • Enter your user name and password. If you don’t have an account, click Create a new account and follow the instructions.
  • Click Manage.
  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the “Quick Links” section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Click .
  • Find your name, and click Don’t Share Facts about my Health in the “Share Facts About My Health” tab.
  • You can also opt out by calling 800-252-8263. If you opt out, we won’t share your health information with Medicaid doctors or other providers.

    How Do You Get Another Medicare Card

    My card is lost or damaged Log into your Medicare account to print an official copy of your Medicare card. You can also call us at 1-800-MEDICARE to order a replacement card. TTY users can call 1-877-486-2048.

    My name changed Your Medicare card shows the name you have on file with Social Security. Get details from Social Security if you legally changed your name.

    Protect your identity

    How To Replace A Texas Medicaid Card

    In this resource guide, I will show you how to replace a lost Texas Medicaid card.

    Getting another Medicaid card is important, especially if you need to visit your doctor. Luckily the process of getting a replacement Texas Medicaid card is easy. You simply need to call Texas Health and Human Services.

    Continue reading this article to learn which Texas Medicaid phone number you need to dial to get a new Medicaid card in the mail.

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    Can I Print A Replacement Medicaid Card

    In the state of New York, you cannot print a replacement card. In other states you can, so people may be confused to learn this if they have recently moved. It is not legal to print replacement cards from your home.

    This is partly because Medicaid fraud is common in New York and the state government wants to ensure that cards are not being used for more than one person. To keep your card and yourself safe, make sure you are not giving your ID number out.

    You can also follow these tips to avoid fraud:

    Never post your Medicaid number of information online

    Treat the medical card the same as your social security card and keep it in a safe place. Do not share the number with anyone.

    Never give the number to people who come to your home saying they need it for medical testing or exams.

    The only people that should have your Medicaid number are yourself and your doctors. The only time you should show people your Medicaid card is when you are visiting a clinic or hospital.

    What Is A Services Card

    AP NewsBreak: Medicare card remake to protect seniors

    About 7-10 days after you’re found eligible for Apple Health coverage, a services card will be mailed to you. This is a plastic ID card that looks similar to other health insurance ID cards. Take this card with you to your doctor appointments. Providers use this card to make sure your service is covered.

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    What Is A Medicaid Card

    Your Medicaid card is simply the way that you are identified. They are Common Benefit Identification Cards or CBIC. CBICs are given for several different government benefit programs including Medicaid.

    If you already have a CBIC card for another program, you dont have to get a new one for Medicaid. However, if its your first time using Medicaid or any assistance program, you will need to obtain a CBIC.

    Medicaid Member Card Information

    Medicaid members receive a wallet-sized plastic Medicaid card. The card will be used whenever the member is eligible for Medicaid. Each Medicaid member will get their own card. The card will have the members name, Medicaid ID number, and date of birth. The back of the card has helpful contact information and websites for both providers and members. Here is a sample of the Medicaid Member Card.

    In addition to the Medicaid card, members will receive a Benefit Letter in the mail. The Letter has eligibility and plan information. When there are changes, Medicaid will send a new Benefit Letter. Please keep this letter for your records.

    To check eligibility, Members can call the Medicaid Member Services hotline: 1-844-238-3091If lost or damaged, members can call the Department of Workforce Services to request a new card: 1-866-435-7414

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    Do I Have To Reapply For Medicaid Every Year

    Yes, each year you will need to reapply for Medicaid. The application is usually much easier the second time because it will save all of your basic information and you only need to update your income and a few other items.

    If your income has changed, you may not be eligible anymore. They will send you an email or an alert to tell you if you will no longer be receiving Medicaid. You might also get a rejection letter in the mail.

    If are still eligible, you will receive a new CBIC card in the mail within a few weeks of completing the renewal application. Make sure to keep your address updated so that your forms and new card are sent to the right place.

    How Do I Apply For Medicaid

    Activating a NYS Medicaid card for P-EBT food benefits

    You can apply for Medicaid at any time.

  • Contact any Medicaid Application Center statewide.
  • Even if you applied by mail, in-person, or over the phone, you can create an online account to check the status of your application, report household and address changes, request a new Medicaid ID card, and renew your Medicaid coverage.

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    How Can I Report Medicaid Fraud

    If you suspect a person or a doctor, clinic, hospital, home health service or any other kind of medical provider is committing Medicaid fraud or abuse, report it.

  • Call toll-free 1.800.488.2917 or 1-877-455-9955 for Provider Fraud complaints.
  • Call toll-free 1.888.342.6207 for Recipient Fraud complaints.
  • Medi-Cal beneficiaries must provide health care providers with a benefits identification card at the time of service as proof of coverage. If your card is damaged, stolen, or misplaced, request a new one from your county social services office as soon as possible to avoid billing issues.

    Replacement Process

    Call your caseworker or your local California Health and Human Services Agency office as soon as you realize your Medi-Cal card is missing. You also can visit the office in person. Once your provide your name, address, date of birth, Social Security number, and other identity-confirming information, the representative will disable the lost card and issue a new one by mail. The amount of time it takes to receive your card depends on the county, but the wait generally is less than 30 days.


    • The California Health and Human Services Agency requires beneficiaries to report all stolen benefit identification cards to the police to prevent their use for fraudulent purposes.

    Deactivating the Old Card

    Interim Use of Benefits


    How Do I Know If My Child Is Due For A Texas Health Steps Checkup

    Texas Health Steps will send you a letter when it’s time for your child’s medical and dental checkups. You can also visit or call the number below to find out if your child is due for a checkup.


  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the Quick Links section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Click Health Summary at the top of the page.
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    Everything You Need To Know About Medicaid Cards In New York

    Whether you are new to Medicaid to have been using it for years, you may have questions regarding how it works. Medicaid is both a federal and state-funded program, but that doesnt mean it works the same in every state.

    In New York, Medicaid covers about 24% of the population which is one of the highest in the nation. With so many people on Medicaid, its important to understand how it works and what you can do with your issued health card.

    If You Qualify Under A Non

    New U.S. Medicare cards prompt warnings about phone scams
    • If you are a U.S. citizen and provide a valid Social Security Number , a match with the Social Security Administration will verify your SSN, date of birth and U.S. citizenship. If SSA verifies this information, no further proof is needed. The SSA match cannot verify birth information for a naturalized citizen. You will need to submit proof of naturalization or a U.S. passport.
    • Proof of citizenship or immigration status*
    • Proof of age , like a birth certificate
    • Four weeks of recent paycheck stubs
    • Proof of your income from sources like Social Security, Veteran´s Benefits , retirement benefits, Unemployment Insurance Benefits , Child Support payments
    • If you are age 65 or older, or certified blind or disabled, and applying for nursing home care waivered services, or other community based long term care services, you need to provide information on bank accounts, insurance policies and other resources
    • Proof of where you live, such as a rent receipt, landlord statement, mortgage statement, or envelope from mail you received recently
    • Insurance benefit card or the policy
    • Medicare Benefit Card **

    Proof of Medicare application can be:

    • Your award or denial letter from the Social Security Administration, OR
    • Your on-line confirmation letter stating that you have applied for Medicare with the Social Security Administration.

    Apply Now:

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    How Do I Get A Replacement Medicare Card

    Your Medicare card is proof of your Medicare insurance. If your Medicare card was lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can request a replacement with your personal mySocial Security account.

    If you dont already have an account, you can create one online. Go to .

    Once you are logged in to your account, select the “Replacement Documents” tab. Then select Mail my replacement Medicare card.

    Your Medicare card will arrive in the mail in about 30 days at the address on file with Social Security so be sure to make sure your mailing address is correct before completing the request.

    If you need to know your new Medicare number now, you have some options. In your personal mySocial Security account, you can get your Benefit Verification Letter, which includes your Medicare number. You can also visit and sign in to see your Medicare number and print an official copy of your card. If you dont have a account, go to and select Log In/Create Account. Then, follow the instructions.

    If you cant or prefer not to use the online service, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE .

    How Do I Get A New Medicaid Card In Ny

    If you have lost your card or think it may have been stolen, you will need to report it to the Department of Health and Human Services. Much like a credit card, Medicaid cards can have fraudulent activity that needs to be reported and watched closely.

    If your children have Medicaid cards, you might want to consider keeping them for them to minimize the risk of them being lost or stolen.

    Once you have reported the card stolen, you can call the New York State Department of Healths Medicaid Help Hotline at 1-800-541-2831. There is also a number on the back of your Medicaid card that you can call if you are replacing a damaged card still in your possession.

    There are several ways you can get a new Medicaid card in the event it was lost or stolen:

    Online at New York Citys official website. You will need your birth date and the CIN# or the Case#.

    By email

    By mailing in a replacement form

    By faxing in a replacement form

    By applying in person at the Medicaid office

    By calling 311 and talking to a representative

    The representative on the phone will ask you some identifying questions such as your social security number, birth date, and address. They will also ask for your Medicaid ID number which may be hard to locate if you have lost the card. Consider keeping your ID number written down somewhere or have it saved on your computer.

    To fill out the Medicaid form for a replacement card make sure you fill it out correctly with:

    Your birthdate

    Your Medicaid ID number

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    Medicaid And Medicare Are Different

    Medicaid: The state administers the program within federal guidelines, receives joint state and federal funding, and targets low-income children, some parents/caretakers, pregnant women, and individuals who are aged, blind or have a disability.

    Medicare: This is a federal program that receives federal funding, and it primarily serves people age 65 and older, some adults with a disability, and dialysis patients.

    What If I Have Questions About My Healthy Louisiana Plan

    New Medicare Card 2018

    If you have questions about your Healthy Louisiana plan, contact your plans customer service department.

    • Aetna Better Health 1-855-242-0802 TTY: 711 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Healthy Blue 1-844-521-6941 Available Monday Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    • AmeriHealth Caritas 1-888-756-0004 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Louisiana Healthcare Connections 1-866-595-8133 Available Monday Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
    • UnitedHealthcare Community 1-866-675-1607 Available Monday Friday, 7:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m

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    What If I Am Not A U S Citizen

    To be eligible for Medicaid in Louisiana, you must be resident of Louisiana and either U.S. citizen or a non-citizen who is lawfully present in the U.S. Non-citizens can qualify for coverage for emergencies and labor and delivery services if income requirements are met.Medicaid and LaCHIP coverage may be available to children up to age 19 who are lawfully residing and are otherwise eligible.

    Replace Lost Medicare Card

    If you need to replace a lost Medicare card, youre in luck. Social Securitys convenient online site allows beneficiaries whove damaged or lost a red, white, and blue Medicare card to replace it.Medicare provides medical and prescription medicines coverage to people 65 years of age or older, disabled people, and individuals suffering from end-stage renal disease . Medicares three parts Part A Part B , and Part D help Americans to stretch their medical dollars.

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    Who Is Peach State Health Plan

    Peach State Health Plan is a health plan participating in Georgia Families® . It is a managed care program for Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids® members. We offer our members local healthcare programs and services. Peach State Health Plan helps our members grow healthy and stay healthy. We provide access to quality healthcare.

    How Do I Report An Address Change

    Replacement Medicaid Card Ny

    Call Medicaid Customer Service toll free at 1-888-342-6207 or go online by visiting the Medicaid Self-Service Portal to update your address.

    If you do not have an online account, you can create an account at any time. Creating an online account allows you to check the status of your application, report any household changes, report an address change, request a replacement Medicaid ID card, and renew your Medicaid benefits.

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    How To Request A New Medicaid Card In Michigan

    After your Michigan Medicaid application is approved, a mihealth card is mailed to you and any other Medicaid recipients in the household. This is a plastic insurance card with your name and Medicaid identification number displayed on the front. Although the card is intended to be permanent, you can request a replacement card if yours is lost, stolen or damaged. Replacement requests must be made over the phone.

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    Can I Print My Card From The Web

    Yes. If your computer is connected to a printer, you can print a paper copy of the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card. You can see an electronic version using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Visit
  • Click Log In.
  • Enter your user name and password. If you don’t have an account, click Create a new account.
  • Click Manage.
  • Click Medicaid & CHIP Services in the Quick Links section.
  • Click View services and available health information.
  • Choose a name from the client drop-down menu on the upper right side or by clicking Select a different Medicaid client.
  • Click Cards at the top of the page.
  • An image of your card will appear below “View Card.”
  • Click Print. A new window will open with the image of the card.
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    When Do You Have To Present Your Card

    There are several times and places where you will need to show your Medicaid card. This is why many people choose to keep it in their purses or wallet.

    Make sure to present your Medicare card when:

    You go to a clinic for a checkup

    You need to go to the emergency room

    You are getting routine blood work completed

    You are receiving care for regular checkups

    You visit the hospital for any reason

    You are staying in a nursing care facility

    You need to buy medical supplies for a doctor-diagnosed condition

    You are visiting the eye doctor

    You are visiting the dentist

    You are getting x-rays

    You are filling or picking up a prescription

    How To Get A New Member Id Card

    Medicare Recipients Getting New Card To Combat Identity Theft

    Your Virginia Premier member ID card is an important part of your health care. Its what lets doctors, hospitals and other providers know Virginia Premier is going to cover the services you get.

    But, like any pocket-size card, sometimes you misplace it or it goes missing. Theres no need to worry, though. You can always get a new card from Virginia Premier through Member Services or your Member Portal. Simply find your plan below and use the information specific to your plan:


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